News of 3209 Turn 78

Free Worlds Alliance Announces New Shipyard

Dateline 3209.034, Lamster, Q1

The developing nation of the Free Worlds Alliance has announced that it intends to develop its own interstellar shipbuilding capability. At his inaugural State of the Alliance speech at Alliance Naval Headquarters on Lamster, Chairman Jackson stressed the developing military capability of the Alliance, now including three capital ships and an assault landing
force. However, the alliance’s need for ships has, he said, “begun to outstrip the commercial starship supply. We can no longer rely solely on other nations for our warships.” He unveiled plans to become the first power outside the ‘big eight’ to develop a military shipyard. This would be only the second to be built outside Q0.
Chairman Jackson also discussed plans to test deploy an Interplanetary Interdiction Missile for anti-piracy use by 3209.200.

Von Strucker In Trouble

Dateline Amoss Q6 3209.025

An orbital standoff was resolved as Earther escort ships veered off when faced down by GFA peacekeepers. The escorts were supporting attempted landings of ‘humanitarian aid and international relief volunteers’ mainly from Blenda and Douglas. A few cargo shuttles did land in Government-held areas, but the bulk of the supply shuttles were turned back.

Venerian and Sirian warships then commenced close orbital patrols to prevent any further breaches of what has now become a very effective blockade of the planet.

Shortly before the arrival of Earth forces, Sirian-backed loyalist forces started a big push on the capital, Freedom City, spearheaded by the bulk of two full GF divisions. Fighting is reported as heavy and the Loyalists claim to have captured the contested ‘June 11th Vehicle Factory’ and pushed Government forces back to “Well inside the City”. The spokesperson for the Von Strucker Government claimed that the Sirians had taken thousands of casualties and their bodies were piled high on the streets of Freedom City – and suggested that a decisive counterattack would occur any day now.

In reality is it clear from a recent statement from the office of Earth’s quadrant Governor Armstrong that substantial support for Von Strucker is now at an end. They said “Earth has always been in favour of a negotiated settlement – we have agreed a joint local protocol with the GFA and the RNV to allow them to broker a resolution to the situation”. Political observers here are saying that this is tantamount to abandoning Von Strucker and his followers to their fate. Military pundits are giving Von Strucker just a few octants at most before his inevitable removal by loyalist forces.

Hookum Referendum Deemed Unlawful

Dateline Hookum Q1 3209.045

Earther Quadrant Governor Pollard of Q1 has requested a full audit of Hookum in Q1, and has announced that the referendum being called by Neelofar Khan, the new head of the local government there is “…in breach of the local memorandum of assimilation, under which the world was invited to join Earth’s family of planets”. He went on to remark that “Earth has no objection to worlds asserting their independence if that is their wish, but this has to be done in a fair and agreed manner and in accordance with the long-established understanding between the Imperium and the people of Hookum”.

Leader Khan responded in typically robust fashion in his four-hour speech on the opening of the new planetary Diet. He expressed the view that “…Earth cannot have it both ways…either they support self-determination or they are imperialist oppressors. Covering up their rampant imperialism with a thin veneer of so-called legality will merely fan the flames of freedom throughout human space.” His speech then went on to discuss a range of topics including agricultural land reform, the technicalities of red mercury mining and the role of robots in society. He finished up by calling on “…all freedom-loving peoples, no matter how close to the centre of the Empire to throw off their shackles and make their bid for freedom”.

There was considerable applause from his supporters in the Diet. Planetary Governor Spenser has placed local imperial forces on a high level of alert.

Governor Spenser with a companion

Criminal Gangs Not Insurgents

Dateline 3209.021 Cowboy Q2

Venerian forces have reported considerable success against ‘criminal gangs’ on Cowboy. The authorities here continue to deny the existence of an organised political insurgency, based around the extreme Cult of the Bloated Lady – preferring instead to characterise the wave of bombings and shootings as being the acts of non-political criminal gangs. It is thought that the reluctance to admit that the cause of the troubles are political stems from the strenuous efforts the local Venerian administration is making to encourage inward investment to the colony – particularly in the light of the economic damage caused by the religious fanatics who used to run the colony.


Nebok Imprisons Merchant Crews

Dateline 3209.007 Nebok Q7

The Government of Nebok has impounded two class 5000 merchant vessels trading with the system. According to an official statement the ships were “Smuggling illegal items”, and under Nebokian law can be taken by the state. The owners of the ships, both registered in the GFA are trying to get the ships released, but it appears that Nebokian Law does not recognise the rights of non-Nebokian entities. The 47 crew, all GFA citizens, of the two ships are being held without charge, but may very well face the death penalty for ‘crimes against Nebok’.

The system as long been known as difficult to trade with because of the rapidly changing and often seemingly random nature of its laws (mostly made by diktat from the ruler of Nebok, Angmar Arcadius) – this latest action is very likely to have a seriously adverse effect on the willingness of interstellar traders to visit the system at all.

The GFA Quadrant Governor, Rhett Elgon, has initiated a diplomatic exchange on the situation, but our sources tell us that no response has yet been received.

Colony Opens ‘Berserker Centre’.

Dateline 3209.047 Z’ha’dum Q5

Newly established colony on the former Exterminator base world, Z’ha’dum in Q5 is planning to rely heavily on war tourism to assist its development. The system was host to a huge exterminator base and the planet was extensively damaged by the exterminators and by Allied operations to wipe out their major base there. “Debris from the enemy installations is abundant and there is a lot of public interest in the site of one of Humanities greatest victories of all time.” a spokesperson for the Z’ha’dum Berserker History Centre. The move is not so popular in a number of nearby worlds, many of whom suffered exterminator attacks. In particular the Shaliach of Dubai said “..this is all in extremely bad taste…”. Despite criticism, the colonists seem to be on to a good thing, and they have been host to visitors from all sorts of places – the furthest away being from Screwdriver in Q2. The tourism centre has been funded by public donation and generous sponsorship from a number of major corporations. Visitors can visit some of the mass-driver craters (the smaller ones are no longer radioactive) and an impressive array of items including pieces of ESB armoured hull and broken clanker robots.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Davo Q3

Referenda have been held on the following worlds: Woo Yang (AH) has cancelled its referendum due to the collapse of the colony’s economy and the abandonment of the planet.
The following worlds have voted against holding a referenda on giving up their independence: None.

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