News of 3209 Turn 77

Venerian forces crush revolt

Dateline 3208.387 Jyaistha, Q4

Ground Forces from the Venerian 15th Planetary Assualt fleet have moved to crush the separatist uprising on Jyaistha. In the capital there are reports of fierce fighting as Marine units stormed key buildings in the advance of a GF thrust into the city centre. Q4 Governor Kristal D’Kanta has said that Venerian Q0 forces are moving to “restore order and the rights of the silent majority of honest Venerian citizens at the request of the legitimate government” of Jyaistha in the face of a popular rebellion which appears to have the Venerian central government rattled. Official Venerian media have blamed “mischief making” by “self-aggrandizing” former Quadrant governor Kacperek, inspired by “anti-Venerian elements” – Venerian intelligence agencies have released evidence of contacts between Kacperek and Earther intelligence agents in the run-up to what seems to have been an attempted organised coup d’etat in the Quadrant.
The lone rebel holdout is now the world of Pulp. The government of Pulp has requested military assistance from outside agencies “in order to preserve their independence” in the face of anticipated Venerian military intervention. Governor Da Kanta says that she is “prepared to discuss” any “legitimate aspirations of the people of Pulp”, but that the government has
“mistakenly colluded with traitors and enemies of the Republic” and “needs to think carefully” about how it proceeds.

Officials Impeached for Corruption

Stardate 3208.376 Weygand Q6

Seventeen officials in the Earther colonial government at the colonial capital, Weygand Q6, have been arrested and impeached for corruption following a surprise full audit by the Imperial Audit Office. These Full Audits occur rarely and examine all aspects of colonial government from the Governor downwards. Although details of this particular audit are scant, normal procedures include sequestering all data records and exensive forensic accoujnting. According to official statements the adit findings were generally satisfactory – the level of corruption, whilst reprehensible, was not regarded as unusual in such a large and complex organisation. The arrested official are alelged to have been involved in contracts irregularities relating to equipment purchases and consultancy services.
Quite why Earth decided to launch a Full Audit in the middle of a a major crisis in the quadrant is unclear. Commentators are suggesting that Earth is looking for a scapegoat, though many local politicians are angry at what they see as a fundamentally undermining move against a popular and effective regional Governor.

Still War on Amoss

Dateline 3208.393 Amoss Q6

Fighting planetside continues in he Amossian civil war. Sirian-backed loyalist troops pushed into the outskirts of the capital recently, and are holding the important ’11th June Vehicle Factory’ around which there has been fierce fighting.
The situation was looking bleak for the Von Strucker regime – particularly amid rumours that he had been abandoned by his Earther supporters. Dispair was replaced by jubliation today on the arrival on the M25 of Eather 14th Fleet and 6th Colonial Fleet to escort a number of civilian tranport vessels containing several thousand pro-SRP volunteers from neighbouring system Blenda and some “…essential agricultural and humanitarian supplies”. The incoming fleets were accompanied by the flagship of the Amossian Fleet (indeed only ship), the Cruiser ‘Trustworthy’. What will happen when these ships arrive at Amoss, early in the new year, is anyone’s guess. As spokeperson for the combined Venerian / GFA ‘Peacekeeping’ force in orbit around Amoss said “We are here to keep the peace – and we will not permit the addition of further military supplies that will only serve to inflame the situation”.

In related news, the Earther quadrant government issued a clarificuation that the shipyard being built at Weygand as a response to the current emergency is not, in fact a shipyard but merely a repair yard and that the Government had been ‘misquoted’ by the media. Observers are suggesting that Armstrong’s advisors might not have know the difference in the first place. The new Weygand repair yard will be coming into service in the coming Octant.


Hookum to hold Referenda

Dateline 3208.367 Hookum Q6

Earther colonial world Hookum’s local government has decided to hold a referendum on continued membership of the Imperium. This has come hard on the heels of the election of Leader Neelofar Khan, head of the Social Freedom Today Party -a party committed to the establishment of what they call an’ egalitarian society based on state ownership of the means of production’. The SFTP came to power as a result of a lot of support from naturals, who are usually politically apathetic, with promises of top jobs for naturals. It also has a policy of increasing the use of robots on the planet. The process of membership referenda is normally something dealt with through the planet’s Governors’ Office and in the rare occasions this has been done in the past there has been a lengthy period of consultation. This surprise move seems to have caught the local Imperium officials on the hop. The planetary governor of Hookum, Sir Francis Spenser, caught by our reporter leaving his favourite restaurant, said “Oh dear…well you know I’m sure this is just a misunderstanding…um..I mean..well comment.”. As yet there has been no comment from the Quadrant government, but it expected that Governor Pollard will take dim view of this development.

Name Change in Q7.

Dateline 3208.387

The colonial world known as V3 in Quadrant 7 has had its name changed in the Interstellar Register and is now to be known as ‘Trivee’. The planetary council of Trivee said, in its announcement. “We have been proud of our achievements in developing this world into the finest colony in the Universe – we wanted to mark that by rebranding the colony in a memorable way.”


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Woo Yang (Sector AH), Hookum (Q1)

Referenda have been held on the following worlds: Spike (Q8) has voted to apply for membership to the Earth Empire. Duke (Q0) has voted to become a member of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds

The following worlds have voted against holding a referenda on giving up their independence: None.


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