News of 3230 Turn 193

In an effort to put the planet’s reputation as a damaged and divided world behind it, the coalition planetary government conducted a referendum on changing the system name.  The winning name was ‘Unity Red‘.  A close second was ‘Peaceworld’.

Heavily armed cadres from the Revolutionary Brigades under charismatic General Mustar have pushed out of their mountain strongholds and established control over the cities of Gusto and Upcountry, bringing their forces close to the Sunshine Colony troops ‘guarding’ the crucial red mercury mines around Piquet.  Reports are coming in of Revolutionary Brigade troops armed with high quality ground force weaponry, and despite their numerical disadvantages quickly overwheming the city militias.

There is growing excitment over the new Uniflix series launching next octant about the peacekeeking and stabilisation operatins conducted by Wolfer and Venerian troops.  Reportedly based on operations on W3 in quadrant 7, the producers claim that this portrayal will be very realistic.   Rumours abound as to whether there will be a cameo appearnace by Alphie Potato, though the studio remain tight-lipped about that.

Famous New Republican academic has returned from his long term mission to the Outer Sectors and is rushing to help the colonists on Granyt III to assess their remarkable archeological find.  Dr O’Nine said “.. it is early days, obviously, but from the initial indications this will be a significant find indeed.”

A colonial council on the struggling colony on X9 has been accused of incompetence and corruption by the colonists, who have taken to the streets of their fledgling colony to protest.  Violence flared when volunteer security personnel opened fire on the protestors.

In an impressive intelligence-led operation, the elements from the Royal Navy and Royal Marines conduscted rapid surprise assaults on an extensive pirate base complex in a remote area of W28.  According the RN statement there were no Navy casualties and 128 pirates have been arrested and will be tried by an Admiralty Court.

Severe fighting has broken out between Original Colony Z128 (TOCZ) and the Enlightened Democracy of The Way (EDOW) over mineral rights.  There has been a long standing rivalry between these two colonial groupings, and when they failed to reach an agreement over the precise location of their border and access to mines, they have resorted to military action.

Battle squadrons Fleet Dragon and Fleet Forty – the main forces of the entire New Republican fleet has deployed to Granyt to “dissuade unsavoury characters from attempting to rob the Granytian colonists”.

The GFA has delivered a massive aid package to Y17 to assist with rebuilding.  All the colonial groups on the planet have been in receipt of some aid, and various of the factions in the capital city of DATW have claim aid to assist with rebuilding.

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