News of 3230 Turn 192

A hidden pirate base in a jungle archepelago of W5 was stormed in a daring intelligence-led operation conducted by the elite Wolf ‘Lucky Seven’ Division, in conjunction with elements of Centauri Squadron Safeguard Beta.  The Wolfers report that 64 pirates have been captured and returned to Prtoprnss for trial.  Wolf forces took no casualties.

Martian economists have long been puzzled by the unexpected economic success of the GFA, and it is believed this has prompted the renowned Martian Economist Professor M Jaynard Quinges to visit Potomax on an academic research trip.  Professor Quinges said “… I think it is important to observe best practice and learn from and applaud the successes of others.”

In a major diplomatic effort, Governor Treang has been undertaking a gruelling series of lavish banquets and taxing cocktail parties in order to woo foreign diplomats – particularly those from independent worlds.  A spokesperson from a small colonist group called Colony 77 from somewhere or other {sub-edit Bot fill in please} said “Geeze man, I was only on Potomax to pick up some tractor parts, and I got this invite from the Big Cheese.  I thought the Esteeler boss was that Potato bloke, right?, but this Tri-Ang bloke was pretty decent.  Good quality booze too.  Great guy!”

A new orbital research centre has opened as part of the effort of the Quadrant 7 Health Organisation (QHO) to develop data analytics of previous outbreaks of novel diseases in the quadrant and look for common factors such as  species who tend to act as reservoirs of disease.  Headed by peripatetic expert and self-declared genius, Professor Hanzo Shigetaki, the new centre is in orbit around the internationally quarantined world of M’Drid in Q7.

Incensed at reports that the local Hindu dominated government were building an artificial intelligence into a giant stature of Lord Shiva in the capital, devout Mukulists took to the streets in their thousands to protest.  These protests turned to violence and only strong police and paramilitary deployments prevented the rioters from reaching the statue.  The authorities dispersed the rioters eventually, though tensions still simmer.

Martian Red Shield humanitarian aid transports arrived in Mugrop and organised irrigation and desalination efforts to counter the unexpected drought conditions.  Red Shield climatologists are assisting the colonists to improve their weather prediction capabilities.

Following the successful operation by Martian starship marines to rescue the civilian hostages being held on Y17, with minimal loss of life, the MAFC colonial government and the MSN organised a Post-deployment recognition ceremony, and reportedly have conducted a thorough  ‘lessons learned’ forum to improve future perfomance and capability of Martian forces.

Fighting is raging in the Democratic Authority in the West colony on Y17 as rival militia forces make a bid for power following the decapitation of the dictator Chiang and dispersal of  his followers.

Fighting is particularly fierce at present in the capital, Amicus.

The Chair of the Hope Springs Colonial Council, Ms Grateful Hopping, said “This is fracking amazing – our miners uncovered this structure, see, and then we managed to break into it, and well – wow – loads of old stuff, much of it still in working order – like amazing alien ray guns and such.  We reckon we’ll make a killing selling this lot.  Oh yes.”

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