News of 3197 Turn Minus 19

News of 3197
Turn -19: 3196.400 – 3197.049

Hunters Massacred

Dateline Dibbler Q2 3196.384
A large group of experienced hunters were found dead by colonial militia after they were reported missing in the Schwartzenberg Mountains on Dibbler Q2. The bodies of fifteen big game hunters, all with experience of tracking lethal raptors were found eventually – many of them had been horribly dismembered. The colony’s security chief has secured the earea, and ordered that no further hunting or exploring be allowed in the densly wooded equatorial mountainous region until the predators concerned had been identified. One of the militiamen we interviewed said “… I was there when we found the bodies … I mean, man, it was gross!”

Q1 War Talks Concluded

Dateline Asteel Q0 32197.005
Diplomats have finally agreed the terms of transfer of the contested systems of Rider, Holm and Sensucht, controlled since late 3195 by Venerian security forces. The systems were formally part of the Greater Federation of Asteel and the dispute over their right to leave the Federation developed into a shooting war between the two powers.

President Hallmark said “This is a great day for peace between our two nations.”

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