News of 3197 Turn Minus 18

News of 3197
Turn -18: 3197.050 – 3197.099

Epidemic Causing Concern

Dateline Beza Q0 3197.061
A mutated form of influenza has been causing some concern in health circles in the major cities of Beza according to unconfirmed reports. Official republican health authorities are not admitting to the crisis – an statement merely reported an ‘increased incidence’ of ‘flu-related admissions. Unofficial sources suggest many thousands affected and over 30 fatalities.

Security Clampdown follows DAFT attack

Dateline Rushdie Q2, 3197.037
Rushdian security forces have arrested 35 people following recent bomb attacks in Brabant City, which killed at least 88 people. The arrests came after the Rushdian President Mulberry vowed to hunt down those behind the bombings. In the worst attacks in decadeson Rushdie, three explosions – including two apparent vehile bombings – devastated a hotel, a car park, and a market. Most of the dead are Rushdian, but foreigners are among the victims too. A Venerian man on his honeymoon and a Sirian citizen have been confirmed dead and at least 20 of those injured are thought to be foreign. The blasts came within minutes of each other in the early hours of the morning in Brabant City, when the bars and markets of the Norhtern Sea resort were busy. In the most devastating attack, a bomber rammed his car into the Vladmimir Gardens hotel in Creature Bay, according to an eyewitness. A few hundred metres away, a bomb went off in a car park near the Vaag Hotel, causing widespread damage and casualties. In the Old Market area, about 4km away, 17 people were killed by another suspected vehicle bomb, rescue officials said. “This will only make us more determined to pursue terrorism and eradicate it,” said President Mulberry after visiting the bomb scenes. “We will not give in to its blackmail, or seek a truce.”

The Rushdian Interior Minister said police were following leads. She added that investigations appeared to show a connection with bombings that killed 34 people last year. The COPs have blamed those attacks on an Esteeler man leading an unaffiliated group. In a statement posted on DAFT netsite, a group calling itself the Annoyed Brigade said it carried out the bombings. However, the statement did not appear on well-knownDAFT netsites and it was impossible to authenticate the claim. Q2 GFA Governor condemned the “barbaric terrorist attacks”, which he said were an “assault on the civilised universe”.

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