News of 3210 Turn 88

Potato takes the Evens

Dateline Asteel Q0 3210.150

President Potato has taken the first step towards what is still seeming to be an inevitable re-election. As the most popular President in the history of the GFA, Potato has taken Quadrant 2, 6 and 8 in the first polls. Quadrant 4 went to his rival Mimi Poisson – an unsurprising result.

Of interest in this first stage of the campaign is the growth of support for rank outsider an third candidate Mo Miller. His standing has gone up, and in quadrants where pundits were not expecting him to do at all well. Whilst in no way a serious challenge to the Alphie political machine, he is closing the gap on Poisson’s second place.

Overall, the Potato’s standing in the opinion polls, though still very high, have dropped 6 points in the last octant, points mainly picked up by Poisson and MIller. It remains to see how the Odds will fare. Experts are expecting Miller to pick up a lot of support in Q1 and Q3, though this might be compensated by Potato’s ‘heartland’ support in Quadrant 7.


Trio to Conduct Referendum

Dateline 3210.132 Trio Q6

The colonial Government of Trio has announced that it will be holding a referendum on the subject of membership of a polity. A spokesperson said “It is clear that the current situation here is one that can only be improved by closer links with a more powerful neighbour. A neighbour that has only the best interests of Trio at heart and which will treat all citizens with fairness and equality. The Council has today decided to initial a referendum to ask the people of Trio their democratic view.”

Opponents of the Government are protesting that this is only occuring as a result of the Government caving in to heavy-handed and blatent pressure from the Earthers. It is likely that the Trioan Government will be strongly recommending a ‘Yes’ to membership of the Empire.

Martian forces have now withdrawn from the Trio system following the release of the 47 belter miners into Martian custody. Acting Martian Supreme Councillor Marsha Bartley was not available for comment.

Hyama Bombers Convicted

Dateline Sol Q0 3210.156

The 17 members of the Free Mars Movement accused of the bombing of the Navy Recruitment Office in Hyama City on Old Mars in 3209 have now been sentenced. 11 of them hare to be sent for an undisclosed period to the high security compulsory rehabilitation centre at Cydonia, the remaining 6 to four years community service on Neptune. News of the convictions led to widespread protest, and Earther riot police were on the streets in strength in Hyama Dome.

Geraldine Eve, party leader of the Martian People’s Party said “…this is a blatant attempt by the Ashanti Regime to remove political opposition to imperialist colonial rule. Mars has a right to self-determination, and trumped up charges will not obscure the truth. The bombings were clearly engineered by Imperial Intelligence.”.

The Martian People’s Party called for a one day General Strike on Mars on 3210.155, the anniversary of the Hyama Dome Massacre of 2944. Reports are coming in of 70% support across Old Mars for the Strike (and reportedly up to 96% in Hyama Dome itself) – many workers calling in sick as well as openly supporting the strike. This was accompanied by a mostly peaceful public demonstration of over 100,000 in the Central Plaza of Hyama Dome.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Trio Q6, Hot Boiler Q8, Godfather Q8, Z139 Q7.

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

Result – voted to apply to join:
Scully Q6

Earth Empire
New London Q6
Earth Empire
Draconis Q7
Eastern Defence Bloc
Jacobs Q3

Earth Empire
The following worlds have voted against holding a referenda on giving up their independence: None.



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