News of 3211 Turn 94

Summit marred by GFA-RNV spat


By Henry Davenport, Diplomatic Correspondent

As reports from Quadrants 6 and EJ begin to show the chilling outlines of what may be a new interstellar war against the aliens that may have constructed the Exterminators, the Interstellar Summit at Gorilla busied itself with turning the might of humanity towards victory. The summit appeared to make progress in terms of logistical support to fleet operations in Sector EJ, and more forces were volunteered for the defence of Quadrant 0. Venerian vice president Admiral Von Daniken called for greater strategic thinking and more vigorous prosecution of the war against the HEB worlds, but most nations seemed to feel that they were already as committed as they could possibly be to the fight, and were content to let Supreme Human Commander Admiral Kasei run the war for the time being, without second guessing him or tying his hands. The League of Non-Aligned Worlds saw some reverses from its recent diplomatic run of success, with the next summit set to move to
New Mars, and severe pressure was put on LoNAW to commit resources and/or ships to the combined human fleets. But the major diplomatic – or undiplomatic – story of the summit was another argument about human rights, in this case President Potato of the GFA calling for the Venerians to scrap their death penalty.

Even the redoubtable Vice President von Daniken seemed slightly taken aback by Alfie’s forcefulness on the issue, as he “demanded” that the Venerians change their policy on judicial execution, which they have had since the foundation of the Republic over 100 years ago, and the implied threat of “military consequences” sent eyebrows sky-high around the conference chamber. Von Daniken told the president that she did not intervene in the internal affairs of other states, and suggested in strong terms that he do likewise. The Venerian government reserved the right to take whatever action it deemed necessary for the protection of its citizens and the maintenance of public order, she said. RExCom had not been elected by the citizens of the GFA, but by those of the Republic, and it answered to them and none other. The RNV would not be bullied into changing its policy, she said, and suggested that the president mind his own business.

However, the summit did later agree a Martian-led statement that it collectively “recognised the need to minimise the impact on human rights of measures necessary to prosecute the current war.”

The Cyborgs that Came in From the Cold

Perhaps the most remarkable sign of the new interstellar order flowing from these discussions has been the rehabilitation of the Eastern Defence Bloc. A successor state to the Draconian Empire, which was toppled by an Earther police action in 3199, the EDB has been founded by cyborg refuseniks from a variety of polities. It has grown into an alliance covering much of the east of Quadrant 7, and now finds itself on the front line of what may be the Second Exterminator War.
Previously shunned by most nations for its “post-human” cyborg philosophies, the EDB now has not only found itself accepted into the Treaty of Old London Joint Allied Command structure, to which it will contribute a battleship, carrier and heavy cruiser, but its capital of New Draconis will now also become the forward logistics base for supporting fleet operations in Sector EJ, which is likely to see a massive boost to the Draconian economy. The EDB delegation to the summit were clearly overjoyed at the turn of events, which effectively mark full interstellar recognition for their polity.

Sirius claims that Doggie Attack is an “Earther plot”


By Garth Marenghi, Xenoethnic Correspondent

SSR News channels are currently pushing the line that the attack on Doggie has been faked by the Earth Empire as an excuse for further territorial aggrandisement in Quadrant 6. Anti-Earth feeling is still running high after the two nations nearly came to all-out war over Amoss, and the initial news of devastation on Doggie was met with cheering crowds on Sirius.
Reaction to the attack has been muted in the rest of Quadrant 0, with the MAFC public showing the greatest interest and a determination to “sort this out”, with support for Martian military involvement running high. There is high confidence in the Navy’s capability to deal with any problem in the Earth Empire, while the Union of Xyon has seen calls for increased military spending from the middle classes and intelligensia. Elsewhere, however, many publics still see this as predominantly a local Q6 issue, and there is certainly no sign of any panic.

Have you been affected by fears of alien invasion? Contact Garth at INN Central and tell us your story.

Charity to highlight Esteelers on ‘death row’


By Barabara Wintergreen, INN Bureau Chief

The Asteel branch of Reprieve Interstellar says that in the light of GFA concerns about Venerian judicial executions, it now hopes to bring the plight of several Esteeler citizens on “death row” in the Venerian Republic to the attention of the GFA federal government. Most prominent has been the case of Efim Tarasov, now 24, who has been held in a Venerian prison since 3207 after police linked him to a college brawl that led to the death of a teenage student. In 3208 he was sentenced to death, although technical arguments over some aspects of the case have taken the matter to the Venerian Supreme Court. Efim’s younger brother Sasha is also Venerian custody over the incident, and his case was recently moved from juvenile court to adult court. The younger Tarasov could also face a death sentence if convicted. The brawl, captured on public security camera, was allegedly sparked by an insult to a girl at the school. Both brothers were attending the prestigious Georgington Academy on New Venus at the time of the incident. Both have said
that they were acting in self-defence during the brawl, which led to the death of 19-year-old Mikhail Alenikov. Efim’s case has been locked in the Venerian justice system for some years after he was found guilty by a regional court and sentenced to death. The decision was upheld by the planetary court, but has yet to be ruled on by the supreme court. Both brothers emigrated to Asteel with their families in 3200, and the Tarasov family lived on New Edo until 3206, becoming Esteeler citizens, before returning to New Venus when a family member became ill.

The case of “Honest” John Lexus, an Esteeler ship captain facing the death penalty after being convicted under the Venerian Republic’s draconian anti-piracy laws, was also highlighted. Nine members of his crew, including four other Esteeler citizens, have also been sentenced to hang.

I’m Barbara Wintergreen, and this is my Asteel.

Claims of “Genocide” on Amoss


By Athena, Sirius Correspondent

The Sirius Government says that its intelligence services have uncovered evidence of acts of what they are calling “genocide” by the “Nazi” Von Strucker regime. Pictures shown on Sirian television, which from INN’s own analysis appear to be genuine, appear to show mass graves of Sirius citizens in the wake of the fighting. The areas, which the violently anti-robot Von Strucker regime describe simply as “junkyards”, have identifiable components from many missing Sirius bright slave citizens. Willful destruction of an artificial person brings a charge of murder under Sirius law.

The agents have also found internment camps where human opponents of the regime have been detained without trial on charges of ‘subversion’ and ‘anti-social behaviour’ for attempting to protest against this mass murder. The detainees were living under conditions which the Sirius government describes as “appalling”.

Earth to slash IFF funding?


By Garth Marenghi, Xenoethnic Correspondent

Earth has served notice to the Interstellar Forerunner Foundation that in the light of the current military crisis it will be withdrawing many of the ships that it contributes, and drastically reducing funding for research and survey teams. Earth has been the dominant contributor to the IFF for many years, with around 2/3 of the organisation’s budget and equipment coming from Earth sources. Privately I understand that Earthers have questioned the value of the output of the IFF in recent years, and whether they are getting value for money from their huge donations. Professor Stone, head of the IFF, said that he was obviously “tremendously disappointed” by the news, and pointed to recent work on Forerunner plant genetic engineering as “impressive” and “very scientifically significant”. The recent IFF meeting did see some powers pushing for more military applications from IFF research, however, and a major funding review is now in progress.



By Neil Buckely, INN Martian Bureau Chief

We are receiving reports of alien vessels attacking the MAFC Quadrant 6 capital world of Adobe, just 32 parsecs from Quadrant 0. Local Martian Navy forces were said to be moving to intercept.

There is no further news at this time. We will of course keep you updated on events.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Dchoveny Q6, Asteriks Q6, Scorch Q7, Booze AH, Rabi Q2, Nimrod Q0, Drum Q4, Charley Q1

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

Result – voted to apply to join:


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