News of 3211 Turn 93

Earth to move to ‘war economy’?

Sol, Q0

By Collaterlie Sisters

We have learned that First Minister Ashanti is private talks with important senate figures and industrialists on the issue of nationalising certain key industries. With another wave of Exterminators upon us, it seems he has a plan to create what is being described as a “war economy” in the Empire.

This unprecedented step would see the full power of the Republic’s largely civilian economy harnessed for full-scale military production, and our own estimates are that military capability might double in SV terms.

However, the possibility is raising hackles all over the Empire. Opponents in the Senate claim that the move would make Earth a “command economy” much like the Republic of New Venus or Sirian Socialist Republic. “What was the point of fighting the Venerians” one Senior Citizen who declined to be named asked me, “if we are simply going to become them?” Others pointed out that not even Lee Zhang, who many called “the unofficial Emperor”, had dared to go so far with his New Economic Policy. There are concerns that the militarisation of the economy would lower standards of living across the 60 billion citizens of the Empire, creating major discontent and social upheaval on many worlds.

Major megacorporations are also strongly against the move and lobbying furiously with the Imperium, arguing that there are inherent inefficiencies in a command economy and that a market driven solution must be found.

Editorial: What price patriotism?

By Nigel Bruce, Imperial Correspondent

What does it mean to be an Imperial patriot these days? This is the question that stalks the back corridors and hallways of the Imperial Senate. Governor Armstrong in Quadrant 6 has become a figure at the centre of events, it seems – from near war with Sirius, to dispute with Mars, and now at the eye of the storm of a new alien invasion. To say that opinion is divided on the Governor would be an understatement. There are those – perhaps, shall we say, of the First Minister’s camp? – who say that he is a warmonger, a liability, a reckless gambler and a quasi-fascist. And yet there are others – by no means in a minority, I hear – who say that he is “the best Governor that the Empire has had in years”, a strong figure, not afraid to stand up for the Republic and its Empire against those who disdain us, a firm and resolute man. Oh yes, there is an Armstrong camp in the Senate these days, be in no doubt. They also say that there is a whispering campaign
against Armstrong, originating in the Imperium, and driven by jealousy as much as anything. They accuse the First Minister – and his Imperial Audit Commission – of betraying Earth by retreating so ignominiously from Amoss when victory was within grasp. They recoil from talk of turning the Imperial economy into a mirror of that of the Venerians. They are suspicious of utopian plans to turn naturals into perfects.
There is always gossip in the Senate – it’s why I’ll always have a job! But centres and nexuses of power feel as though they could be shifting. Previously Ashanti was seen as the candidate of the First Citizen and his family, but under Sebastian Rathbone the First Family has begun to take a more active role itself. They have their own partisans now, their own appointees. And amongst the Senior Citizens, always an influential grouping – some are even talking of Ashanti – who has let us not forget impeccable conservative credentials – as “unsound”. Where do we go from here? Who knows? A Rathbone as First Minister? A return for Lee Zhang? Even Governor Armstrong is to be by no means ruled out as a candidate, as things stand. All that is certain is that the First Minister has bridges to rebuild to regain the trust and favour of conservatives.

Free Worlds Alliance to join LONAW


By Henry Davenport

The Free Worlds Alliance has opened accession talks with the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. This correspondent understands that the only remaining sticking point in discussions is whether the Alliance is represented as a single entity or as nine separate worlds in the League Council.
The Free Worlds Alliance in Quadrant 1 has proved itself one of the most militarily capable and diplomatically active of the new smaller powers that have formed in the wake of the First Exterminator War, and has attended several recent interstellar summits. The League of Non-Aligned Worlds, meanwhile, represents some of the wealthier independents in Quadrant 0 and first rose to prominence with the arrival of the Visitors at the league’s headquarters world Gorilla. The ensuing face-down with several major power fleets saw the LONAW receive unexpected support from the Mald Foundation and confirmed it as a power to be reckoned with. The League’s entry into the mainstream of interstellar power politics received its final triumphant assent at the most recent interstellar summit, held symbolically on Gorilla.

The accession of the FWA will bring important military capability to the LONAW, which has previously been regarded as a purely political and economic entity, and move its centre of gravity away from being a purely Homeworld-based organisation, and may set a precedent for other smaller powers such as the Q1 Security Union and the Q8-based Three Worlds Alliance.

No word from Doggie SOL, Q0
All contact has been lost with the world of Doggie in Quadrant 6. Last reports indicated that an invasion by alien forces was under way. We understand that local quadrant forces are moving to deal with the situation, but operational details were not being released for security reasons, while there is a spreading mood of panic sweeping across the Quadrant.

With humanity possibly on the verge of a new war, there are strange bedfellows emerging, as they so often do in times of crisis. The Centauri Conglomerate, still hamstrung by restrictive contracts that the Conglomerate either cannot or will not change with its mercenary navies, is now, it appears, to employ new mercenary forces on its behalf, by diverting resources to support the Xyonist and Martian navies to operate in disputed sectors.

Venus on high alert


By Cody Fiddler, Senior Venerian Correspondent

Reports coming in from New Venus that they have ramped up their alert status to ‘Code Purple’ – just one step below all-out war status.

Official sources were tight-lipped, but the situation in Quadrant 6 is believed to be responsible.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Y24

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

Result – voted to apply to join:

X14 Q7
Eastern Defence Bloc
Franklin’s World Q7
Sirian Socialist Republic
Dchoveny Q6
Earth Empire
Celeste Q1
Venerian Republic
Palatine Q8
The following worlds have voted against holding a referenda on giving up their independence: None.



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