News of 3208 Turn 73

Outer Worlds observers arrive

Dateline 3208.181 Feltten Q2

Observer forces from the Outer Worlds Defence Union have arrived on-planet to help police a tense ceasefire between rival religious groupings. The Church of Light and Harmony and its splinter group the Church of Harmony and Light had turned downtown Enlightenment City into a virtual warzone over the past year, and the current round of fighting has wound down only due to exhaustion.

Parties appeal for mediation

Dateline 3208.162 Bess Q2

The warring colonies of Nouvelle and Bess Landing, which have been in intermittent fighting since 3203 over the Shanara Region, held by Clocolan Landing but claimed by Nouvelle, have appealed to the Treaty of
Old London Alliance to mediate in this long-running and intractable dispute. Apparently the colonies had appealed to the neighbouring system of Othello, part of the Centauri Conglomerate, but the latter had failed to respond, bowing instead to pressure from Flying Horse Shipping, who preferred to continue selling arms to both sides.

Puzo Replaced as Commander of CHIF

Dateline 3208.249 New Berlin Q0

According to official IEN sources, Admiral Puzo, who has been seconded to command Allied forces under the Treaty of Old London, has been removed because his posting has come to an end. Puzo is widely regarded as having been an important architect of the combined fleets, introducing combined fleet training across the Combined Human Intervention Fleet. His last action before leaving post has been to order the CHIF to relocate to New Washington. The Admiral is uncharacteristically tight-lipped about his next appointment, though there is considerable speculation that he might be heading up some sort of high profile government committee. His replacement in charge of the CHIF is Admiral Gabriel (UXN)

More Fighting at Amoss

Dateline 3208.199 Amoss Q6

The situation on this war-torn colony has deteriorated further as it continues to be the centre of what is developing into a stand-up fight between the Sirians and the Earthers. In recent days a Sirian Fleet successfully inserted substantial numbers of GF troops onto the planet to “Remove Counterrevolutionary Terrorists” – their term for the Von Strucker Government. This caused space skirmishes between space fighters of the Earth fleets – who are supporting Von Strucker with arms and ‘advisors’ – and the Sirian Fleet.
Planetside, the Sirian forces were gaining ground when a second large Earther fleet arrived in system. This fleet, believed to be the elite 21st Battlefleet formerly part of Earth’s strategic reserve located at Sol, forced the rapid withdrawal of Sirian Forces. The notional and entirely ineffective Venerian ‘peacekeeping force’ withdraw also, certainly unsure of its ability to maintain any sort of peace under the circumstances. The situation planetside remains confused as all-out civil war continues. It is expected here that further Earth GF reinforcements might be on their way. In a broadcast speech President-elect Von Strucker said “The struggle for planetary domination will be fought entirely between us, between humans and robots. All else is facade and illusion. Behind the Sirian stands the robot, and behind the Venerians, and behind the GFA. Even when we have driven the robot out of Amoss, it remains our planet’s enemy.”


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Merry Widow (AH), Metal Merchant (AH)

Referenda have been held on the following worlds: none

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