News of 3208 Turn 74

Potatomania Sweeps Earth…Again!

Dateline 3208.265 Earth, Sol

‘The most popular man in the Universe’ he is being called by the media on Earth. Yes, its President Alphonse ‘call me Alphie’ Potato, once again wowing the crowds on Earth as Imperial security reached near breaking point to control the crowds on the visiting GFA President’s whistle-stop sightseeing tour on Earth.
Potato fan clubs continue to grow on Earth, and his old movies are nearing the top of the best-seller lists once again.

But all is not sweetness and fainting schoolgirls. It seems Potato-fans are becoming increasingly critical of the Imperium and especially of First Minister Ashanti who they accuse of trying to blacken “Our Alphie’s” good name, through a series of badly-timed press leaks – suggesting that the President had issued orders for GFA warships to fire on Earther ships over the Amoss Crisis.
Certainly,if there were deliberate leaks they have backfired somewhat as pro-Potato media are suggesting that if the President had issued such orders it would have been in response to provocative actions by the Imperium. And that seems to strike a chord here on Earth as Potato’s approval rating has soared, while that of the Government dropped – mainly amid adverse press comment about Ashanti’s support for independence movements and self determination of colonial worlds.

President Potato also visited Old Mars and paid his respects at the Hayama Dome Memorial – and was greeted once again with ecstatic crowds. Security was tight amid rumours of the resurgence of the outlawed Free Mars Movement (committed to independence and self-determination for Old Mars) – though thanks to additional Earther security drafted in for the visit it went off without a hitch. Certainly a number of the huge crowd of wellwishers carried politically inspired placards – such as “Mars for the Martians!” and “Alphie for Supreme Councillor!”, though these quickly disappeared.

They’re Back!

Dateline 3208.265, Sol Q0

The second longest interstellar voyage of all time, Operation Boldly Go, reached its spectacular conclusion as the small fleet was escorted into parking lunar orbit by the Imperial Guard Squadron. Record tri-v audiences watched the return of this historic exploratory trip to visit a species of sentient aliens. Although no direct contact was made during this first trip, the scientific community is very excited by what has been found, and although not all of the findings have yet been published, the initial indications are of an astonishing and very different civilisation to our own.


Earth Government Declares State of Emergency

Dateline Weygand Q6 3208.226

In a public statement tonight, Governor Armstrong declared a colony-wide state of emergency – effectively moving the whole of the colony onto a war footing. He explained that the aggressive and expansionist actions of the Sirian Socialist Republic has forced Earth to take “…the most robust measures to ensure that the pernicious influence of their repressive ideas cannot spread further…”. He further indicated that this action was “…forced upon Earth as a result of piratical attacks by Sirian auxiliary forces on Earther shipping in international space…”. Under the state of emergency, last invoked over ten years ago at the start of the Exterminator War, restrictions in civil movement have been introduced, and a number of additional merchant ships brought into service from trade to support logistical operations. Reservists have been recalled, and a number of civil defence measures instituted. The Governor also announced the construction of a naval shipyard, to “..ensure sustainability of the Imperial fleets in Q6.”. This will have been the first naval shipyard constructed by Earth outside Q0 for centuries. Political pundits are connecting the more aggressive stance of Earth here in Q6 with rumoured instructions from the new Ashanti administration to escalate the crisis, though this is officially denied.

People’s Colonial Bank ‘Cleaned Out’

Dateline Cinder Seat Q1 3208.232

Sirian security forces in Q1 are reported to be in uproar following the daring robbery of over a billion credits in cashchips and negotiable bonds from the People’s Colonial Bank in the capital city of Cinder Seat, Dustinovsk. The bank – reported to be one fo the most secure in the quadrant, was holding funds for a number of state-sponsored development projects to be initiaited in the quadrant. Additional security had been drafted in, an according to police sources this was probably the most secure the bank had ever been. The details of how the heist was conducted are sketchy, but it would seem to have involved a number of thieves cunningly disguised, and some very clever distractions, as well as some sophisticated countermeasures to bypass the alarms. This was clearly the work of a very organised and capable gang. All leave has been cancelled, and the Sirian fleet is intercepting many merchant ships leaving the system. Police have made a number arrests, though these are what might be called ‘the usual suspects’. It is thought that this may be the work of an off world gang.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Digger Q8, Z179 Q8

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