News of 3212 Turn 101

Draconian Congress to discuss ‘New Republic’


Delegations from the Eastern Defence Bloc worlds are meeting to negotiate a political union treaty that could see the creation of what is being called locally ‘The New Republic’.

The Congress, on New Draconis, is looking into possible replacements for the current Alliance councils on Security, Trade and Foreign Relations to more closely bind the EDB worlds together and deal with the challenges that the Alliance faces, such as the ‘Roach’ attacks.

Observers say that recent foreign policy coups, such as gaining status as a Supreme Humanity Command logistics base, has fuelled a strong political movement to speak with a more unified voice on the universal stage, but the impetus certainly appears to be coming from cyborg-dominated world of New Draconis, the EDB’s senior partner, and should the negotiations lead to political union, it is likely that the first President of the New Republic would almost certainly be a New Draconian.

Xyonists ships move to contain ‘Dino Flu’ outbreak

Jink, Q8

Xyonist naval vessels have been cooperating with local authorities at Jink to help enforce a local quarantine against a Dino-Flu outbreak which has crossed to two systems now and killed several thousand.

So far signs are that the outbreak is now contained to Jink and the nearby Wolfer world of Proptrnss in Q7 (where the outbreak seems to be winding down), and thanks to prompt action by local authorities neighbouring worlds have been able to breathe a sigh of relief that this has not become a wider epidemic.

Eruption causes big freeze

561AL, Q0

A massive ‘super-volcanic’ eruption on an uninhabited part of 561AL has thrown planetary weather systems into chaos by blanketing the world in a veil of tiny ash and sulphur oxide particles, reflecting back sunlight and lowering global temperatures by several degrees.

The huge cloud has also caused respiratory problems for people and livestock living downwind of the eruption.

Of most worry for locals at the moment is the disruption to this year’s harvest, but climatologists say that a local ‘mini ice age’ remains a possibility if the cloud takes a long time to disperse.

There’s no justice

Blobbi, Q6

The administration of justice on Blobbi has been thrown into chaos by a strike by local lawyers. The trials lawyers are protesting against what they describe as “discriminatory” local laws which are “contrary to the spirit of the Blobbi Constitution”.

Jails are already full as the backlog of delayed trials grows, and the government have had to use local militia to create temporary holding areas for those awaiting trial.

High street shootout leaves 27 dead

Killiekrankie, Q1

A demonstration in the capital Dundee in support of the Free Worlds Alliance action on Z155 turned into a running gun battle which left 27 dead and hundreds wounded and overwhelmed local ‘Polis’ forces when it met a counter-demonstration by strict ‘Kirk’ adherents – local Christian fundamentalists who were marching in support of the Reverend Floralpattern. Officials of the local government ‘Conventicle’ said that the fighting had been fuelled by ‘Space Whiskey’ – a powerful local narcotic which is one of the colony’s main exports, but the local by-law requiring citizens to carry personal sidearms has also been called into question by some independent observers. Dundee was said to be ‘quiet’ following the attack, but the local traditions of anti-government feelings and acts of vendetta mean that tensions are running high.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: None

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

Result – voted to apply to join:

Knobknocker Q8 T100 Venerian Republic
Coffin Q2 T100 Union of Xyon
New Jerico Q2 T100 Union of Xyon
X7 Q7 T100 Eastern Defence Bloc

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