News of 3208 Turn 75

Popular uprising on Jyaistha

Dateline 3208.277 Jyaistha, Q4

In an unprecedented move for a Venerian world, there appears to have been a popular uprising on Jyaistha.
Occurring almost bloodlessly, a large group of students and trade unionists have occupied key buildings in the capital, including the Planetary Assembly and Tri-D station. So far there has been no move against them by local Planet Guard troops or police.

We spoke with protesters there, who proclaim themselves “Servants of the True Republic”, and who explained that the Kudriavy regime is “illegitimate”; they believe that President Heinlein was murdered on his tour of the Quadrants before he could reach Q4, where they say he intended to make a speech calling for a greater degree of independence for the regions.

Meanwhile, the Colonial Capital, Tinky, remains under total lockdown, with no communications or ships being allowed in or out, and we have lost contact with our news crews there. Rumours are rife that the popular former governor Andrei Kacperek has been arrested. There are reports of demonstrations calling for his release and reinstatement on other worlds in the quadrant.

Amoss In Flames

Dateline 3208.285 Amoss Q6

Sirian GF units supported by fleet elements have re-invaded Amoss following the withdrawal of Eath battlefleets earlier this octant. The Von Strucker Government has, however, been able to use theearlier relative lull in the Sirian assault caused by the arrival of two Earth battlefleets to complete to formation of their two new Planet Guard Divisions (with considerable training and logisic assistance from the Earth Empire).
This has turned into a major battle for control of key assets. The system orbital is in Sirian hands and the world is now isolated – though no attempt has been made by the Sirians to restrict acess to the war front by the media. There are now claims by Sirian forces that they have uncovered evidence of ‘Elimination Camps’ set up by the Von Strucker Government to rid themselves of political opponents. Spokepersons for the Government claim this is a complete fabrication by the Sirians.

The situation has been further complicated by the recent arrival of a large joint RNV / GFA ‘Peacekeeping force, apparently with orders to stop the fighting – though observers are unsure how they are expected to do this in practice given the scale of fighting planetside. The Sirians have not managed to wrest control of the Captial and the major industrial zone from the Separatist Government and the fighting might develop into a bloody street by street conflict lasting many octants yet.

A broadcast by the Amossian Minister of Security called on the population to continue resistance – “This war has reached a stage at which only the full efforts of the planet and of each individual can save us. The defence of our freedom no longer depends on thesoldiers fighting at the front. Each civilian, each man and woman and boy and girl must fight with unequaled fanaticism.”. Sources close to the Separatist Government of Von Strucker indicate that once again, the President has urgently requested help from his Earther Allies – though this time they appear to be much slower in coming to his aid. Nothing has been heard of 21 and 22 Battlefleets here in Q6 fpr some time, and specuation that they might be intending to escalate the conflict to other Sirian worlds (indicated by Governer Armstrong’s words last octant) seems to have been inaccurate – the fleets could be anywhere – even on their way back to Sol. Earther quadrant government sources are tight lipped and reporting restrictions are in place on all Eather worlds in the quadrant at present – perhaps indicating more serious issues for the Earthers.

Negotiations Open on Bess

Dateline 3208.288 Bess Q2

Chief Negotiation Consultant Toni Whirl of AIM management consultancy has been contracted by the Centauri Conglomerate to assist the warring factions on Bess reach “A timely and mutally stakeholder compatible resolution”.

Nouvelle and Bess Landing colonies have agreed to a temporary cease-fire, although many observers suggest this is being thought of by some actions within the warring colonies as a brief pause for rearmament.

Ms Whirl was bullish, however – “These are reasonable people and I am confident from my preliminary discussions that there are grounds for optimism concerning the forthcoming proximity talks”. Meanwhile, Centauri-registered arms supplier Flying Horse has agreed to restrict deliveries to economic, agricultural and humanitarian supplies only for the duration of the cease fire.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Orion Q4 in T75

Referenda have been held on the following worlds: Metal Merchant and Merry Widow in Sector AH have voted to apply for associate membership of the RNV, Digger and Z179 in Q8 have voted to apply for membership of the Solar Republic

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