News of 3208 Turn 76

Computer blackout delays Senatorial elections

Dateline 3208.359 Asteel Q0

A breakdown in voting computers across Esteeler worlds in Quadrant 0 has plunged this year’s Senatorial elections into chaos. Parts of the GFA Net have suffered greater than normal levels of instability in recent months and this appears to be the most obvious sign to date. While conspiracy theorists have darkly muttered about attempted vote rigging, the authorities
insist that it is a technical flaw confined to a few specific control hubs on Asteel itself, and that engineers are working round the clock to correct it.

The elections, which were predicted to deliver yet another victory for President Potato’s Star Party, have now been postponed into 3209, and may have to be run manually if the fault in the system cannot be traced and rectified, at considerably increased time and cost.


Elections deliver boost for Liberals

Dateline 3208.362 New Mars Q0

Elections to the Council of the Martian Union, the organisation of Martian worlds in Q0 which forms a central part of the MAFC federal political structure, have delivered a major victory for the Martian Liberal party. The result is being seen as an endorsement for Liberal economic policy, which has revived the formerly struggling Martian economy under finance guru
and Senate leader Anton Dec. After eight years of conservative LDP control of the Martian Union Council, a return to Liberal control will strengthen the hand of Liberals in the ruling Federal Senate, where the party runs a coalition administration, and a Ministerial reshuffle to promote more Liberal senators to office seems likely to follow. One rumoured change will be a move to the Defence brief for Toinette Banderas, firebrand leader of the Colonial Party, and the appointment of a new Liberal Martian Foreign MinisterTrevor In his inaugural speech, Dagg said “…the trouble with Martians sometimes is that we just don’t know how lucky we are…”


Radicals promise shake-up of Commonwealth

Dteline 3208.367 Wolf359 Q0

With parliamentary and local elections approaching in the Commonwealth, the signals are that the long-running Young administration may be nearing the end of its road, with the surprise emergence of a ‘fifth force’ in Wolfer politics, the radical
reformist Free Democrat movement. The left-wing Free Democrats are largely composed of breakaways from Young’s more moderate Progressive party, and have outraged conservative and monarchist opinion with the suggestion of changes to the 200-year old Wolfer constitution to promote popular participation in the electoral process. Although only 10% of the seats in the Wolfer Parliament are directly elected, election results are traditionally taken as an important barometer of public support and can lead to major changes in the composition of the cabinet.

Tensions remain as quiet descends on capital

Dateline 3208.344 Tinky Q4

Emergency reporting restrictions have now been lifted on the Venerian colonial capital in Quadrant 4, but an air of tension remains. It now seems clear that the ‘goodwill visit’ by the 15th Planetary Assault Fleet is part of a reassertion of central control over the Quadrant. There is a significant police and military presence on the streets, and marks of fighting can be
seen in some areas of the capital city, although no-one will discuss what has happened. The local Starguard ships are under Venerian Navy control, and former Quadrant governor Kacperek and former presidential candidate Nikolai Stoliarova have been spirited away to face treason charges. New Quadrant Governor Kristal D’Kanta, known for her unswerving
loyalty to President Kudriavy, has said that “minor disturbances” by “anti-Republican elements” have now been dealt with and that there is “nothing further to see here”. However, while the official line is to play down the significance of recent events, there remains the issue of two worlds within the Quadrant, one of which – Jyaistha – has been the subject of a popular uprising, and another, Pulp, has announced an official policy of non-cooperation with the current Quadrant
administration. How the Governor will deal with this remains an open question, but elements of the 15th Assault Fleet are leaving the Tinky system for “in-Quadrant manoeuvres”.

Operation Panama “A Triumph”

Dateline 3208.278 Lamster Q1

Initial reports are coming in of the commencement of a prolonged anti-pirate cruise by forces of the Free Worlds Alliance in Q1. This cruise, being known locally as ‘Operation Panama’ is aimed at demonstrating the FWA’s commitment to proactively defending it’s member worlds, as well as supporting it’s independent neighbours. Fleet commander, High Admiral Xen said “It is a Triumph – I’m making a note here ‘Huge Success’…It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction” She went on to say “we do what we must because we can- for the good of all of us”. The cruise’s first port of call – Long Dough was in the throes of a pirate raid when the Op Panama forces arrived, and they were able to defeat the pirates in a swift military operation. The other worlds to be visited and the precise itinerary remains a closely guarded secret, but the message is clear to any pirates operating within 30 parsecs of the FWA – stay away if you know what’s good for you!

War in Q6

Dateline 3208.315 Amoss Q6

Fighting continues on Amoss, as Sirian forces continue to press Von Strucker’s SRP forces. Bursts of fierce street fighting have so far proved indecisive and casualties on both side continue to mount. Sirian forces report they have captured a number of Earther Special Forces in the fighting on the planet’s surface, apparently in SRP uniforms. Locally, the Q6 Earth Colonial government continues to refuse comment on these reports.

The Joint AMSTABFOR fleet formed of Venerian and GFA warships remains in orbit around Amoss – and has managed to secure the system Orbital and keep it open for essential trade and humanitarian supplies – though the volunteer pro-SRP Vulture Squadron is still based there and its exact status is uncertain. In addition, AMSTABFOR claims to have brokered an agreement bwtween the Sirians and the Earthers preventing orbital bombardment and an escalation of the war to orbital space.

Rumours of a growing political crisis in the Imperial colonies in Q6 abound, as news media in Earther space continue to be constrained under Imperial emergency laws. Sightings of additional Imperial warships at the Earther quadrant capital, Weygand are claimed, along with reports of the feared Imperial Audit Fleet arriving in-system. Whether this shows increased support for Governor Armstrong, or a signal that his Governorship is about to end remains uncertain. Certainly, commentators on Earther politics are suggesting that the entire Amoss Crisis has become increasingly embarrassing for the new Ashanti government on Earth – that political support in the Earth senate appears to be starting to drift away from the new Imperial ‘Golden Boy’ Ashanti.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Spike in Q8 and Woo Yang in Sector AH.

Referenda have been held on the following worlds: Orion Q4 in T75 has voted to apply for membership of the Union of Xyon Ra (Q0) has voted to join the League of Non-Aligned Worlds.

The following worlds have voted against holding a referenda on giving up their independence: None

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