News of 3229 Turn 190

Despite lengthy negotiations over prices, local farmers are increasingly agitated about what they are seeing as the instransigence of the major food corporations.  In an unprecedented move, the various farming communities have banded together to form a collective bargaining organisations called Farmers’ Economic Campaign On Fair Future (Earth).  So far the local government on Penii has not intervened, though there is concern among colonists about food shortages and consequent prices increases.

Following a popular referndum on W13, it the local government has submitted an application to the Interstellar Naming Commission to formally rename the world “Basha”.  This is apparently named after the famous Sirius military hero, Colonel Maleeha el-Basha who led the notorious ‘People’s Assault Brigade’ during the 5th Sirius Rebellion of 2928.  She remained on Earth’s ‘most wanted’ list for over 50 years after wiping out an Earther GF Division in a spectacular ambush.

Moderates on Draconis (Q7) who oppose the Mobeemist Jihad (as it is becoming known) have been out in strength recently to express their opposition to what they call ‘divisive popularism’.   Following  large-scale rally to re-assert the moderate voice, there was an outbreak of violence as rally attendees clashed with Mobeemist counter protestors.  The Provisional Government has condemned the violence, though without putting the blame on either the Mobeem77 supporters or what is being terms the ‘AntiMobs’ (or ‘moderates’).

Mobeem77 themself is reported as saying “The tide of historical inevitability is with us my siblings!  Humanity 2.0 cannot be stopped.”

Yet another unconfirmed signing of  an Unidentified Space Object.  The merchant vessels reporting the signing were unable to provide reliable data, and local starguard detected nothing.

Corinne Mapatasi was allegedly strip searched and detained in a cell by immigration authorities  on arrival at the DATW colony on Y17 to open negotiations.  The Chaing Government has declined to comment on reports that they refused to meet the senior GFA representative, keeping her under virtual house arrest in her hotel for a week, before insisting she leave the planet and declaring her an “Undesirable alien”.  The GFA Government has yet to comment on this, but private soources suggest that this snub wil not go down well with Esteelers.

A permanent peace treaty respecting borders and access to resources has been signed on W12 thanks to the mediation skills of veteran Venerian negotiator Yael Ronen.

Admiral Thorebourne was greeted by enthusiasic crowds of colonists at the main spaceport on V7 after her arrival in system on her personal Royal Navy destroyer the HMS Saberhagen.  The admiral is visiting as part of her ‘grand inspection tour’ of Wolfer colonies in Quadrant 7.

The Chiang government on Y17 has put 256 ‘subversives’ – mostly New Republican, Earther, Martian, Wolfer and GFA citizens – on trial for spying and subversion and found guilty.  They will all be imprisoned in a number of top security prison facilities for a minimum of 30 years.  Currently Y17 has over a 1000 convicted spies in its jails.

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