News of 3229 Turn 189

Shock news is coming in from Draconis (Q7) as millions of supporters of the (previously thought to be dead) extreme Transhuman Cleric Mobeem77 have taken to the streets in a combination of religious ecstasy and political ferment following news that he is alive!  His supporters say that he has been mystically reborn, “Better than he was before. Better…stronger…faster”.  There are widespread demands for the planetary Government to stand down and a new election to be held on ‘Proper Principles’ (though what, exactly they might be remains moot).  Even members of the planetary government are openly supporting the Mobeemist ‘principles’ of Transhuman Supremacy and a number of outspoken Mobeemist politicians in the planetary Diet (mostly of the Make Draconis Great Again Party) who were presviously on the fringes politically, have been invited to join what is looking like a new Provisional Government.  Police and planetary security forces are divided on the issue and apparently making few efforts to contain the ‘uprising’ and there is some doubt about the civil service, the majority of whom are themselves transhuman.  Draconis has the highest proportion of tranhumans in its population in the whole of human space (followed closely by New Draconis, Z138 and Z139).

A series of special intelligence led anti-piracy operations have taken place accros Wolfer space including actions by RN destroyers, Royal Marines and the Special Astronaught Service.  Many pirate were suprised whilst resting in their hideouts or in what they thought was safe anonymity on orbital stations.  Several ships have been impounded and an undisclosed number of pirates arrested.  According to Wolfer Government Sources, the Royal Marines suffered one casualty – their family on Evangelou have been notified.

{INN Staffer “Boss… do we keep having to report this boring stuff?”  Editor “Its a slow news day, just get on with it…”}

A whole year with no war is a big deal on W3, and the colonists have been celebrating peace at last and a new prosperity to look forward to.

The veteran mediator from the Venerian Republic has been able to bring the conflicted sides into a conference to agree on the composition and terms of reference of a Border Comission, especially regarding resource sharing.  The various militias involved have agreed to stand down and move back from the conflict zone, and there is every sign that this is one agreement that migh just stick.

A large proportion of this struggling colony’s population are a risk, and deaths might rise as high as 32,000 in coming days.

Chairman  Anwar Chiang of the Democratic Authority in the West (DATW) has enacted a series of new laws that further reduce rights, beyond what is already seen as a fairly repressive regime.  Chiang, who has been in power for over 15 years is moving against offworld interests, particularly businesses owned off world who are accused of variously ‘spying’, ‘Actions to the Detriment of Authority’ and ‘Cultural Subversion’.  Opposition parties are, of course, silent as they were outlawed years ago and there are no protests as they too are illegal.  It is believed that the DATW has the higest proportion of its colonists in prison or subject to tagging or other legal restraint of any system in the Quadrant.  It is reported that among those arrested have been GFA, Martian, Earther and New Republican citizens, who have no access to any consular representation or legal redress under current DATW laws.

Farmers from the Western Continent of Penii (Q7) have turned out in very large numbers to protest about the prices they are being paid by Corporation for their produce.  Of particular concern is the recent drop in ranch-gate price for Don meat, which hundreds of local ranchers are saying will put them out of business.

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