News of 3230 Turn 191

After considerable prompting by Imperial diplomats, and an extremely effective campaign by the farmers’ representatives, the local government on Penii entered into negotiation with the Farmers and a resolution achieved, thus stabilising the food economy of the colony.

Eight senior party officials in the local government on Evian have been arrested on charges of corruption and leaking sensitive information to the Earth Empire.  Local Evian Party Chair Yaasmeen el-Mousa said “These counter-revolutionary criminals have been undermining the solidarity of the Party and are traitors.  They will be punished following a fair trial”.

The Mobeen77 phenomenon has been showing signs of slowing, or even calming down, as many who previously identified as Mobeemists have been turning instead to a more constructive ‘Arise! Imperial Draconis’ banner of transhuman nationalism looking at past ‘glories’ and focussing on the role of the Earth Empire as the root cause of the planet’s ills.  Less evangelical than the Mobeemist ‘Humanity 2.0’ quasi-religious jihadism, this new nationalism is heavily supported by the majority transhuman population and may have benefits in jump-starting the local economy.

The ruling Colonial Growth and Equality Party on 116AL has delivered on one of its key manifesto pledges of new equality and human rights legislation that protects transhumans, extremers, cetaceans, the Chosen and BOBs as having legal rights to citizenship and protection under the law.

Folowing the devasting humanitarian crisis last year, the colony on KITE (Q7) has been deemed ‘failing’ and is now rated as ‘UI’ on the interstellar colonial rating system.

Starship Marines from the MAFC raided a number of locations in the Democratic Authority in the West (DATW) including the Interior Ministery in the Capital, Amicus.  In an official statement, the Mars Star Navy said “Following precision operations in Y17 at the start of T190, we have freed a number of interstellar citizens from Wolf359, the New Republic, the GFA, Earth and Mars who had been illegally incarcerated by the Chiang regime.  All rescuees have now been taken off world for medical treatment and rest before appropriate repatriation.  There were no Martian casualties and no colonists were harmed beyond those attempting to resist our legal repatriation of the hostages.”

Reports are just coming in of the actions of an Esteller fleet that arrived at Y17 some weeks after the Martian raid that freed over 200 hostages.  The Esteeler fleet conducted a number of extremely damaging orbital bombardments, destroying infrastructure and killing several hundred civilians in the capital city, Amicus, and elsewhere.  There are confirmed reports that President Anwar Chiang, the leader of the Democratic Authority in the West (DATW) has been killed, along with members of his family and inner circle of supporters.  Following the decapitation of the Chiang regime there are reports of fighting in the capital, Amicus, between rival militia factions attempting to seize power. The neighbouring Sunshine Colony has moved troops over the border to ‘provide security and stabilisation’ to some of the DATW towns in the border region. The Northern Conglomerate is reporting that it has taken in refugees from DATW as well as a number of escaped political prisoners.

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