Timeline of The Universe

[Hiram Codd’s history is here]

All dates in UC.

— 2550

2565 Albert Einstein posits the Theory of Relativity

2574 Start of the Eighty Years War on Earth

— 2600 —

2605 First nuclear fission explosion on Earth

2654 End of the Eighty Years War on Earth

— 2650 —

2629 First manned landing on Luna

2662 First permanent orbital station in operation around Earth.

2682 Formation of the Septaverate

2685 Professor Sheldon Cooper codifies the Unified Hyperspace Theory.

2690 Foundation of Luna City (first permanent Luna base)

2695 First Manned landing on Old Mars

— 2700 —

2700 First manned landing on Europa

2716 First permanent orbital around Old Mars

2720 First permanent base on Old Mars

2740 First manned landing on Venus

— 2750 —

2753 First permanent orbital around Venus

2760 Formation of Solar Space Patrol, the first space police force. Using small ships, the crews were formed from spacers from Earth, Mars and Venus Orbital.

2779 Foundation of the Helix Corporation as part of an ambitious Old Mars terraforming project.

2783 Helix Corporation commences Terrforming of Old Mars

2790 Gustav Mald, entrepreneur and statesman born.

— 2800 —

2803 First Forerunner artefacts discovered on Mars.

2820 Polymath and genius Jean-Luc Letappier born.

2829 Mongolian invasion of Australia defeated thanks to Prime Minister Pickman Carter

2830 Mald Research Foundation created by Gustav Mald.

2831 Start of the Second Great Dark Age on Earth. Earth cuts off contact with space colonies.

2832 The Hellas Declaration announces Martian Independence and the foundation of the Helix Brotherhood

2836 start of the Great Solar System Expansion

2838 Nuclear bombardment of Washington, Peking and Bombay from space in the First Space War

2842 First ever ship to ship space battle around Rhea (Moon of Saturn) between rival expansion corporations.

— 2850 —

2850 Remote probe explores the Wolf 359 system and finds a habitable world.

2856 Earth United Nations re-open contact with space colonies.

2857 Battle of Oberon – to seize first FTL technology from Prof Semaj’s lab.

2858 Utopia Congress – setting out agreement on international interstellar mapping measurements.2860 First Large Hyperlinium accelerator constructed

2861  The Mald Institute created in Q0

2864 Terran Space Inc formed from NASA, Boeing, Solartech and Mizu and gains peaceful access to terrestrial resources.

2867  The Humanity Foundation created on Great Spirit Q0.2870 LeTappier constructed first working FTL ship, Prometheus.  Alpha Centauri explored. GUSTAV discovered.

2871 Alpha Centauri Company formed. First colonists arrive on GUSTAV.

2872-5 Earth politically unified during the Razor-Blade War.

2875 Wolf Colony Ltd. formed in England (Earth) and successfully bids for the rights to the Wolf 359 System. Wolf Colony Trust of London (England, Earth) created.

2877 NASA settled by citizens of Europe and North America.

2879 WOLF 359 a debatably habitable world, was settled by a small team of pioneers from England (led by a charismatic member of the English Royal Family).

2880 Gustav Mald, entrepreneur and statesman dies. Solar Republic formed.

2881 SIRIUS A world of great potential was discovered and one-third was granted to the Martian Helix by the Solar Republic; the remaining two-thirds were reserved as a penal colony.

2882 Earther invasion of Mars. Mars adopted as a protectorate of the Solar Republic, but remained under the control of the Marian Helix.  STEELYARD (later renamed HIGH LAND) settled by Incorporated Space Traders of Japan and Luna.2885 CANAAN (the Church of the Seventh Coming and the Venerian Exodus;) the Church, and associated colonists of many types, accepting that the terraforming of Venus would take many more centuries, departed for a new world which they named ‘Promised Land’ or ‘Canaan’.  Colonies on the solar inner planets of Mercury and Venus controlled by the Church are abandoned.

2891  Semaj Institute of Science & Technology founded on Doitall Q02896 HSIEN-TSU (later renamed GLENN) was founded by Asian and Australasian settlers.

2898 MIR was settled by people from Russia and Africa, with a presence by Incorporated Space Traders.

2899 NEW LUNA colony founded

— 2900 —

2900 The Gustav Catastrophe – colony destroyed by rogue AI.
Battle of Stickney on Phobos.  Centaur Corporation closed Gustav as a colony world in memoriam.
First Stickney Treaty (banning AIs) ratified.2903  University of Great Spirit founded in Q0

2905 Abdullah Da Silva elected as First Citizen of Solar Republic. Solar Republic makes interstellar colonial expansion their official policy.

2909 NEW GUSTAV (also known as JABNEH) settled by Centauri colonists. First ‘robot free’ colony.

2911 EUROP Colonised

2914 NOVO colonised

2916 AGAMA founded by religious settlers, with heavy backing from Earthers and the colony of High Land.  Mald School of Economics founded.

2918 Mesopotamia Station opened at Petra

2920-24 New Edo colonised by a number of colonisation groups simultaneously.

2922-23 Wolfer Secessionist War. Solar Republic acquiesces to ‘independence’ for Wolf359 after a catastrophic space battle defeat.  The Estreham Protocol set out the relationship between the Republic and Wolf359 – under this Wolf technically remained part of the Solar Republic, but gained a certain degree of devolved government.  This quickly became de-facto independence.

2924 Wolf359 colonises Barba and New Edo (later abandoned and re-colonised by the Esteelers). Agama breeding programme commences.

2925 Mald Foundation awarded exclusive rights by the Solar Republic to establish scientific colonies on Great Spirit, Lonely and Doitall. Haggai colonised.

2926 June 11th Revolution on Sirius. Repressed by Republican forces after 6 months of particularly brutal fighting.

2927 Second Sirius Rebellion.

2928 Third, Fourth and Fifth Sirius Rebellions.

2929 Sirius Protectorate declared giving limited autonomy to the Sirius colonies.

2930 Wolf359 Commonwealth declared. Wolf terraforming project completed.

2933 First colony in Quadrant 7 (XYNAM)

2937 First colony in Quadrant 8 (GOOD CREDENTIALS)

2940 Shawal and A712 colonised by Wolf359.

2940-3 The Greater Secessionist War. Politically weakened, split by internal dissent, and shown to be weak in the Wolfer Secession – Solar Republic fails to control its rapidly expanding political sphere faced at the same time by considerable unrest on Earth – the republic starts to disintegrate.

2943 The much-reduced Solar Republic reconstituted as The Earth Empire – First Citizen gains additional executive powers. Martian Association of Free Colonies (Martian Union) formed. Union of Xyon formed.

2944 Earth-Mars War.  Old Mars attempts to secede from the Empire, supported by the fledgling Martain Union.  This failed, after considerable loss of life (mostly Martian).  It was in this war that the Hyama Dome Massacre occurred – a subject of controversy to this day.

2945 Treaty of Io confirmed Old Mars as a permanent part of the Empire.

2946 First colony in Quadrant 1 (PASTPERS)

2943-47 Sirius Free Revolutionary Socialist Republic (11th June Faction) declared. Sirius People’s Liberation Republic declared. Various other  heavily armed political factions declared themselves. Sirius Civil War.

2947 Sirius Socialist Republic formed.

2948 Martian diaspora reaches its height, as unhappy ‘Old Martians’ emigrated in large numbers to new colonies (including, but not exclusively, the new Martian Union).

— 2950 —

2950 The Treaty of Bates setting out the colonial administrative Quadrants and agreeing certain interstellar diplomatic protocols.

2952 First colony in Quadrant 2 (SCREWDRIVER)

2955 Archer (Q2) colonised by Wolflers

2957 The Alpha Centauri Company buys itself out of the Empire. Renamed and relaunched as the Centauri Conglomerate.

2959 First colony in Quadrant 3 (HAMLET). First colony in Quadrant 4 (DOG).

2960 First colony in Quadrant 5 (D’HAS).

2961 Wolfers colonise Scott (Q5). Formation of the unofficial ‘Federation of Asteel’ within the MAFC.

2962 Id (Q2) colonised by Wolfers

2964 Constitutional and political ‘relaunch’ (velvet revolution) of the Union of Xyon

2967 Wolfer King Albert VII dies aged 98 – Queen Elizabeth I ascends the throne.

2967 Wolfer colony Archer (Q2) rebels.

2970 Wolfers colonise Prtoprnss (Q7)

2971 Archer rebellion crushed by Royal Navy’s Grand Armada

2976 Asteel War of Independence (against the Martian Union).  Formation of the Greater Federation of Asteel.
Vulkan colony (Q0) destroyed by Mass Driving in the fighting.

2977 Treaty of Geneva (outlawing mass driving) ratified.

First colony in Quadrant 6 (LONG). New Mars Constitutional Congress rewrites MAFC constitution.

2981 Mald Foundation recognised as an independent state by all major polities at the Congress of Europ.

2988 Wolfers colonise V7 (Q7)

2993 M’Drid III (Q7) rendered uninhabitable due to an ecological disaster.  World listed as off limits to colonists by interstellar Treaty of M’Drid, and a permanent orbital observation station set up as a neutral base to ensure it was never visited again.

2995 Omelos (Q4) joins the Wolfer Commonwealth

— 3000 —

3001 Evangelou (Q0) declared a military colony by the Wolf Commonwealth. Masada (Q0) colonised

3002 Paramilitary force, the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom created by the Wolfers. New Jerusalem (Q0) colonised.

3008 Rimmer (Q0) declared a penal colony by Wolfers.

3010 Widespread forest fires in many remote areas of North American Continent on Earth Q0. Reportedly the worst in history.

3012 Wolfer Queen Elizabeth I dies, aged 90. King Andrew I ascends the throne.

3016 Baal (Q0) joins the Union of Xyon after a referendum.

3028 PO5 (Q5) colonised by Wolfers

3045 Illegal AI destroyed at Cinder Seat (Q1) by a Grand Armada of combined Earther / GFA / Martian forces.

3048 Asvina (Q5) colonised by Wolfers

— 3050 —

3050 Announcement of the Xyonist economic Golden Rule policy.

3051 First Temple of the Latter Day Mukuls opens on Takis

3053 Aggadah (Q0) votes to join the Union of Xyon.

3054 Tiel (Q7) votes to join the Union of Xyon (it’s first member from outside Q0).

3057 Gideon Braun becomes Prime Minister of Union of Xyon.

3060 Dubai (Q5) votes to join the Union of Xyon.

3070 Battle of Romulus – an Earther Punitive Expedition to a rebellious city on Romulus III – the ensuing harsh treatment of the local ‘Venerian Sympathisers’ to the growing republican movement inflamed dissent that eventually led to the creation of an independent Venerian Republic 25 years later.

3072 Wolfer King Andrew I dies aged 112 and King Stephen I ascends the throne

3074 Wolfer King Stephen I dies aged 85, Queen Anne I ascends throne. Queen Anne dies accidentally, King Marx I ascends throne. Planum (Q4) votes to join Union of Xyon.

3087 GFA takes control of Sumter System from the MAFC.

3090 Dec (Q1) votes to join Union of Xyon.

3093 Rebellion of the Earther 17th Imperial Fleet. Battle of New Venus.

3095 Congress of Gorilla at which the Earth Empire acceded to the creation of the Venerian Republic under intense pressure from New Mars and the Wolf 359 Commonwealth

3098 Venerian forces suffer massive defeat at the hands of the Mald Foundation in the Battle of Doitall (Maldenite fleet turned out to be much bigger than anticipated). This was the last interpolity war in Quadrant 0.

— 3100 —

3101 Cyborg Rebellion on Samhain (Q8) – major attempt of a large group of cyborg humans to overthrow the Sirius government on that world and gain independence.  The SSR was forced to ask for assistance from the neighbouring Martians.  The rebellion was eventually squashed, and many of the insurgents were shipped out and exiled to a distant subsistence colony in another quadrant.
Colli and Gum (Q2) vote to join the Union of Xyon.

3103 Quoheleth and Hobbes (both Q1) vote to join the Union of Xyon. Samhain leaves the SSR and joins the MAFC.

3105 Punk Crisis – Earth and MAFC struggle over the Punk system in Q1. Colonial conflict between Mars and New Venus in Quadrant three leads to the transfer of G’Drog and Butler to the Republic.

3108 B’Krath Crisis (RNV v MAFC). RNV takes B’Krath and B’Narth from the MAFC.

3109 Redshoot and Bosrovia (Q2) leave the MAFC and join the RNV, following a minor revolt. Conflict in Q3 between Earth and Mars results in transfer of Geneva and Garesh to the Empire.

3114 Battle of Tinky (RNV Grand Armada vs GFA colonial fleet) – resulting in occupation of Organia, Pulp and Tinky by the RNV.

3121-3124 Ritchie Civil War (Q4).

3124 Drazi (Q5) votes to join the Union of Xyon.

3125 Ritchie (Q4) votes to join Union of Xyon after UoX forces assist in bring a peaceful settlement to the Ritchie Civil War

3127 The New Cydonia Crisis – a Martian task force intervenes in a minor colonial war on New Cydonia (now known as Nirmanakaya Q8)

3132 The Glace Conflict (GFA v Earth) in Q7 GFA takes Glace and Big Greenie from Earth.

3137 Rebellion on Gryt crushed by SSR.

3141 First manned survey, the ESS Odyssey sets off to the centre of the galaxy, sponsored launched by the Imperial Astrographer’s Institute – a 60-year round trip.

3148 The Braveheart Crisis. Earth takes over all Wolf colonies in Q8.

— 3150 —

3150 Wolfers colonise Tigris (Q2)

3151 Akhenaton (Q2) joins the Union of Xyon

3152 The Mannor Insurrection – civil war on the Q6 colony world, pacified by Martian Forces.

3153 The Bolton Incident – conflict between Venerian and Martian forces (Q5).

3155 Moll and Scorcher (Q2) colonised by Wolfers

3157 Skirmishes between Venerian and Martian focres of control of Terravision (Q5)

3160 The Paquito Conflict – Mars and Earth skirmish over control of system (Q6)

3163 French Crisis – French and Eric (Q5) leave MAFC and join GFA.

3164 V6 (Q7) joins Union of Xyon following accusations of Martian subversion.

3166 Samhain votes to rejoin the SSR and leaves MAFC.

3167 The Mesa Conflict. Martian Fleet skirmished with GFA forces at Mesa (Q7).

3168 Stone Place joins the Earth Empire.

3169 GFA and Earth skirmish over access to trade with Macross (Q6).

3170 Battle of Safeway Station. Earther forces retake control of a key orbital, initially captured by ‘unofficial’ Venerian forces, at The Long End (Q1). Wolf Commonwealth had over Lin Chung (Q2) to the GFA after a ‘misunderstanding’.

3171 The Blue Rok Incident – Venerian forces open fire on GFA ‘Peacekeeping Forces’.

3174  The Organian Atrocity – a group of rogue Venerian scientists set up a planet-wide medical/genetic experiment (the ‘Wild Card Virus’) that got out of hand and left 1.3 million dead or horribly mutated.
Wolfer King Marx I dies aged 119. King Stabilo I ascends throne.

3178 Renowned Earther physicist Nevel Kingston-Brown dies. Famous for his seminal work on the technology of the Forerunner species.

3179 Civil War on Y24 (Q7) opposing sides backed by GFA and Sirius.

3180 The Battle of 116AL (Q7) – Earther and Sirius forces fight over enforcing an arms blockade.

3180 Civil war on 911RPU (Q6).

3181 Earth Empire forces skirmish with GFA Navy over arms blockade on 911RPU.

3182 Wolfer King Stabilo I dies aged 103. King Stabilo II ascends throne.

3183 Terravision joins the Venerian Republic.

3186 First data from the centre of the galaxy received from the manned probe Odyssey. Remarkable images of the Core Stars syndicated throughout human space.

3187 Blue Rok (Q7) joins the GFA

3188 911RPU (Q6) Joins the GFA.

3189 Cordillia (Q6) joins MAFC.

3190 Rok Crisis (RNV v Earth Q7) RNV takes Red Rock, Rok and Roctoo from Earth following a number of ‘flawed’ referenda.

3193 Garibaldi Crisis – the system changes hands from MAFC to RNV in Q3.

3195 Venerian-GFA Conflict – three GFA systems were forcibly occupied by Venerian forces in Q1.

3196 The Battle of Paquito and the official start of the Exterminator War. Freedonian Incident – Earth forces wrest control of Freedonia from the RNV in Q1

3197 Major space battles against the Exterminators at Yendor, Trucker, French, Adobe, Doggie, Baldar, Dyme, Ultra, Dubai and Asstek.
V1, V2, Cone and Gagger (Q7) all join Union of Xyon.
Romulus (Q3) votes to join Union of Xyon after Xyonist forces conduct peacemaking operations there. This is the first colony to join the UoX in Q3.

3198 Major space battles against the Exterminators at Senta, Winky, Doggie, L’Fayet, Flypaper and Dyme. A large Exterminator base was destroyed at Granyt.
First major large find of ‘Forerunner’ artefacts discovered at TUSKAN in Q7. This find confirmed a great deal of speculation about the only sentient alien species known to have existed in the volume of space occupied by humanity.

3199 Major space battles at Begin and Peroxide. An illegal AI was destroyed on Over (Q5).

— 3200 —

3200  Two gigantic Exterminator bases located, one in Q5 (Z’ha’Dum) and one in Q6 (Red Spot) – both bases destroyed by huge combined Human fleets.
Treaty of Old London agreed setting out the creation of a Supreme War Commander (Thai-Sho Musashi) and the commitment of fleets to a new joint command to fight the Exterminators. Battle of Tuskan where 16 ESBs were destroyed by a combined human fleet under Admiral Tryon. Existence of a forerunner AI confirmed. Forerunner AI destroyed.

3201 ESS Odyssey returned from the centre of the Galaxy. Evidence of another sentient civilisation in the Galaxy confirmed.

3202 The Avalon Incident (Q1). Holm Incident (Q1) result of a local ‘misunderstanding between an Earth/GFA Fleet and Venerian fleet.
The ULTRON-VISION Crisis – a rogue AI temporarily took control of a number of human worlds in Q3.

3203 Dispatch of ‘Boldly Go’ Mission to investigate alien signals. League of Non-Aligned worlds formed in Q0. First discovery of a Forerunner ‘city’.

3204 Arrival of alien trader from another Universe at the independent world of Gorilla (Q0). Henry Pymm, designer of the Vision AI device is killed during violence at his trial on Asteel (Q0). Discovery of putative Exterminator Home Systems from analysis of Exterminator Brain units.

3205 Humanity gains evidence of the location of the original builders of the Exterminators, some 2,000 parsecs towards the Galactic centre.

3206 Wing Crisis (Q0) threatens interstellar hyperlinium supplies. President Heinlein of the RNV lost in space. Lee Zhang re-elected as FIrst Minister of Earth.

3207 Amoss Crisis in Quadrant 6 starts- Earth and the SSR in conflict over colony world.

3208 First Minister Lee Zhang removed from office as a result of scandal, former admiral Ashanti becomes First Minister. Kudriavy becomes President of the RNV. Seven Wolrds Alliance intervenes on Lon Chaney Q1 to bring peace.

3209 Amoss Crisis ends with Earther withdrawal from the system.

3210 GFA’s President Alphie Potato re-elected. Hostile aliens attack Quadrant 6.

3211 Extensive hostile alien bases detected in outer Sector EJ. Task forces destroy alien bases. Battle of Adobe Q6 against Roaches.

3212 Free Worlds Alliance invades Z155 in Q8 to topple oppressive dictatorship. Three putative Forerunner ‘home worlds’ discovered.

3213 The New Republic Formed in Q7. Federated Worlds of the Outer Quadrants formed in Q1. Suspected Forerunner AI destroyed by Martian Fleet at Mystery. Disney World attached by Roach and Exterminator combined fleet. Second Foundation founded.

3214 War between SSR and New Republic in Q7. Sirius Q0 invaded by Martian-Earther forces under terms of Stickney Treaty and AI destroyed by nuclear explosion in the Sirius capital city.

3215 GFA’s President Alphie Potato re-elected.

3217  Environmental disaster makes Okus (Q7) uninhabitable.

3225  GFA’s President Alphie Potato re-elected.

3227  ‘Stay behind’ Exterminator Viking unit destroyed in Quadrant 7.

3228  ‘Universe N’ discovered in Quadrant 7