News of 3199 Turn 2

The Martians Invade!

Dateline Over, Q5, 3299.154

Massive upheaval hits Over as a Martian GF Division storms the Capital City of Landseer. Major fighting has broken out int eh city as the local GFA ground forces attempt to defend the main goverment building from the Martian Invasion. In an official press statement, the Martians allege that the GFA has been building an illegal AI in Over, and their attack is within the provisions of the Stickney Treaty. Time will tell wether this is a thinly made excuse for Martian aggression, or whether the Esteelers have been up to no good.

Latest press report from the Esteeler News Grid ™


Crying disconsolate women filled the streets of Over City today as news emerged that popular hero Governor Alphonse Potato is to join the massed human fleets engaging the Exterminator Menace.

‘Why O why must such a lovely man risk himself in War? He’s such a … Sweet Potato!’ wailed Condoleezza, 23, a typical smitten and besotted young female wearing a ‘Potato for Prez’ t-shirt.

The Governor’s Office issued this statement:

‘Governor A. Potato has decided, against the advice of his bodyguards, insurers and er… wife, to be a Leader at the next major space battle, to Make Victory Happen in Quadrant Five’.

Potato, a youthful 58, will fly in an unarmed and unarmoured ship, the Pentland Firth, risking his life to provide Visible Leadership. He is the leading contender for the Reform Party nomination for President.   This unbelievably courageous self-sacrifice, unheard of in modern times, is in addition to the Governor’s stunning work in organising the wonder computer ‘Brainiac’ [hotlink here] which will see combat for the first time.

Campaign contributions and volunteers are always welcome [hotlink here].

Potato says: “I have roots in this Quadrant, and when the chips are down, I will not close my eyes to my duty.”

Unfortunately, there is a major risk in the war zone that Potato will be…fried.

Ulp! Good Luck, Alphie!

Summit At OVER

The Major Summit at OVER in Quadrant 5

Here is an account of the discussion and main points of agreement.

Widespread Riots Challenge Government

Dateline 3199.208 Grus Q3

Grussian police have arrested more than 250 people following fresh riots in and around Pitsville and other parts of the colony. Nearly 900 vehicles were burnt on the ninth consecutive night of unrest in immigrant-dominated areas near Pittsville, despite a heavy police presence. Nurseries and a school were burnt overnight and unrest spread to four other cities in the colony..
Hundreds of people have heard a call for calm at a rally in one of the Pittsville suburbs worst hit. The mayor of the district, made the appeal to marchers outside a fire station which had come under attack.

But youths at the rally in the suburb’s rundown Gore estate predicted violence would continue until tough-talking Interior Minister Suzanne Baker resigned. Muslim and Christianit leaders were expected to join the march along with the families of the two youths whose deaths triggered the unrest. Local people say they were killed while fleeing police – a claim the authorities deny. Inquiries are under way.

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