News of 3204 Turn 37

Speed Trap for Hegemon

Archer Q2

The local Wolf Q2 colonial government on Archer has been deeply embarrassed by revelations that a senior member of the administration, Lady Vera Hegemon, was arrested for exceeding the ground vehicle speed limits. The Government has been playing down the crisis, but Lady Vera has been vociferous on the road safety issue in recent years. Local media and opposition groups are calling the not only the resignation of Lady Vera, but the resignation of the colonial governor. Miss Conduct of Hega City said “I can’t believe that its true, she always wears such nice fashionable clothes I’m sure she would never do such a thing”, whilst others were harsher, Dirk Dangler an adult entertainment worker said “Hang the bitch she’s got it coming”.

Civil Unrest Breaks Out on Boldre

Boldre Q7

Rioting has broken out in five towns across the eastern continent of Boldre, Q7, as a result of widespread resentment against a new taxation regime. On one night, it was estimated that over 12,000 people were on the streets fighting the police, looting and committing other illegal acts such as arson and illegal parking.
The local media say the government must go.

Corruption on Claymore

Claymore Q3

There have been a large number of arrests in a major anti-corruption exercise by the local police on Claymore Q3 GFA world]. A senior government official has been arrested, along with six accomplices. Major seizures of records and documents have taken place, as well as a number of private bank accounts frozen. The accusations of corruption relate to illegal ‘consultant fees’ on arms contracts

Update on Avatera Fighting

Avatera Q2

Since the initial report of Imperial forces fightin lethal local fauna we have had no further communications from our correspondent. On attempting to get another journalist into the system we have been refused by the authorities.
In a related incident an insider within the Ministry of transportation tells us that a ship, the Tin Bucket has failed to arrive at its expected arrival point travelling between Avarara and Sol. Insiders at the department of Animal Health have been working on a mobile decontamination unit after a rush request was received from the Ministry of Defence.
All adds up to something not happy in the house Earth. Don’t hold your breath for news as our reporters got were deafened by the sound of the no Comments!

Mars Announces Anti-Piracy Initiative

New Mars Q0

The MAFC has taken five Starguard ships out of mothballs to counter piracy. This reporter is sure we’ll all sleep better knowing this. In an unrelated report – the Martians announce the laying down of two new space Carriers – due to be completed sometime next year. In addition the MSN announced the launching of 2 new interstellar scout ships, the MSS Gefton and the MSS Gna – which are to be deployed to the outer marches shortly.

Zelazny To Stand Down

Adobe Q7

Martian Union Supreme Councillor Zelazny of Quadrant 6 has announced that he will be standing down at the next election. This surprise move has been attributed to the strain of the recent War.

Lee’s New Economic Plan Bears Fruit

Sol Q0

The “New Economic Plan” of Earth, masterminded by the controversial Lee Zhang, has successfully raised the economies of the home systems by over 100sv with further increases to come, according to Earth sources. The overall Earth economy is expected by many economists to break the psychological 3000sv barrier by 3205.
With these increases have come increased internal investment, increased assistance to other powers and increased funding and contributions to international organisations such as the IFF and the Joint Allied Fleets. The NEP has not come without a political price for Lee Zhang, however. According to our political correspondent he has had to make some fairly significant compromises to his political opponents to get the necessary changes passed – and the increase autonomy on the on-Sol worlds remains a cause for concern among even Lee Zhang loyalists.

Binni Elects Old Guard

Binni Q0

Election Report – the much publicised free elections in the former Free Republic of Binni have resulted in a slap in the face for the Martian Government. Loyalists ot the old, corrupt, Ancongo Regime have swept the board, gaining a huge majority over the nearest rival the Mars Alliance Party. Despite claims of vote-rigging, intimidation and corruption, the election seems to have been mostly fair – but many inhabitants of the Eastern Continent blame Mars for the disastrous Earther intervention, and for the destablisation of their previous stable society (though that rather depends on your definition of ‘stable’) . The Ancongo Party are complaining that the Martian Interim Authority bribed voters – but nevertheless are delighted with the result. They are demanding the withdrawal of all non FRB personnel (i.e. Martian security forces) from the continent by 3204.200. At their victory rally the AP displayed the former President Ancongo – who was rather bewildered by the whole thing, having been mind-wiped after his trial last year.

Martian electoral organisations on Binni have declared the election fair. The Martian Government has said that it will be working with the new government to facilitate the withdrawal of the remaining Martian forces by the deadline.





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