News of 3204 Turn 39

Turn 39: 3204.100 – 3204.149
Wolf talks to Aliens.

Dateline Gorilla Q0 3204.130
Acting immediately on the arrival of the visitors a Wolf359 trade delegation has now also made contact with the alien Visitors. Speaking on the record the Wolfer spokesman compared themselves to native Americans on Earth prior to contact with Western Culture. He pointed out that they were working on an extensive reverse engineering program to study alien trade goods as they traded human object d’art, consumer technology and flora for alien items such as tri-v players, domestic appliances, ‘artefact’ – presumably artworks and the like. Alien Visitor Items are selling for incredibly high prices – an alien tri-v players changes hands the other day for over 1 million credits (the human version of the same thing retails for about 10 credits).

Killiekrankie Mourns First Born

Stardate 3204.031, Killiekrankie Q1
Speaking to the Lairds of Convention President Graham of Killiekrankie declared a national week or mourning following the tragic death of John G Claverhouse on honeymoon. Claverhouse was the first child born (on 3082.023) after the settling of the system in 3081 and the oldest surviving resident of Dundee. He is survived by his fourth wife Dolores (24) and 11 of his 16 children, in total he has 103 grandchildren, 453 great grandchildren and over 2,000 other descendants.

Corrupted Gumshoe

Dateline Gumshoe Q8, 3204.093
There have been a large number of arrests in a major anti-corruption exercise by the local police on Gumshoe a Q8 SSR world. Four senior government officials have been arrested, along with eight accomplices. Major seizures of records and documents have taken place, as well as a number of private bank accounts frozen.
The accusations of corruption relate to illegal patronage for top government jobs.

Vicious fighting as erupts over minerals

Dateline Chaitra Q4, 3204.092
Major fighting has broken out between three of the local colonial groupings of on Chaitra In recent octants, tension has built up over rivalries arising from disputed claims to a mineral-rich region of the western continent. The arms build up has meant the importation of large quantities of weapons onto this planet and the outcome is unlikely to be resolved quickly. The Hammerstein Colony has managed to get a number of armoured vehicles and tanks to add to its small, but well mechanised forces. Against this, the Seaward Colony has a large infantry force, armed with light weapons, backed up by armed shuttles. The biggest colony Knut’s Landing has substantial amounts of new modern equipment from an unknown off world backer. It is not clear yet who is gaining the upper hand – the three way fight is in danger of bogging down given the difficult nature of the terrain in the disputed area.

Planetquakes Act of God or Man Made disaster

Dateline New Jerico Q2, 3204.070
A state of emergency was declared throughout the central continent, on New Jerico as the continent was hit by a massive planetquake. Although only recently re-settled, this is thought to be the largest such quake to hit the planet since its original founding 40 years ago. Initial estimates indicate that over 30,000 casualties were caused and a number of small towns have been completely destroyed. On-world services are working flat out to attempt to rescue possible survivors, and to re-establish the infrastructure, but activity has been hampered by bad terrain.
A spokesperson for the government said “Its pretty bad, we’ve only just got this colony going and we will desperately need outside help”. Planetologists say this was completely unexpected, and while regrettable has contributed a great deal towards our understanding of the plate tectonics of New Jerico.

Forerunner Base Found on Asteel

Dateline Asteel Q0, 3204.113
A major forerunner base has been uncovered by researchers and archaeologists in the Vinny Mountains on the southern continent of Asteel. This remote region of the planet has remained largely unexplored until recently. The base is though to contain many working forerunner artefacts.

You Can’t Touch Them, They’re Part of the Union.

Dateline Minbar Q4, 3204.076

By an overriding majority the colonists of Minbar have voted to join the Union of Xyon.   A planetary holiday was declared and there were widespread street parties. Over 2,000 were admitted to hospital suffering from ‘hysterical joy’. (or alcohol poisoning, as it is known elsewhere). Admiral Hu-Kun Shin (the senior representative of the Union) was photographed kissing many babies etc.


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