News of 3204 Turn 40

Turn 40: 3204.150 – 3204.199
Exceptional Violence Marrs Pymm Trial

Dateline Earth diplomatic enclave, Asteel Q0 3204.167
Asteel was rocked by reports of a security crisis around the trial of alleged AI builder Henry Pymm.
The courtroom – designated ‘Earther Space’ was guarded by elite Imperial Marines, and the entire site was further protected by the cream of the GFA ground forces, including orbital lasers, tanks, nukes and aircraft.
Somehow a group or groups infiltrated the compound and attempted to either free or kill Pymm himself.
In the fighting around 35 military personnel were killed including both Earther and GFA troops.
Eyewitnesses reported that there was some sort of hallucinatory gas used “We saw people flying’ and one guy just punched his way through a wall. All the assailants were masked and unidentified, but there were at least 20-25 of them.
Initial investigations are unclear, but, sadly for justice, Pymm was killed in the fighting, his body blown apart by a high energy grenade – only grisly fragments of him remaining.
A full joint investigation has been launched by both the IAO and GFA authorities – but none of the perpetrators were caught – most of them managed to escape in the confusion.
Legal experts suggest Pymm would have been found guilty anyway and mind wiped.

Last Interview with an Alien.

Dateline Gorilla Q0, 3204.155
Our reporter was lucky to have an interview with “Trader Unit 1” – the first alien visitor from another universe to agree to give an interview. This pan dimensional traveler was keen to inspect much of Gorilla and offered on more than one occasion to purchase things. Asked about its relationship with other known aliens such as the forerunners and the berserkers it was guarded.
The alien (unknown age) was interested in trading all sorts of goods for similar alien ware. Local prices in Alien Futures are through the roof but a reserved stated that this was just trade. Asked about his personal life Trader Unit 1 was coy and just replied he did not understand the concept.

A few days after the interview, the aliens announced that they had completed their business, and the mysterious ‘ship’ vanished from orbit. Observers said “one second it was there, the next it wasn’t”.

Deenar planetary misery

Dateline Deenar Q7, 3204.143
The northern hemisphere of Deenar has been hit by unusually extreme weather conditions. The main effect was super high tides. The colony was caught very largely unprepared for this sudden climatic change, and 3,000 people are thought to have died as a result of coastal flooding. Planetary climatologists theorise that the freak conditions were brought about by a rare planetary conjunction – but humanity has only been on this worlds for less than 110 years and the full range of possible climate changes may not as yet been experienced.

Drugs the Politicians downfall

Dateline Q4, 3204.138
The local RNV Q4 colonial government has been deeply embarrassed by revelations that a senior member of the administration Helena Neva was involved in illegal drugs. A spokesperson for the government said “This is a purely personal matter – Ms Neva has paid her fine and has assured us it will never happen again”. Local media and opposition groups are calling the not only the resignation of Ms Neva, but also the resignation of the governor.

Show a Leg

Dateline Tigris Q4 3204.123
There have been a large number of arrests in a major anti-corruption exercise by the local police on Tigris Q4, a Wolf359 world. Four senior government officials have been arrested, along with 14 of accomplices. Major seizures of records and documents have taken place, as well as a number of private bank accounts frozen.
The accusations of corruption relate to organlegging.

Hot Boiler Stalemate Broken by Earth Peacemakers

Dateline Hot Boiler Q8 3204.129
The long running conflict on Hot Boiler was brought to a close as a result of an impending peace treaty brokered by Earther diplomats, backed up by warships and assault landing ships loaded with Imperial Troops.
The war, which for the last year or so had bogged down in costly and unpleasant trench warfare on the planet’s surface had reached deadlock – neither side having the resources to break their enemy’s lines. The political leadership remained intransigent until behind-the-scenes diplomacy – facilitated by Earth – convinced them that they had to reach a deal.
Some on Hot Boiler believe that the clinching argument was the fact that the Earthers patience was wearing thin, and not very thinly veiled threats of direct Imperial military intervention had been involved. Earth Quadrant 8 Colonial Government refused to comment on these speculations. Certainly Earth has won over many of the ordinary colonists on Hot Boiler by their even-handed provision of humanitarian aid to the civilians suffering as a result of the war – though observers have criticised this policy as encouraging the war to continue.
At present a cease fire is in place, and proximity talks continue to thrash out the full details of the treaty.

Balus Legal Battle Concludes

Dateline Balus Q3 3204.117
After a prolonged legal battle, a deal has been cut, in which the local quadrant government does not accept liability for corporate losses arising out of the Vision Crisis, but (without prejudice) offers financial aid packages to business that can prove they were adversely affected by the crisis. An official spokesperson for the government said “The whole business was regrettable for both sides – we fully understand the pain felt by corporations whose operations were affected by the Vision’s interference in the quadrant’s economy. This represents yet another example of how we are able to operate in partnership with the business community.”

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