News of 3216 Turn 139

INN Datelines :  3216.300 – 3216.349

Transhuman Registration Act Passed on 116AL

Dateline 116AL 3216. 278

Following vocal concerns expressed by many citizens on the 116AL colony about the security risk cyborgs presented to the colony, the planetary govenrment passed a new law today making it mandatory for cyborgs to register with the police and to notify the authorities if they plan to move outside their area of residence.

A spokesperson for the 116AL Department of Law said “This is not a repressive measure by any means – these people are being registered for their own safety and to ensure that they are able to go about their everyday lives in peace. After all, if they have nothing to hide they should welcome this additional protection provided by the police”.

There was a small but vocal demonstration outside the Dept of Law, but there were no arrestets.There are reports that the governments of Pesayta and Ningi are considering similar legislation.

Trouble on Tinky

Dateline Tinky Q4 3216.290

Security forces on Tinky have been placed on high alert following a number of terrorist attacks on centres of governement on Tinky. Most specacular was a bomb that went off outside the Venerian Republic Office of Trade & Industry. Attacks have been particularly targetted at Venerian central institutions and the group claiming responsibiltiy is apparently a new brand of nationalists – calling itself Extremists Hate Offworld Hegemony.

This group claims to represent the “free thinking people of Tinky”, and encourage citizens to block their data chips with tinfoil scarves and to throw away their hats – the hats being a sign of Venerian Imperialism.

All of this would be faintly ridiculous but for the fact that their attacks have so far caused the deaths of 64 New-Venus born citizens, including the Deputy Head of the Republican Trade Delegation.

Lexcorp in Court Battle with Imperial Sentinels

Dateline Sol Q0 3216.300

Lexcorp and the Imperial Sentinels Ltd have taken a dispute over progress payments on a ship being built at a Lexcorp shipyard in Quadrant 6 to court on Earth. This is a very unusual occurance. According to the Lexcorp legal team this issue has had to be taken to courts on Earth itself because the contracts were signed under Earth contract law, and suitable arbitration has not been possible in Quandrant 6. In the dispute, Lexcorp alleges that the Sentinels have breached their contract by failing to meet the pre-payment of the progress payment schedule in accordance with standard condition StanCon 256.

The Sentinels claim that this was due to a technical fault in the payment processing system and that the money was in transit and arrived in due course. Lexcorp are seeking damages from the Sentinels and the Sentinels have launched a counter-claim of Unreasonable Contracting. All work on the Light Carrier being constructed in the commercial shipyard at Flexun has halted pending the outcome of the case.

Colonial Referenda and Memberships

– from our colonial corespondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: –

  • Z160 Q1,
  • Septimus Q2,

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

W15 Q7  T138  New Republic

La La Q8  T138  Union of Xyon

R43 Q4  T138  Sirius Socialist Republic

The following worlds have voted against holding a referenda on giving up their independence: None.

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