News of 3202 Turn 22

Insider Incident ends in Settlement

Local Dateline Q8 3202.042

A variety of reports from the Insider System in Quadrant 8 have been telling of a standoff between Venerian, Earther and local independent forces from Knobknocker and Digger over trade rights.

The situation got pretty heated at times, it seems, but careful diplomacy on the part of Venerian diplomats managed to broker a trade agreement allowing all parties to continue to trade. As a result of local arrangements a joint Earther / Venerian naval security force has been established in the system to ensure the agreement is honoured by the locals.

New Director for Imperial Audit Office

Local Dateline Sol Q0 3202.092

The Imperial Audit Office at Sol has undergone unprecedented growth under the patronage of Prime Minister Lee Zhang (himself a former head of the service) and its responsibilities, scope and resources are set to increase signficantly. Earth sources reveal that a new appointment has been approved by the Emperor – though the name and background of the individual selected has been withheld (as is normal practice). Off the record sources claim that the new Director has long experience in a variety of important government positions – many of them highly classified. These sources have also dismissed the possibility that the new appointee is the controversial Audit Director Van Helsing.

Independent Scientist Claims to have found location of Fabled Forerunner Homeworld

Local Dateline Bandog Q8 – 3202.044

In an astounding series of claims, Professor Van Hazard at the Bandog Institute of Classical Studies has published a paper claiming that he has calculated the location of the suspected forerunner homeworld. His findings are proving to be highly controversial since he claims that this world is, in fact, a planet orbiting unmapped worlds in Quadrant Zero. He claims that a huge universe-wide conspiracy, engineered by the Interstellar Archivists Institute, the major governments, the Mald Foundation, the Universal Church and a secret cabal of non-humans has kept the location of this world secret for hundreds of years.
Not surprisingly, ‘Professor’ Van Hazard’s theories have come under attack from the academic establishment – 99% of whom have dismissed his claims as “…the ravings of of an untreated paranoid schizophrenic on cocaine.”. The main objections are that Van Hazard seems to be unable to provide much hard evidence to back his claims. Much of it seems to be a rehash of the earlier and long discounted theories of Enid Bactrian’s pop-archeology tracts “Starships of the Past” and “Was Jesus a Forerunner”.


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