News of 3202 Turn 26

Yat-Sen to be Top Governor

Dateline 3202.259 Sirius Q0

The People’s Congress of the SSR has ratified the decision of the Council of State to appoint Dr. Soon Yat-Sen will as the new governor for Quadrant 0.
Yat-Sen replaces governor Walter Ulbright, whose term of service expires at the end of the year. The new governor is a member of the moderate faction in the Sirian People’s Congress and the administration of President Kapushinski will be relieved that this important appointment could be made before the Diet of the Sirian Communist Party later this year. This event takes place once every 6 years and determines the political course for the next several years. This year’s party diet seems especially important as political tension between moderates and orthodox has reached fever pitch.   Although Sirian politics are proverbially secretive and confused to the outsider, commentators expect a more open power struggle this time and possibly spectacular changes in the balance of power between the factions.   Also the elections for the People’s Congress will be held next year. It is likely that the course of the diet will significantly affect the voting.

Regression Colony rejoins Humanity.

Dateline 3202.196, Blenda, Quadrant 6

The regression colony on Blenda Q6, until recently under the supervision and control of the Imperial Anthropological Institute has made contact, independently, with its host colony, and after a prolonged ‘acclimatisation’ process has been provisionally permitted limited contact with the outside universe. A spokesperson from the IAI said “We are delighted that The Colonists first radiothe inhabitents of Windward Continent have finally developed their own technology – and the re-invention of radio has shown that their population is ready for re-integration with the Empire.”. The isolation of regression colonies remains somewhat controversial in many circles – not least because of the thousands who die in them ever year from preventable disease. There have been accusations that the IAI deliberately interferes with the development of RCs to be able to continue studying them – though this remains officially denied.
‘Sciencers’ of the ‘United States of Lament’ – the most powerful and advanced state in the regression colony – developed radio a few months ago, and were naturally surprised when they started to pick up incomprehensible transmissions from the rest of the colony, and space. The regression colonists had also reinvented powered flight and a rudimental internal combusion engine.
A major programme of education and social integration will now be implemented, funded by the colonial government.

Religious Fanatics Close Cowboy

Dateline 3202.194, Cowboy, Quadrant 2

The independent world of Cowboy has announced that it is closing it’s brand new orbital station to incoming vessels. This follows the election of the extreme fundamentalist group the Adept Followers of the Bloated Lady. This group always had a very large following on Cowboy, since the colony’s founding in fact, and in recent years they had extended their control over much of the planet’s political structure after the untimely illness and death of the leader of the one effective opposition, the Freedom Party. The election last month of Shining Master Lordag as Great Leader of the Colony heralded extensive legislative changes, outlawing all other religions, removing a range of civil rights, closing secular schools and outlawing contact with off-worlders. Also a number of small groups of heavily armed visiting archeologists and investigators were arrested and are held without charge in a series of dawn raids. There are also reports of a large number of ‘disappearences’ of opponents of the regime.
Latest in this increasingily repressive regime’s moves has been to declare the system off limits to traders and all other ships, apparently because they represent impure elements that will distort some sort of forthcoming ‘Great Ritual’. Naturally, the major trading corporations are dismayed at the station closure (which had only recently been opened, at great expense), and are seeking to put pressure on the local government to ‘see sense’.

Its Hot War on Hot Boiler

Dateline 3202.191, Hot Boiler, Quadrant 8

Lucky Star 14th Militia Regiment on their way to the Front line. Reports are coming in of major casualties as local planetary tensions flared up into war. There have been territorial disputes for many years on this poor independent colony – mainly over the western region of Big Continent, known for its rich Red Mercury deposits. The continental colony of ‘Lucky Star’ claimed the resource-rich region some time ago, but this was disputed by the southern colony of Gravis. Initially trouble started over the disputed borders, local police became involved in shooting, following which local militia forces joined in what has now become a general planetary war. The capital of Lucky Star, Soul City, was bombed by Gravisian armed shuttles, killing several hundred citizens. A major offensive into Gravis territory has been lauched by Lucky Star forces and the fight is described by observers as ‘fierce’. Other colonies on the planet have attempted to intervene diplomatically, but to no avail. The President of Gravis is quoted as saying “We will fight them in the passes, never have so many owed so much blood sweat and tears. We shall never surrender”.
The Chief Councillor of Lucky Star said “Gravis are a bunch of land-grabbing murdering fascists. They’re going to get what’s coming to them”.
With no settlement in sight, this war is likely to be bloody and long.

Purloined Pearls Presented to King

Dateline Wolf359, Quadrant 0

At the Royal Wolfer Court this morning, The Neklazov Pearls were returned to King Stabilo after being missing for 235 years. The Pearls were one of the few Royal Treasures that came to WOLF359 with Prince Albert. They were an engagement gift from the loyal populace. The Pearls disappeared from the Royal Household shortly after his death.
Stolen?: Lord Peter Leigh-Sayers presenting the Pearls to the King explained that his wife, Lady Dorothy, a collector of antiques, had chanced upon a reference to a sale of goods by “a Royal Butler” in the Sol System in 2971 approximately four years later. Convinced that this was no co-incidence Lady Dorothy had spent more than a year tracking down details of this sale.
The Royal Family are reported to be overjoyed at the return of this reminder of their lineage. The King was seen to shake Lord Peter’s hand most warmly, a gesture extended to few indeed! Lady Dorothy herself has made no public statement. Lord Peter remarked that once the connections were made the trail had been simple to follow. He went on to say he was surprised that the Commonwealth Police Service with all its resources had been unable to solve the case.

Smart Dinosaurs Excite Boffins.

Dateline 3202.190, Hook Q1

Life scientists are getting very excited by the publication of a research paper on an obscure species of forest-dwelling bipedal dinosauroids found on Hook in Quadrant 1. For centuries it has been speculated that a non-mammallian evolutionary path to intelligence was possible, and given the preponderence of reptilian life across the universe it has long been hoped that some evidence of evolved Anthroposaurs might be found. The report, which is admittedly controversial, claims to have found evidence of tool use and even a rudimentary language among this rare and highly social creature.   Already, film makers are squabbling for the rights to a tri-V movie based on the find, reported to a working title of ‘Dinos in the Mists’.

Asteroid Near Miss Causes Consternation.

Dateline 3202.189 Stown Q7

Starguard, pacifiers and all local military forces were put on emergency alert when it was discovered a uncharted asteroid was making a close approach to colony world Stown III in Quadrant 7 and was only a few days from collision. This asteorid, about 4km across had apparently been missed by the last astrographical survey, conducted in 3187.   Immediate action by the starguard deflected the asteroid, which skimmed the atmosphere, made a slingshot pass of the planet towards the star. Scientists say it will hit the star in a few weeks and burn up harmlessly.

“Close passes like this are fairly rare these days” said an embarrased spokesperson from the Martian Astrographic Office. “We have reviewed our records and it appears the asteroid was detected and its tragectory recorded, but somehow the data was not transferred from the survey ship to the main NavDat network. A full investigation has been started and we expect disciplinary action to follow. We can only apologise for the concern caused”.

Nova alert near Shi’Ar

Dateline 3202.249, Quadrant 0

An automated stellar flare station orbiting an uncharted star has recently given indications of a Class 10 Nova alert. This is the first such alert in Quadrant 0 for 273 years. As any schoolchild knows, a star going Nova would create a dangerous radaition flare that could reach out up to some 30 parsecs over a period of a century or so. Closest to the potential Nova is the independent world of Shi’Ar, which would be affected some 5 years after the Nova went off.
A spokesperson for the Solar Survey said “Of course, whilst the potential for damage is high, this is only a Class 10 alert, which means that there is roughly a 1% chance of the star’s condition deteriorating at some point in the next 100 years. We should expect to get around 10 Class 10 alerts in human space every century. We advise people not to be too worried at this stage.”
Panic buying of radiation suits and tanning lotion continues on Shi’Ar.

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