News for 3203 Turn 31

TOOL Signatories Refuse to Recognise the League

New Mars Q0

In the latest of the periodic TOOL Summit meetings, the issue of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds was discussed. Sources indicate that whilst some signatories felt that the League should be a full member and signatory of TOOL, others were firmly of the view that the League was not in any way a polity, and had no place at the table.
Reep Daggle, a spokesperson for the League said to reporters “I don’t know what the fuss is about – it’s not as if we’d actually asked to join TOOL. In fact nobody bothered to ask us if we wanted to be part of their precious club. It’s just another example of how they automatically treat us as inferiors. This is what we’ve been on about…”.

Freedonian Pirate Conspiracy Thwarted

Freedonia Q1

There have been a large number of arrests in a major anti-corruption exercise by a special IAO investigation team on Freedonia Q1. A senior government official has been arrested, along with twelve accomplices. Major seizures of records and documents have taken place, as well as a number of private bank accounts frozen. The accusations of corruption relate to supporting piracy and conspiracy to commit piracy. It would appear that Harriet Messen, Personal Assistant to the planetary Governor had been selling details of military and starguard ship movements to a number of pirate groups, as well as information relating to merchant vessel schedules. This would appear to have been a complex conspiracy, involving space traffic control officials, starguard officers and COP officials. The IAO has handed the evidence over to local law enforcement agencies in preparation for the trial later this year.

Cowboy Invaded by Venerians

Cowboy Q2

Reports are coming in of a major military action by the Republic of New Venus against the independent colony world of Cowboy. Reports are sketchy, but there are stories leaking out of the system of a space battle, and a full scale assault landing by Venerian GF forces and marines. Severe fighting has been reported around the Temple of the Bloated Lady (chief religious site of the Adept Followers of the Bloated Lady) and casualties are said to be heavy. A strongly pro-Adept government under Shining Master Lordag recently got themselves elected to rule Cowboy and shut the world off from the outside. It is suspected that the Venerian action may have been as a consequence of reports of a number of Venerian-registered merchant vessels going missing in the Cowboy system. No official comment has yet been made by the Venerian Colonial Government. A spokesperson for the League of Independent Worlds said “…this is yet another example of the blatent imperialism exhibited by the big powers towards independents…”

Great Continent in Conflict

Gurmat Q2

Open warfare has broken out between the local colonies of We Got Here, and The Republic of New Luxembourg, both located on the Great Continent of Gurmat II Q2.
In recent octants, tension has built up over rivalries arising from rights to red mercury mining in the outlying Ying Archipelago. Other groups on the planet, most notably the Republic of Freedom and New Colony 17 have tried to mediate, but to no effect. A recent arms build up has meant the importation of large quantities of weapons onto this planet and the outcome is unlikely to be resolved quickly. Although the combatants were unable to obtain top of the range GF weapons, they have managed to accumulate some armoured vehicles, and large numbers of conventional assault rifles, plus a few atmosphere craft and armed shuttles. The first battle of the war was a surprise air and commando raid on the main RNL coastal base, at Diamond Harbour – sinking many RNL vessels, some of them armed and prepared for an invasion of the Ying Archipelago.

Deaths on Fashar

Fashar Q3

The northern hemisphere of Fashar Q3 world has been hit by unusually extreme weather conditions causing the most severe drought in the colony’s history. The colony was caught very largely unprepared for this sudden climatic change, and around 4000 people in outlying settlements are thought to have died as a result water shortages and failed harvests. Planetary climatologists theorised that the freak conditions were brought about by a shift in the major sea currents and unusually high levels of solar activity. – but humanity has only been on this worlds for less than 50 years and the full range of possible climate changes may as have yet not been experienced.

Hanson To Take A Dive

Hanson Q3

Economic pundits are reporting that there is a major economic slump pending on Hanson Q3. All indicators show that things have not gone well over the last year, and poor results are expected next year. Many are blaming the local government’s mismanagement of the economy, though they themselves are blaming external factors and a lack of inward investment from the corporations. A government spokesperson said “Things are not as bad as they’ve been painted. Pundits can be wrong you know. In any case, it is mainly the fault of the previous administration”.

Southernopolis in Flames

Orion Q4

Anger flared on the streets of Southernopolis, Orion Q4 as huge mobs of supporters of rival religious groupings took to the streets. New Davidians have been claiming that they have been unfairly treated, and subjected to violence and desecration of their ‘re-education centres’, specifically by adherents of The Adepts of Clewg. Additional police have been drafted into the city to control the situation, but this has not prevented violent clashes. Shops owned by Clewgist citizens have been looted and burnt out. The government Councilor for Internal Affairs said “This is all a misunderstanding – we are organising reconciliation talks between community leaders. I’m sure good sense will prevail.”
However the Reverend Elrond Roach of the New Davidian Elders said “Those Clewgists are working for the Hidden Establishment – ‘They are trying to wipe us out because we know the Truth. Clewgists are nothing but willing stooges of the Secret Universal Government”.
At a mass rally on the other side of town, the Most Reverend Simon Shakewell said “These damned Davidians are brainwashing our women and children with their deity-less ideas. It is the Clewg-given right of every right-thinking Binkian to burn down a Davidian Brainwashing ‘Re-education’ Centre”
The violence continues, and despite their reassuring public words, the local colonial government is rumoured to be considering asking for off-world help to deal with the growing crisis.

Patel Planetquake Puzzles Planetologists

Patel Q5

A state of emergency was declared throughout Etrigan Continent, Patel Q5 as the continent was hit by a massive planetquake. This was the largest such quake to hit the colony since its founding 45 years ago. Initial estimates indicate that over 30,000 casualties were caused and a number of small towns have been completely destroyed. On-world services are working flat out to attempt to rescue possible survivors, and to re-establish the infrastructure, but activity has been hampered by severe weather. A spokesperson for the government said “This is a complete shock – out Planetologists were not expecting such a severe tectonic shift – its unprecedented and conditions, particularly on the northern seaboard are pretty bad. We desperately need outside help” Planetologist say this was completely unexpected, and while regrettable has contributed a great deal towards our understanding of the plate tectonics of this world.


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