News of 3205 Turn 48

Hostile Xenomorphs terrorise Second City

Deadline Deadwood Q8 3205.148

Local archeologists, following up reports of a major forerunner structure in the hills near McKewan City, the second city of Deadwood III have accidentally unleashed what appears to be a new breed of hostle creatures that were somehow quiescent in hidden chambers in the hills. There creatures have become common in the wooded hillsides overlooking the city, and local GF forces have been deployed to prevent the creatures from causing futher casualties in the city’s suburbs. So far over 200 people have fallen prey to these creatures. A local resident said “…they come at night…mostly.”. Observers have noted the similarity between these creatures and other outbreaks on other worlds such as Penii and Avatara. Rumour has it that someone in the archeological team ‘pressed a button’ to see what would happen. Security forces are reported as having the situation under control, but the local state of emergency shows no sign of ending any time soon.

Potato campaign stumbles amid scandal, tri-vid ‘gaffes’

Asteel, Q0. 3205.161

As Quadrants 2, 4, 6 and 8 go to the polls, has one of Asteel’s most surefooted political operators lost his touch? Alphie Potato’s election campaign has been hit by a double whammy, amid allegations of malpractice by Defence Secretary Stan ‘The Man’ Morgan, and an unusually lacklustre performance at his head-to-head tri-vid debate with rival contender Governor Rhett Elgon (Reform, Q7).

Triumph or disaster?
That was what the public was left asking itself after the candidates’ debate on Asteel. President Potato joked his way through questions over corruption, waste, incompetence and his unpopular alliance with Earth, in what the pro-Potato media has portrayed as a brilliantly ironic response to the level of partiality and stupidity of the questions. However, rival Elgon, in spite of questions concerning the poor GFA economy in Q7 and allegations that he misrepresented his war record, was able to hit home time and again on Potato’s character and that of his administration; perceived as an area where Elgon is stronger. Elgon claimed that Potato was “a clown who has made the GFA an international joke”, to which Potato could only reply: “everyone likes a good joke, Rhett, except you – you need to lighten up more!”

Defence concerns
As if to underline Governor Elgon’s points, just a few days after the debate, a searing article appeared in influential Wolfer news magazine The Economic Times claiming that the GFA Navy is suffering from a combat readiness problem in Q0 due to lucrative fleet maintenance contracts having been auctioned off to companies owned by Defence Secretary Stan ‘The Man’ Morgan and his business associates. The Potato campaign has countered that this is an orchestrated smear by the Elgon campaign, and a number of high-visibility adverts by the ‘Q7 Rapid Pacifier Crew Association’ – a group totally unafiliated with the Potato campaign – have since claimed that Elgon’s own record on defence is in fact a carefully concocted front that hides numerous questionable decisions that cost millions of Esteeler lives during the Exterminator War. Third Way party candidate Rocky Talaferio was excluded from the head to head debate because his share of support was below 15%, and looks to be being squeezed by the ‘big two’. It looks like either candidate’s race now, and all eyes will be on the ‘Odd’ Quadrant vote in 100 days time to see how the current muckraking has affected the polls.
The GFA election race is getting tighter, nastier, and, let’s face it, more interesting!


Clewgists turn Estreham into battle zone

Dateline Estreham Q2 3205.143

Major military action is reported on the Martian colony world of Estreham, Q2. Militias loyal to the main planetary government have launched what they call a ‘Crusade’ against the southern continent of Toateng, which is dominated by a minority observance of the Clewgist sect which the mainstream Clewgists – who dominate the world – deem to be ‘heretical’. A major refugee crisis is brewing on Toateng as civilians seek to flee the conflict zone. The Martian Colonial Government in Q2 is reported to be considering whether to step in – however, intervention in local government is known to be an anathema to Supreme Councilor Carbone Kopi – so immediate action is not anticipated

Earther Forces ‘Inadequate’

Dateline Lardec Q3 3205.167

The minor conflict between the colonists from Regeneration Creek and those of New Hope is becoming what one Earther journalist described as a ‘…festering Ulcer..’ for the Earth government in Q3. Imperial GF troops were deployed on peacemaking duties last year, but despite their intervention, the two communities remain at each other’s throats. This has been excacerbated by the belief among New Hopers that the Earth forces favour the wealthier Regeneration Creekers. Certainly, the IAO commission is taking an inordinate amount of time to produce its report, causing concerns that the inter community violence will continue. So far there have been over 256 fatalities as a result of the conflict. It is thought that the local GF commander has asked the Quadrant Governor for additional forces, but has been refused due to budget constraints. The Imperium has announced the deployment of a Light Cruiser and a Destroyer to the system – but critics are saying this is a ‘pointless gesture’.

Record Arrests in Major Security Sweeps

Dateline New Venus 3205.158

The Venerian Government is, by all accounts, feeling very pleased with itself as its improved security measures are taking even more dangerous criminals off the streets and orbitals of the Republic. Operation Clean Sweep netted some 1,280 criminals, mostly for vagrancy, immigration or documentation irregularities. Many of them have been offered exile over imprisonment. In addition the Republic’s harsh stance on space piracy has brought about record numbers of arrests and executions of pirates across all of Venerian space. The ruling council ‘RexCom’ is rumoured to be privately ‘very pleased’ with the outcome of this initiative. Human rights activists outside the Republic, comprising liberals and ex-Venerian exiles have started mass pickets outside Venerian Embassies on Earth, Asteel, New Mars, Agama and Sirus. Demonstrators outside the Embassy on Wolf359 were all arrested for public order infringments. 3 Demonstrators turned up outside the emabssy on Centaur, but left again when it started to rain. Protestors are objecting to the lack of press freedom in the Republic and alleged extra-legal methods of the Venerian Special Constabulary.
The Neo Pope is reported to have given her tacit support to the protests in referrring to the “…stifled voice of the dispossessed and silenced multitude in the lost colonies…” during a recent mass. Pope Pieta is widely known to be at odds with the Lee Zhang government over their policy of detente with New Venus.

Aid Drying Up

Dateline Grynd Q7 3205.119

Despite food shipments from the Interstellar Food Aid Charity Oxfood there are now reports of thousands of colonists nearing starvation. A spokesperson from Oxfood said “..we are full stretch here – we lack the reserves to do more than help the most desperate cases. We are watching everyone just wasting away. We have had no help from interstellar governments. If this had been a war or an Exterminator attack, they’d be all over us – but a few colonists starving out here in the quadrants – nobody in Q0 gives a toss.”. Experts estimate casualties in the hundreds of thousands in the near future if nothing is done.

Edna may become ‘Blue Spot’

Dateline Geegil Q3 3205.107

A colossal storm system on Geegil in Q3 is threatening to destroy the fledgeling colony there. A major cyclone system has grown beyond projected limits and the top of it has now reached the stratosphere, where it is being fed by the planetary jet stream. The storm, codenamed ‘Edna’, is threatening to become a ‘Blue Spot’, a semi-permanent storm feature on an
inhabitable planet equivalent to the ‘Red Spot’ storm features found on many gas giants.

Pirates take Misstur Orbital

Dateline Misstur Q6 3205.132

The planetary orbital on the far-flung world of Misstur (Q6) was left stripped and badly damaged after a coordinated raid by five pirate vessels last Octant.
Up to 300 criminals stormed the station, overpowering local security and subjecting the residents to several days of terror, with numerous robberies, assaults and rapes reported in a spree that left seventeen dead.
Legendary pirate captain Roberts, formerly a protégé of feared Q7 pirate admiral ‘Flint’ was reputedly behind the brutal attack.
The colonists on Misstur had thought themselves lucky in being missed by the Exterminators in the War – but thes damage to their orbital is regarded locally as a disatser. A spokesperson for the colony said “We were helpless, all our shuttles were on the orbital – so we were grounded – helpless, while those bastards raped and murdered.”


QRAP Hotel Bombing

Dateline R43 Q4 3205.128

A massive car bomb blast has wrecked the façade of the Colonial Hotel on R43 in Quadrant 4, killing 23 and injuring over 100. A local group calling themselves the ‘Quadrant Rage Against Perfects’ (QRAP), believed to be affiliated with DAFT, have claimed responsibility, saying that the hotel was used by offworld visitors, most of them perfects. Local
authorities have promised “tough action” against the perpetrators.

The Three Way War Continues

Dateline Chaitra Q4 3205.120

Knut’s Landing forces were able to influct a major defeat on their rivals Hammerstein Colony, as Hammerstein launched a major armoured assault on Octavarium Pass – the main route to the Knut’s Landing City. Hammerstein forces, heavily armoured and backed up by off-world mercenaries, were successfully ambushed by KL troops under their increasingly famous Brigadier Petrucci and took heavy losses.
Meanwhile Seaward Colonial Militia managed to capture one of Hammerstein’s outposts in a surprise infantry assault. it is thought that this success was largely due to the help of ‘military advisors’ from an offworld power – though that cannot, at present be verified.
Hammerstein Colony – despite being the strongest militarily, is now struggling to maintain the initiaitive in the long standing conflict over red mercury mining rights in the Eternity Mountains. It is rumoured that despite advanced weaponry, allegedly from Wolfer sources, the Hammerstein military command is proving to be largely incompetent.

Zola Provisional Government Confirmed in Landslide Victory

Dateline 3205.142 Blenda Q6

Who would have thought, just two short octants ago that the fragmented and disorganised politics of Blenda could undergo such a turnaround.
President Zola, who stepped in after the resignation of the previous government over terrible economic perfomrance, has in two short octants restored public confidence, strengthened the position of his Social Regrowth Party, and won an unprecedented electoral victory. Law and order and social cohesion seem tohave been a touchstone for many Blendarians – and the Zola’s interim government has delivered, it seems. The controversial creation of the Security Policing Group, and emergency laws forbidding strikes have, for many on Blenda, been seen as positive steps towards reforming the chaotic social environment on this world. As a political observer here remarked “not only have they restored public confidence in government – but the rapid transit system now runs on time…”

Hands promises to ‘dish the dirt’ on interstellar politics.

Old Mars, Sol, Q0 3205.170

Drakkir Hands, Chancellor of the University of Old Mars at Cydonia, and former Martian Foreign Minister, has secured a publishing deal with Snipcock and Tweed (Earth) for the second volume of ‘Unreliable Memoirs’, his popular autobiography. This volume, covering his time in interstellar politics, has been awaited with some anticipation among the political classes, and Hands has indicated that he is intending to add a new final chapter concerning recent political events, in which he will give his own characteristically trenchant views on current national leaderships.

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