News of 3207 Turn 66

Hedron Celebrates New RTS

Dateline 3207.231 Hedron Q3

Few would have thought three years ago, after the devastating planetquake, that the struggling colony on Hedron III would have still been here. But thanks to humanitarian support from off world, particularly from the Wolf 359 Commonwealth the infrastructure of this stricken colony has been rebuilt and a new quake-proof rapid transit system installed linking the remote farming communities in the planetquake zone with the main cities and spaceports. In addition, new tectonic monitoring stations and quake-resistant buildings have been constructed making the colony much better prepared for whatever the planet might throw at them. The Chair of the Colonial Council said “This is one of those times when one’s faith in humanity is restored – we especially want to thank the Wolf Commonwealth for their unstinting support.”

Earth and the SSR Clash in Quadrant 6

Dateline 3207.246, Amoss Q6

Sirian and Earth warships are reported to have opened fire on each other in the Amoss system in Q6. Following the security crackdown last octant and the arrest of the elected local government – the situation on Amoss rapidly deteriorated as surprisingly well armed local resistance movements fought against Sirian security and ground forces in every major city in the colony. A provisional government in exile made up of a coalition of the ousted Sirian Revolutionary Party and other groups called on outside governments to help the people of Amoss, Governor Armstrong of the Earth Empire sent elements of 14th Battle Fleet officially to “assist the provision of humanitarian aid to the people of Amoss” – and ignored protests from the Sirian ambassador.
It seems the Earthers were transporting a large number of volunteers forming an ‘Interstellar Brigade’ – made up of SRP supporters from Blenda and Douglas, as well as those from other Earther worlds. The Sirians objected and elements of the Sirian 9th Shock Fleet were engaged, and while reports are vague at this stage it would appear that a number of vessels were damaged, and there were crew casualties. The last report to INN indicates that the Sirian Navy has withdrawn from Amass for the time being – though fighting continues planetside.


Reactor Explosion Blacks Out City

Dateline 3207.209 P18 Q5

The city of Domini on P18 was rocked by a massive explosion, caused by a fusion containment failure on the main City Power Plant. Over 120 people lost their lives, including around 50 power workers. The city authorities declared a Purple State of emergency – the highest level on P18, an all emergency services and militia leave was cancelled. Initial comments from the P18 Power Corporation have been vague – as usual the company is not accepting responsibility. A spokesperson for the government said “This is a disaster – half the city is without power, and 20% of the northern suburb has been virtually destroyed. Heads will roll for this.”


Dino ‘Flu Epidemic Causes Concern

Dateline 3207.214 Osiris Q2

A widespread epidemic is causing massive overstretch of the medical services on Osiris, particularly in rural areas. The outbreak has been identified as a particularly virulent strain of Dino ‘Flu – a virus that appears to have passed from the reptilian local megadon population into humans.
Strains of Dino ‘Flu have been cropping up all over human space in the last thirty years and there is speculation that a dormant form is being carried by human migration – though how the virus is being passed to the indigenous reptilian populations is unknown. The Osiris Medical Corporation reports that 17 ranch workers have died so far, and a further 256 have been admitted to medical facilities with the high fever and breathing difficulties associated with the virus.

Willis Universal Hypergolf Champion…Again

Dateline 3207.254, Canaan Q0

‘Megadon’ WIllis won his 27th consecutive ‘Belter Cup’ – the award for the prestigious Universal Hypergolf Championship.
For the first time in more than a decade, the championship was held in the Venerian Republic – on the newly constructed ‘Admiral Heinlein Memorial Hypergolf Course’ in geostationary orbit around Canaan III.
Competition was stiff this year – WIllis played off in the final against the local Venerian champion, Colonel Igor Fedora – who is widely tipped to be the person most likely to take the title from Willis – though on this occasion he lost by 38 strokes.
Colonel Fedora is a graduate of the new Republican Hypergolf Academy on Canaan, which is intensively training keen young Hypergolfers from all backgrounds – aiming to overcome the popular view that Hypergolf is only played by the Hyper-wealthy.
A spokesperson for the Venerian State Academy of Sporting Excellence said “Oh yes, for too long the Earthers have dominated interstellar sports – now it is time for the rest of humanity to show our potential”


Daring Pirates Raid Mines

Dateline 3207.221 Crabston Q3

The ailing Kando Asteroid Mines in the Crabston system have been victims of a daring pirate raid. The pirates, approaching on silent running, stormed the mine’s support orbital and robbed staff and the company of ‘a significant sum’ according to the company’s spokesperson.
The raid was timed to coincide with the arrival at the orbital of fresh supplies of equipment and just after payday – when the workers and the orbital would be flush with cashchips and valuable items of equipment and tools. Seventeen station security personnel were killed in the fighting, and 53 personnel wounded. In addition to substantial quantities of equipment, the stations defensive autocannons were dismantled and removed.
The Kando Corporation of Crabston is reportedly ‘unhappy’ about the slow response of Xyonist forces in coming to their aid -i.e. too late to help – though nothing has been said publicly. Industry observers report that the Kando mines were in some financial difficulty prior to the raid, and that this might affect their continued commercial viability – some rumours have it that the company may be wound up, putting some 750 asteroid miners out of work.


Former Admiral Elected Head of Alliance

Dateline 3207.231 Gat Q1

High Admiral Jackson – formerly the commander of Alliance forces until retirement three years ago – has been elected chair of the Council of Defence Ministers for the Seven Worlds Defence Alliance. The election of a non-minister to the chair marks a change in the way the alliance is run – the member states recognising that the Council of Ministers had, hitherto, been too much of a ‘talking shop’ to allow sensible strategic political guidance for the Alliance to go forward.
Admiral Jackson’s tough, no-nonsense reputation made him the candidate most trusted to chair the Council fairly and in an unbiased way. A number of critical issues face the Alliance, not least of which is its change of name with the accession of Ankh to the alliance. There have been calls from some political parties in the Alliance for closer ties between member states – making the Alliance political and economic as well as a military. Many obstacles will need to be overcome before the Alliance can achieve even a basic level of political unity – but observers say that Jackson’s political good sense is likely to be a strong unifying factor.

Pirate Raid Thwarted

Dateline 3207.247 Hobbes Q1

Base-F, one of the main mining support stations in the Hobbes system has been attacked by desperate pirates. Security staff fought a three hour gunbattle with the attacking pirates, killing 31 of them, and capturing 18.
The remaining pirates were forced to withdraw and limped off in their damaged craft. Unfortunately for the hapless pirates, a UXN Destroyer was in system and intercepted the pirate craft and arrested the survivors who surrendered without a fight. The Navy captured three pirate vessels and recovered a significant amount of loot.
71 alleged pirates are due to go on trial next octant. Included in those captured was the infamous pirate Captain Yehudi Sharan – who is wanted in three quadrants.


Orbital Reactor Failure – 100 Dead

Dateline 3207.238 Rotnart Q6

Orbital Factory Rotnart-E240 has been completely destroyed by a reactor containment failure. The small factory, which was working on a range of material coating products for the space industry had been subject of a number of adverse safety reports over the past 5 years.
All 100 workers in the factory perished in the explosion and subsequent sudden decompression. This is the worst space disaster in the colony’s history.
The factory’s owners, Ron and Reggie Dinsdale were not available for comment – and are currently being sought by the Health and Safety Regulator and the police.

Virus ‘Under Control’

Dateline 3207.271 Nasa, Quadrant 0

The new and extremely hazardous ‘Virus Z’ has finally been brought under control in Campbell City, Nasa. The side effects of this terrible virus, which seemed to make the victims highly aggressive and virtually immune to pain and sedatives, caused considerable problems for the health and security services.
In a large number of cases the victims had to be humanely euthanised because they represented a real and present danger to innocent civilians. In containing the outbreak, much of the City General Hospital was destroyed by fire, and ten blocks of the surrounding Malton district sealed off. It took nearly an octant for GF forces, police and medical teams to fully sanitize the area. Over 1,500 victims of the virus died as a result, together with around 200 civilians injured by virus victims’ violent outbursts. “This is easily the worst medical emergency in the history of the Colony – our emergency planners are studying the lessons learnt from the outbreak, and even now new measures are being put in place to ameliorate any future outbreak elsewhere” said Simon Shakewell, Nasa Government Health Minister.

Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Tessla AH,
Carter Q6, Nose Q1, Z16 Q7 , Z164 Q8 , Deadlock Q1.

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:
Ka’pul Q3 – the colony has voted to apply for membership of the Earth Empire. Mulder Q2 has voted to apply to join the Earth Empire. Ploot Q8 has voted to join the Union of Xyon.

The following worlds have voted against holding a referenda on giving up their independence: None at present.

Ecstatic Crowds Greet A Potato

Dateline New Venus 3207.266

The GFA President went walkabout today on New Venus amid scenes of unprecedented enthusiasm from the normally reserved Venerian crowds. For a while now, Potato has been something of a celebrity among Venerians – his tri-vids have achieved cult status among younger people, and a number of fan clubs have sprung up not just on New Venus but all over Venerian space.
The President, in his usual way, was pleased to acknowledge the crowds with a cheery wave and a few kind words and autographs – although what he said has not been recorded.
Even the usually dreary Venerian state media felt obliged to acknowledge the ‘Potato Effect’ – although the huge size of the assembled crowd was played down. Reports from unofficial sources tell us that the crowds were swiftly and decisively ‘moved on’ once the President and his entourage was out of sight – but fortunately casualties were relatively light.
There are rumours that the growth in Potatoism within the Venerian population is being used as a cover for political self-expression. Whilst political parties and external media are banned, forming social clubs and societies is not, and some Venerian exiles are claiming this a means whereby those who oppose the Kudriavy Regime can gather on the streets. There has even been a suggestion that ‘Potato’ is being used as a euphemism for ‘Heinlein’ – though serious observers discount this.
Whatever the cause – Alphie Potato is certainly a big hit on New Venus.

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