News of 3214 Turn 121

External Aid Blocked

Dateline Y17 Q7 3214.155

Following a failure of the harvest in the Hafo region of the Western continent of Y17, every effort has been made to get food and medical supplies into the region by the other colonists on Y17.

This is being hampered by criminal gangs, posing as ‘defensive militia’ who are apparently stealing the aid and intimidating or killing those trying to help their fellow colonists.

The independent Esteeler aid charity DisneyAid has been shipping supplies to the colony, but is unable land relief shuttle directly into the affected area due to the risk of coming under fire from militia air-air missile systems. The local Government responsible for this part of the western continent, Democratic Authority in The West, says it is doing all it can to alleviate the situation, but critics are suggesting that the militia are to some extent in league with the DATW which is also being criticised for its poor human rights record and high levels of internal corruption.

Over 65,000 people are affected by this humanitarian crisis.

Pirates Rounded Up

Stardate 3214.210 Count Down Q0

Two pirate ships and over 50 pirates have been captured after a remarkable operation conducted by the colonial militia of the tiny independent colony of Count Down.

Lacking any sort of fleet or military ships, it seems a small group of militia used orbital shuttles to attack two pirate vessels that were poised to raid ships in the Count Down system. Details are incomplete at this stage, but remarkable none of the 20 militia were injured, and they managed to kill 16 of the pirates who resisted, and take into custody 51 known and wanted criminals. This included the notorious pirate Captain Frack McOrff.

The Count Downers are planning to conduct trials of the captured pirates later this octant. If found guilty the pirates face the possibility of a death sentence.

Conflict Flares over T301

Dateline 3214.191 T310 Q1

The arrival of elements of the Venerian Fleet over T310 has caused the Blue Hat colony to effectively tear up its earlier agreements with rival colonies – agreements which it claims were ‘made under duress’.

Fresh deliveries of warlike stores have enable the Blue Hat forces to recover somewhat from the losses inflicted on them by the Federate Worlds intervention some octants ago. Already there have been skirmishes across the disputed border

President Jackson, of the Federated Worlds said “… cannot be tolerated. We have guaranteed the security of the colonists on T301 and we will not stand by and watch the world return to war just to suit the needs of external colonialist powers.”

Quarantine Declared

Dateline Prtonprinss Q7 3214.185

Health authorities on Prtoprnss have declared a quarantine of two major cities on the colony world following a reported outbreak of a new strain of dinoflu. The new D6 strain, which affects humans, has already caused over 64 deaths on the colony. Publicity the colonial government is claiming that the spread of the new strain has been contained. Private sources suggest that this might not be the case. Reports are coming in from rural areas that communities outside the affected cities, Corsair and Transit City, are reporting cases.

The worrying development here is that Prtoprnss has, reportedly, already put in place screening of all visitors to the system – which hitherto has been clear of the virus.

Imperial Sentinels Claim ‘Victory’

Dateline Blenda Q6 3214.172

Following the movement of the Venerian 12th Strategic Fleet from Blenda back to its permanent station at Patlabor, the Imperial Sentinel, elements of the Imperial Sentinels in the Blenda system have been claiming that the Venerians only withdrew because “…they did not have the stomach to face the determination and moral superiority of the Empire. The Rebels left with their traitorous tails between their legs…”

The Venerian Fleet has been stationed at Blenda for about 2 years, following the crisis at Amoss. Relations with the fleet personnel and the Blendans has, by all accounts been cordial throughout that period.

The Venerian government in Q6 was not available for comment.

Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda:

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

Result – voted to apply to join:

Flypaper Q7 T120 MAFC
Hazard Q4 T120 Centauri Conglomerate
Iron Mike Q8 T120 Centauri Conglomerate
Grindstone Q2 T120 Union of Xyon

News in Brief

Shi’Ar wins UniVision song contest

Dino Flu outbreak reported in New Eire Q8

New Cetacean play on the Roach War causes ripples.

Traffic chaos in Asteel City following system failure

‘Roach Cult’ outlawed on Gorilla.

New Venus tops educational league tables for literacy and numeracy

DAFT bomb detonated outside parliament building on Trivee

Imperial Navy reaches ‘One Destroyer Per System’ standard

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