News of 3214 Turn 123

Jigger To Order RoboNurses

Dateline 3214.207 Jigger Q8

The colonists on Jigger have placed an urgent joint order with the Sirius multinational PHS for over 500 of its new model AutoNurse H/5N1. Although these will take several octants to arrive in the colony – there is increasing fear that the colony’s medical infrastructure would be unable to deal with a dinoflu pandemic in the colony. In fact there are already reports of isolated cases of dinoflu in the newly-built system orbital. A spokesperson for the Colonial Medical Conference (an umbrella body hastily drawn together from representative of the six founding colonies) said “Well y’see we’ve been concentrating on survival here – this is not a wealthy colony – and this could spell disaster for us all – so we sort of got together like and thought we’d get some of those there robo-nurses like you see on the movies. It’s gonna cost an arm and a leg though.”


Imperial Sentinels ‘Police’ The Gaff

Stardate 3214.278 The Gaff Q6

Unconfirmed reports are coming in of fighting on the just settled colony of The Gaff. The colony has had a difficult history and the planet still bears the scars of the destruction wrought by the Exterminators when they wiped out the original colony over a decade ago.

According to the official spokesperson from the the Imperial Sentinels, Captain Quentin Isling, the system has been ” … a hotbed of pirates who have terrorised the space lanes of this part of Quadrant 6 for years”. Allegedly acting to protect trade, it would seem that the Sentinels have landed a substantial force of mercenaries in what they are describing as a ‘policing action’. They claim to have put out of business the pirate base in the system and rounded up several hundred suspects. Given the alleged complicity of the colonists, the Sentinels have put in place an ‘Interim Control Authority’ to ensure the colonists do not slip back into bad ways. Details of how this is working out in practice are scant – there are rumours of detention camps and executions, but these cannot be verified at this time.

In not unrelated news – Governor Carter of the GFA said in a speech to the Q6 Senate “… we will not stand idly by and watch the forces of Darkness and Tyranny rule our Universe. It is time to stand up and be counted. And let those who think this Great Federation of ours is weak and incapable beware – we are slow to rouse, but once roused implacable.” His speech was greeted with enthusiasm from his supporters as a clear policy indicator by those in Q6 who have be concerned by the growth of Imperialism in the quadrant.

Humanity’s Fleets in Hot Pursuit

Dateline 3214.250 Somewhere in Quadrant 0

Reports from our sources in the Supreme Humanity Command tell us that the combined fleets have been dispatched on what is only being described as a “Potential Ongoing Search and Destroy Mission” – indicating the possibility of another military engagement with the elusive Roach terrorist fleet that has been causing untold damage and civilian casualties in Quadrant 0.

Our reporter asked Commander Lennox-Brown of the SHC Staff whether he thought a victory was imminent, he said “…well I say, I can’t go around commenting on current operations, you know that old chap – walls have ears and so on. But, if we were to have cornered these blighters somewhere in the quadrant, and if we are able to bring them to battle – that’s ‘if’ mind you – well then I’d say we’re all set up to give them a damned good thrashing!”

Meanwhile, fleets are being put in motion all over Quadrant Zero – presaging some serious combat – including the powerful GFA Arrogant Force, and reportedly at least two of the Empire’s feared Battle Fleets.


Was the Garden of Eden Real?

Dateline 3214.305 Mystery Q0

Another huge underground chamber has been discovered in the vast undersea city known as ‘New Atlantis’ which on close examination would appear to have been a large ‘farm’ where the forerunners worked on developing their genetic modification of various creatures.

It is early days in the research, but evidence of the presence vicious ‘GS9’ creatures is clear, but also evidence of a number of hominid and other life forms has been found as well as some still functioning control systems. Evidence is growing that the Forerunners may have had a very fundamental role to play in the evolution of modern humans – a prospect that has only been speculated on in the past.
Categorising the number and type of species that may have emerged from this ‘garden of eden’ chamber is likely to to take years.

This reporter wonders – what if we find The Serpent?

News in Brief

Percentage Q8 – DAFT hostage released in dramatic asteroid shoot-out with Centauri mercenaries.

Dino flu reported on Hot Boiler, while it gets worse on Fiddle.

Union of Xyon assistance to Y17 ‘saves 65,000 lives’

Freak data loss causes temporary halt to welfare payouts on Disney World

Riots as Transhuman Rights Demo and Naturalists clash on Dyme


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