News of 3209 Turn 81

Peacekeepers Withdraw as Fighting Resumes

Dateline Feltten Q2 3209.192

Fierce fighting has broken out across the devastated city centre of Harmony City on Feltten Q2. Adherents of opposed sects, the Church of Harmony and Light and the Church of Light and Harmony have resumed their conflict, grounded in a long-standing theological dispute. Peacekeepers from the Outer Worlds Defence Union have withdrawn, as they are only mandated as ceasefire observers.

The two sides have taken the period of ceasefire to deeply entrench their respective suburbs of the city and to terrorise and expel (or murder) anyone thought to be a supporter of the rival church. During the lull in fighting, and under the pretext of peace talks they have both managed to gain additional military equipment and form strong paramilitary forces. Soldiers of Light – the armed wing of the CLH are thought to be better trained and equipped while the Bringers of Harmony – the rival paramilitary wing are numerous and fanatical. The opening stages of the renewed fighting has been charcterised by a series of insurgent bombings deep in CLH territory.

A spokesperson for the Outer Worlds Defence Union said “We have done our best to lower tension and bring these people to their senses – all is not lost yet, but the renewed fighting is not a good sign”.


Civil Rights Abuses on Estreham

Dateline Estreham Q2 3209.194

Amid protests from a variety of Martian civil rights groups, alleged abuses are increasingly being reported on Estreham in Q2, especially on the troubles southern continent. The Yendorian branch of the Clewgist church is under pressure from the majority who regard the Yendorians as a subversive and dangerous faction. Disproportionate numbers of Yendorian tendancy adherents are being arrested by the mainstream Clewgist police. On the southern continent of Toateng, mainstream Clewgists dominate in positions of authority and commerce, even though they only represent about 10% of the population.- and this is making it increasingly difficult for Yendorian Clewgists to have a say or to gain employment. Despite their peaceful philosophy many younger members of the Yendorian community have been increasingly resorting to civil disobedience and even violent confrontations with the police.


Henderson’s Surprise Victory

Dateline L’Fayet Q7 3209.183

‘Lame Megadon’ Governor Ronald Henderson confounded his critics by winning, by a comfortable margin a ‘no-confidence’ vote in the L’Fayet Senate.

Subject to a concerted campaign of criticism by his Reform Party rivals, he has been characterised as ‘gaffe-prone’ and lacking in political good sense. However, his supporters seem to have engineered the ‘no-confidence’ vote to force his critics to engage and to prove the high level of his real support on the planet – this proved to be a very astute move, as his Governorship was, it seems, never in danger. This was helped by Henderson’s frequent mention, in passing, of his close friendship with President Potato – or “…my old muckker, Alphie…” as he put it. There is no doubt that association with the highly popular and charismatic GFA President cannot but have helped his campaign.


New Luxumbourg Threatens ‘Disaster’

Dateline Gurmat Q2 3209.159

The continued rivalry over control of the picturesque but economically valuable Ying Archepelago has entered a new phase now, as the Republic of New Luxembourg (RNL) has warned the We Got Here Colony (WGH) that continued ‘illegal occupation’ of the disputed mining area would, ‘bring about a disaster of unprecedented proportions’ for them.

Nobody is under any illusion that this is anything other a thinly veiled threat to use nuclear weapons.

Since the trouble last year, WGH has been ensuring that the Archepelago is strongly defended against seaborne assault and armed surface craft are very numerous on both sides – despite RNL losing many ships to air attack last year. WGH has no nuclear weapons capability, but is allegedly now unofficially seeking to purchase such technology from a friendly power.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda:

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

The following worlds have voted against holding a referenda on giving up their independence: None.

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