News of 3209 Turn 83


Dateline 3209.300 Wolf 359 Q0

In a shock public statement today the Wolfer provisional government has finally made a definitive statement about events at Evangelou. It turns out that humanity is being invaded by unknown aliens through some sort of interstellar Gateway inside the Evangelou system. The Wolfer government admitted that there had been fighting inside the Evangelou system against alien vessels and that the “…alien attack was repulsed by the brave men and women of the Commonwealth military forces before it reached Evangelou, but not without some casualties. HMS Virtuous was lost with all hands while destroying two alien vessels and damaging a third.”.

As usual, the Wolfer government was unforthcoming with any details – and at the press ‘conference’ no questions were permitted. Meanwhile a full news blackout persists inside the Evangelou system. INN does know, however, that vessels of a number of other polities have entered the system including forces from the RNV and ‘technical and science vessels’ of the MDF. Our reporters were unable to find out whether ToOL treaty forces had been called on, or the size or scope of the incursion. Suffice it to say that serious concern is being raised accross human space as to the extent of this new threat to humanity.

On New Mars, police broke up a large violent demonstration outside the Wolf Embassy as crowds chanted anti-Wolfer slogans. Disorder of a different kind was noted on Earth as Naval and Marine recruiting offices became overwhelmed by volunteers to sign up. The MSN is reported as having cancelled all leave and the Supreme Council is considering moving to a war footing. Martian Minister for War Senator Bandaras is reported to be ‘..somewhat irritated..’ at the Wolfer’s delay in informing the Universe.

The Venerians have, as usual, been keeping to themselves – but a spokesperson did say “..we are honouring a long-standing agreement to support our Allies the Wolf Commonwealth and Republican forces will do their duty.”.


Gurmat Fighting Continues

Dateline Gurmat Q2 Dateline 3209.281

Fierce fighting continues between the remains of the WGH defence forces in the Ying Archipelago and landing troops of the Republic of New Luxembourg. The dense forests and jungles of the archipelago are proving an ideal hiding place for the determined WGH troops, who are fighting with renewed fanaticism following the destruction of Diamond Harbour – their main naval base, by surprise nuclear attack last octant. The RNL forces are spearheaded by elite off-world mercenaries, and they appear to have received additional new high tech equipment in recent octants. WGH forces on the mainland are having great difficulty reinforcing their surviving fighters on the archipelago due to RNL sea and air superiority. Observers are suggesting that without outside help the defenders of Ying will not last to the end of the year.

The RNL’s use of nuclear weapons has drawn condemnation from most major polities in the quadrant – though the SSR merely announced that this was an ‘…internal matter of self-determination that is no business of ours”. Wolf and Venerian Naval forces have been dispactched to the Gurmat system, following what are being reported as ‘heated’ diplomatic exchanges between the RNL Government and a joint mediation delegation from the the Wolf 359 and Venerian Colonial Governments.


Harmony City In Flames

Dateline Feltten Q2 3209.273

Fighting between the Church of Harmony and Light (CHL) and the Church of Light and Harmony (CLH) continues across Harmony City and its environs. A line of destruction cuts through the city marked by burnt out shops and houses – delineating what is being known locally as the ‘Red Line’. Nightly incursions occur across this devastated no-mans land as gangs of armed fighters seek out their opponents. Killing is pretty well indiscriminate – unarmed civilians are gunned down frequently. This is coupled with constant daytime mortaring and sniping. There are also reports of ethnic cleansing in each part of the city – with rumours of mass graves and torture centres. Casualties are mounting, and the medical services of the city are at breaking point – but the two sides are no closer to returning to the negotiating table.

Pulp Resistance ‘Now a Fiction’ Says Governor

Dateline Pulp Q4 3210.280

The Venerian Governor of Pulp announced that all resistance had now ceased, and that “…all criminal, subversive and anti-social elements have been captured or eliminated…”. A pro-independence faction had organised an armed insurrection against the Venerian regime at the end of 3208, in concert with uprisings on a number of other worlds in Q4.

Pulp was the last hold-out of that ‘rebellion’ and the Pulp Resistance Army (PRA) had managed to tie down significant numbers of Venerian Ground Forces for several octants. The PRA also appealed forcefully to neighbouring polities’ for assistance to ‘throw off the repressive yoke of Venus’ – but support was not forthcoming from any polity in Q4. Short of arms and ammunition, the PRA appears to have been defeated – though there continue to be sporadic attacks, sources are suggesting that the Venerians have restored their control over the world.

There will follow a long series of ‘trials’ of captured PRA members – though everyone expects this will lead to the inevitable executions or ringleaders, and rendition of others to corrective institutions in Q0.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda:

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

The following worlds have voted against holding a referenda on giving up their independence: None.


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