News of 3213 Turn 112

FWA Union Referendum Starts

Dateline Lamster Q1 3213.030

Free Worlds Alliance members have started the pan-alliance referendum process in accordance with the agreements signed earlier this year.

It is generally accepted that there will be a very large majority ‘Yes’ vote for political and economic Union.

Traffic Chaos on Asteel

Dateline Asteel Q0 3213.161

Transport was severely disrupted during the morning rush in Keystone City last week when the transport management system started routing all traffic into a holding pattern running clockwise round the city’s Ring Transit system. Individuals using their personal transports to travel found themselves circling the city for up to 4 hours until technician could safely shut it down and re-route the control system into the local backup hubs. The system also routed flyer traffic over the city into a sequence of maneuvers that observers said “Looked like a performance from the famous Purple Darts pacifier display team”. Groups of civilian flyers, normally routed using their autopilots via the most efficient and safe route to destinations performed ‘figure of eight’ maneuvers over the main city park. Those flyers carrying qualified pilots and manual over-ride were able to detach themselves from the ‘formation’ and land safely. A spokesperson for Jaromir Systems, the manufacturer of the city’s system, said “…this is an entirely unprecedented confluence of control codes that caused a syclastic aberration in the control clusters. Somehow it access a body of redundant code from one subroutines used for testing.” It is likely that the compensation claims arising from the system malfunction could run into billions of credits.

Tortured Aliens A Hoax – Official

Dateline Shi’ar Q0 3213.157

A group of distinguished investigators from the Venerian Interstellar Special Constabulary were invited in at the request of the Shi’Ar government as impartial neutrals to conduct a thorough investigation into the growing press stories about some sort of alien contact in the Shi’Ar system, and that alien prisoners were being held in the system.

The Investigation team were given complete access and a brief to examine everything. The leader of the team Lt Colonel Matt Helm, said, in presenting his report “I can categorically say that despite extensive and thorough examination of the evidence, we can find nothing that substantiates beyond doubt the wild claims of the so-called ‘free press’ journalists. This has all the hallmarks of a directed propaganda effort by a major power. I cannot name the power responsible for legal reasons, but it begins with ‘E'”.

The Shi’Ar Government was quick to point to the findings, and the President said “We are grateful to the Venerian Republic for its level-headed and unbiased report. Perhaps we can now put this silliness behind us”.

The Earth Colonial Office declined to comment. And unattributable source said “…well, they would say that, wouldn’t they?”

Reactor Leak Disaster

Dateline Alvarez Q3 3213.125

The citizens of Moose City are counting the huge cost of a major containment leak at the city’s main fusion power plant. The resulting explosion, though relatively small, caused a good deal of damage to the surround area, and considerable problems have been caused by radiation pollution to some of the outlying settlements downwind of the disaster. Around 1,956 confirmed fatalities have been reported, with many more still missing and unaccounted for. The colonial Diet met in emergency session to put in place plans to ameliorate the longer term economic effects of losing power to one of the largest cities in the colony. A spokesperson for the power company said “…we are stunned. This was the most horrible disaster. Our hearts go out to the families who have lost loved ones”.

Civil Disorder Rocks Croak

Dateline Croak Q0 3213.171

The Colonial Assembly on Croak has been organising hurried elections as the ruling Welcome Party failed to win a no-confience vote following massive riots in the main city Croak Creek. The riots, sparked by report of alien invasions in Quadrant Zero were over the plans, or lack of them, for civil defence and the protection of citizens in the event of invasion. Trouble started with major disturbances outside hardware suppliers when supplies of concrete, structural materials and sandbags ran out, planetwide. This grew into full scale rioting when Government broadcasts assured them that they should merely keep calm and just carry on – many citizens taking it on themselves to get building materials by dismantling government offices. The government has been criticised for a lack of forward planning and ensuring resources are available. Whilst Croak is not regarded as a likely target, according to many military analysts, the locals are not letting that stem their sense of panic and impending doom.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: None

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

Result – voted to apply to join:

Goose Q8 T111 MAFC
Kragg Q7 T111 MAFC
Apokalips Q5 T111 MAFC

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