News of 3211 Turn 97

Summit throws outer quadrants to the Roaches, argues for bioweapon research


By Henry Davenport, Diplomatic Correspondent

The recent New Mars summit set the defence of the outer quadrants at its lowest priority, although the cosseted citizens of Quadrant Zero are to be given the highest priority for defence, and the outer quadrants a far lower priority. In descending order, the leaders of the major powers agreed the following priorities for Combined Human Forces:
1. Defence of Quadrant Zero
2. Destruction of Roach forces in Sector EJ
3. Improved scouting
4. Defence of Quadrants 1-8
Although the outer quadrants bore the brunt of the fighting and the vast majority of the deaths during the First Exterminator War, the political pull of Quadrant 0 and the homeworlds appears to be making itself felt, and will no doubt fuel resentment among populaces in the outer quadrants, on the front line of this new conflict.

In addition to decisions about logistics and scouting, another decision that may cause some controversy was to pursue research into chemical and biological warfare against the Roaches. While many would argue that the survival of humanity may be at stake, and that consequently any and all weapons may be needed to be deployed, others have suggested that against a sentient enemy we may need to have some regard for the suffering that we cause.

There has already been criticism from some quarters about indescriminate use of orbital bombardment against Roach colonies, and even the term ‘Roach’ itself – arguing that it is too perjorative, even racist, to be an official name for an alien species. While against robot enemies like the Exterminators there has been little compunction to give any quarter, there are equally questions as to how far humanity is prepared to go in the defence of its own perceived interests. Some might say that allying with cyborgs and pursuing a strategy of unlimited use of weapons of mass destruction risks diminishing our own humanity.

However, still others caution against the dangers of anthropomorphising what are clearly a very alien race, and attempting to hold ourselves and our enemies to human standards of warfare which have been developed in fighting among ourselves, and which may well have no parallels in alien psychology.

An INN Interview With Supreme Commander Kasei’s Chief Of Staff, Commodore Lennox-Brown IEN

By Garth Marenghi

INN: Commodore, who are these aliens? Are they the Exterminators? The Exterminator Builders? Someone else?

L-B: Some of our boffins are saying that the equipment used by the aliens attacking quadrant 6 have some similarities with the equipment we captured from the exterminators. It would be easy to say – ‘these are the exterminator builders’ but, well, this is complex matter – it doesn’t do for us to jump to conclusions in the military, oh no. What we do know is that their tactics are completely different to that of the exterminators. I can’t say too much about *that* – security y’know. Meanwhile we are doing our utmost to ensure humanity is protected by facing the alien menace whereever and whenever it appears.

INN: How many of them are there?

L-B: Aliens? Maybe billions – if their civilisation is anything like ours – or maybe not if they are completely different to us. Alien, you see, could be anything. As to their military strength – well it would be premature to say we have a full picture, and you will understand if I do not go into detail on this aspect. However, we do seem to have their measure, militarily, oh yes.

INN: Can we fight them off?

L-B: By glory, of course we can! Typical defeatist talk form the liberal press….ah…oh…sorry you can strike that form the record can’t you? We know where their bases are in the outer sectors, and it is only a matter of time. Dear me yes.

INN: Is Q0 safe?

L-B: Q0 is the safest quadrant in the Universe. You can quote me on that, oh yes.

INN: How long will this war go on for?

L-B: It wouldn’t be sensible to make predictions at this stage.

INN: Why haven’t we taken the war to the Exterminators instead of waiting for them?

L-B: Well, there you put your finger on the trouble, old chap. We do have some idea where the exterminators came from y’see, but it s a long long way away. You might think its a long way from Sol to Draconis, but that is nothing to the distances we’re talking about. It takes many many years to get there, even with our best ships. I cannot reveal details of our plans, of course, but I can say one thing – they will know humanity is not to be trifled with.

INN: What should ordinary citizens do – is there anything we can do to help?

L-B: Pay your taxes on time, keep calm and carry on. Keeping humanity safe will take time, blood and treasure. It is as it was when the first men guarded their caves form marauding wolves. At first we were afraid, but look what happened to the wolves in the end. Humanity Will Prevail, by glory, yes.

INN: Thank you.

Conservatives press for Venerian “regime change”


In the GFA the arguments over human rights and relations with the Venerian Republic have fuelled increasingly acrimonious public statements between newly re-elected President Potato and opposition leader Senator Miller. Bipartisan talks held behind closed doors appear to have reached no resolution, with Miller reportedly taking an increasingly hard line, and even discussing “regime change”. Senator Miller emerged deflated from his discussions with the President and Secretary of State Erasmus Pickett to tell this correspondent: “I now believe President Potato’s apparent support of human rights to be a cynical fraud designed to fool the public while taking no real action. Potato is just desperate to get his fourth term (a blatant power grab) and continue his power. The Conservative Party remains the only real pro-freedom party.”
I’m Barbara Wintergreen, and this is my Asteel.

Clewg mourns passing of ‘Great Scientist’


(Associated Press) There has been a report Professor Heinrich Van Hazard of the Clewg-based Alternative Research Centre has passed away after a career in ‘alternative’ archeology. No stranger to controversy, Professor Van Hazard was a stalwart defender of discredited scientific theories and alternative interpretations of history. Dismissed by the vast majority of the academic community, he persisted in developing new theories on such esoteric subjects as cold fusion, spiritualism, numerology, the location of the legendary Forerunner Homeworld, the existence of various secretive cabals shaping the course of human history and so on. Many felt he was merely an undiagnosed paranoid – however the Sirian government-funded Alternative Research Centre spent many years supporting his work. The recently-appointed Director of the ARC, Professor Ammit said in a statement “We will all miss Heinrich, he was a colourful character who was trenchant in his views and not in the least fearful of challenging accepted academic authority. It was this williness to say the unpopular things and challenge the accepted conventions that endeared him to his collegues, and whilst he was most usually completely wrong, he always stimulated lively debate. We are particularly saddened that he has passed away just before completing his most recent research and we will now never know what he had next for us”.
Van Hazard died peacefully in his sleep of a cerebral haemorrage aged 78.

FWA to become a Federation?


The Free Worlds Alliance appears to be moving towards closer federation, with impetus coming from the Alliance’s Chairman Jackson.

In his recent ‘State of the Alliance’ Speech, he argued that movement towards a Federation is “not only likely but essential for future progress in political, economic and military strength”, and that the majority of the people and governments in the Alliance support the movement towards a federation.
The Federalist Party is preparing primaries for candidates in expected upcoming elections, although the legistlative shape of any future Federation remains under discussion.

Coalition claims it will weather electoral storm


(Xyon Press Syndicate) On the eve of the second round of voting in the UoX general election the ruling coalition remains confident that it will be able to stay in government. First round results are now in from all Q0 systems except for Aggadah and New Jerusalem, and there has been a strong showing from independents, who are contesting 33 seats. The main surprise is that True Zion have stolen a march on their opposition allies, the XUP, with 28 candidates through to round two compared with XUP’s 23. Labour are on 26 and the coalition leaders, Maskalim, have 30. Agama Prime, which only contests seats on Agama, have 15. Outer Quadrant results are expected over the next octant.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial corespondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Bhadrapada Q5, Z13 Q7, Z155 Q8, Checkno Q1

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

Result – voted to apply to join:

Fliegende AI T95 Venerian Republic
Fun Joint Q6 T96 Earth Empire
Malisky Q5 T96 MAFC
Yellow Spot Q8 T96 Centauri Conglomerate

The following worlds have voted against holding a referenda on giving up their independence: None.

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