News of 3231 Turn 195

Apparently stirred up by the so-called Arise! Imperial Draconis movement, anti-Earther feeling is running high on Draconis.   Anything even suspected as being related to Earth or Earhters is being vandalised, attacked or destroyed, and hundreds have been injured in many incidents.

General Mustar, charismatic commander of the Revolutionary Brigades in the north of the DATW colony on Y17 has declared an area near the mountain city of Ahafo as a ‘safe zone’ for international aid and for refugees fleeing the fighting.  Already his troops have been helping civilians to move to the safe zones away from the fighting.  A spokesperson said “Civilian safety is our first concern, so we are ensuring civilians in danger are moved to the camps where they will be safer”.

The northern industrial sector of Amicus City is reportedly ablaze in a new wave of fighting, described as the heaviest yet in the ongoing civil war in the DATW on Y17.  Missile attacks by the General Mustar’s Revolutionary Brigades have pounded Interior Ministry positions in the city causing extensive casualties among the civil population.  One resident described it as “The worst thing since the Esteelers space bombarded the city centre!”

Corinne Mapatasi has been welcomed with open arms by the colonists of the Sunshine COlony on Y17, as she arrives to discuss what is being described as a ‘groundbreaking new trade deal’.

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