News of 3232 Turn 200

Authorities are downplaying reports of a massive Unidentified Space Object (USO) in the Big Greenie star system, suggesting it may be a new comet rather than an alien craft. Astronomers at the Big Greenie University Observatory detected an anomaly with unusual movements and a highly reflective surface. While initial speculation of nonhuman origins emerged, experts emphasise the need for further investigation before drawing conclusions. Dr. Emily Rodriguez, an astrophysicist, highlights the importance of scientific rigor and objectivity. Authorities assure the public that the situation is being closely monitored, with additional resources allocated for studying the mysterious object. The scientific community is divided, some favoring the possibility of an extraterrestrial spacecraft while others lean towards a conventional celestial explanation. Ongoing investigations and advancements in space exploration technology aim to provide more information on this captivating phenomenon. The Big Greenie star system remains under scrutiny as scientists eagerly await further updates and analysis, hoping to unravel the cosmic mystery.

Rumors are circulating about the potential discovery of an ancient Forerunner Artificial Intelligence (AI) during an ongoing archaeological dig on the planet Tuskan. Archaeologists involved in the excavation are exercising caution and refraining from confirming the nature of the find. The dig, taking place at a significant archaeological site, has yielded an unexpected technological artifact with features reminiscent of Forerunner AI. The cautious approach is aimed at avoiding premature conclusions and ensuring thorough analysis and verification. Collaboration with AI specialists and Forerunner experts has been initiated to examine the artifact and determine its authenticity and potential significance. The scientific community is eagerly awaiting further updates, as confirmation of a genuine Forerunner AI on Tuskan could provide invaluable insights into the ancient civilization’s history and technological advancements. However, until conclusive findings are announced, the true nature of the discovery remains uncertain, and the archaeological team continues its meticulous work under the weight of scientific scrutiny.

Renowned Earth economist, Georgi Swartz, has arrived on the planet Dyme to lend expertise and assist the local government in optimizing the utilization of their Planetary Development Fund. Swartz, known for her extensive experience in economic development and resource management, aims to ensure the most effective allocation of funds for Dyme’s growth and prosperity.

The planet Dyme, a thriving hub of interstellar commerce and innovation, has recently established a Planetary Development Fund to support various initiatives aimed at advancing infrastructure, education, healthcare, and other key sectors. Recognizing the need for strategic decision-making, the local government sought the assistance of Georgina Swartz, whose expertise in economic planning and development is widely respected.

Swartz’s arrival has generated excitement among government officials and the local population. Her arrival marks a significant milestone for Dyme, as they seek to leverage their resources and maximize their potential for long-term sustainable development.

In her role, Swartz will work closely with local authorities, economists, and community stakeholders to assess the current state of affairs, identify key areas for improvement, and formulate a comprehensive plan for utilizing the Planetary Development Fund effectively. Her experience and insights are expected to provide valuable guidance to the local government, fostering economic growth and improving the overall well-being of Dyme’s inhabitants.

Speaking about her role on Dyme, Georgi Swartz stated, “I am honored to be part of Dyme’s journey towards a prosperous future. By employing strategic allocation of resources, we can unlock the planet’s true potential and ensure equitable development for all. I look forward to collaborating with local stakeholders and working towards sustainable economic growth.”

The local government has expressed confidence in Swartz’s abilities and anticipates positive outcomes from her involvement. They believe that her expertise will contribute to the effective implementation of projects, allowing Dyme to overcome challenges and achieve its development goals. As Georgi Swartz begins her work on Dyme, the planet’s population eagerly anticipates the positive impact her guidance will bring to their communities. The optimized allocation of the Planetary Development Fund is expected to result in enhanced infrastructure, improved services, and increased opportunities for the planet’s residents.


Venerian Emissary Vassily Kachinsky has taken proactive steps to address the aftermath of the dino-flu epidemic on W25. He has organised compensation for families who lost loved ones during the crisis and initiated a thorough investigation into alleged government failings. Kachinsky’s swift action demonstrates New Venus’ commitment to justice and accountability. The compensation aims to alleviate the financial burden on affected families and support their recovery. Simultaneously, the investigation seeks to uncover any lapses in preparedness, response, or communication that may have exacerbated the epidemic’s impact. The goal is to hold those responsible accountable and prevent similar tragedies in the future. The announcement has been met with relief and hope from the community on W25, appreciating Kachinsky’s diligent efforts. As the investigation progresses, Kachinsky remains dedicated to ensuring justice and support for the affected families, striving to learn from past mistakes and create a more resilient crisis management system.

Renowned SSR elections expert Hermann Artzat has been working diligently to provide reassurance to the factions involved in the upcoming elections in the Democratic Authority in the West on planet Y17. These elections mark a significant milestone as the first democratic vote in 25 years, following a devastating civil war. Artzat’s expertise in election management and conflict resolution has been crucial in fostering confidence and trust in the electoral process. He has actively engaged with the factions, addressing their concerns and emphasizing the importance of inclusivity, dialogue, and democratic principles. The successful conduct of these elections is seen as vital for the future stability and unity of the colony. The presence and reassurance provided by Artzat have been claimed to have instilled hope and optimism among the factions and the wider population, as they anticipate exercising their democratic rights after years of conflict and authoritarian rule.

In a groundbreaking investigation, Interstellar Network News has uncovered compelling evidence that the Sirius Socialist Republic (SSR) has been secretly financing the military campaigns of General Mustar during the recent brutal civil war in the Democratic Authority in the West on planet Y17. The investigation reveals a network of shell companies used to funnel funds and support Mustar’s war efforts.

According to the evidence gathered by the investigative team, the SSR has been covertly providing financial assistance to General Mustar through a series of intricate financial transactions involving shell companies. These funds have allegedly fueled the possession of advanced weapons technology and the employment of off-world mercenaries, all of which have played a significant role in the intensity and scope of the civil war.

The revelation of the SSR’s involvement in the conflict raises concerns about the conduct of the forthcoming elections. The covert funding  jeopardizes any prospects for a peaceful resolution through the establishment of a democratic framework int he upcoming elections.

The implications of this discovery are far-reaching and raise questions about the SSR’s motives and the extent of its influence in interplanetary affairs. The revelations highlight the urgent need for an international response and cooperation to address the covert support provided by external entities that exacerbate conflicts on planets such as Y17.   The evidence uncovered by Interstellar Network News underscores the necessity of holding accountable those involved in covertly funding military campaigns, as well as the urgency to seek a path toward peace and stability for the people of Y17.


Sunshine Colony on Y17 have announced the construction of a permanent base for long term Wolfer garrison within their colony which they have named “the Wolf’s Lair”.  They also announced that they would be involved in a package of training and equipment supplied by the Wolf359 Government.  A spokesperson for the Colony said “We welcome our Wolfer ally – who has stood by us consistently during times of considerable security uncertainty”.

DAFT Terrorists struck a a group of off-world mercenraies hired to protect key infrastruture of the poor colony of W20.  The outlawed organisations claimed that the act was one of “…armed resistance to to militarised theocratic oppressors of the people”.

The fledgling colony in the Funk Box system has been experiencing serious civil unrest as Clewgist colonists claim that new laws passed by the Colonial Council are undemocratic and  infringe their religious rights and traditions.  On Funk Box Clewgists are a very tiny but surprisingly vocal religion.

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