News of 3197 Turn Minus 15

News of 3197
Turn -15: 3197.200 – 3197.249

Battle of Dubai

Quadrant 5 Grid 663845, Stardate 3197.150 approx

The Xyonist 5th Fleet detected the arrival of an unidenfied warship.  It moved to engage near Dubai Station, and was instantly overwhelmed by massive firepower from a gigantic space battleship.   The escort carrier and two of the three destroyers of 5th Fleet were destroyed.  The station, defending pacifiers and ulitmately the colonial capital was destroyed.

Only a few ships escaped, these surviving fleet elements withdrew to Drazi, arriving 3197.170

Battle of Ultra

Quadrant 7.  Grid 652102.  StarDate 3197.198

First contact battle by the Sirian forces.  We understand that they had little idea what they were getting into, and responded to a distress call from one of their colonies.  Their tiny fleet was overwhelmed before it could do very much.  From the confused reports, this looks as though it was just (!) one Exterminator. Only the Destroyer Vesky escaped, but was very badly damaged, all the other ships were destroyed with all hands. The Sirian Colonial government has appealed to neighbouring colonies for help.


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