News of 3197 Turn Minus 16

News of 3197
Turn -16: 3197.150 – 3197.199

Hallmark In Control

Dateline Asteel Q0, 3197.160
Following reports of several entire colonial systems being lost in quadrant 7 to an unknown alien menace, President Hallmark addressed a special meeting of the senate. In his speech he stressed that the GFA would be maximising its efforts in Quadrant 7 – and announced the despatch of the reserve fleets to support that quadrant. He resisted criticisms that the GFA was responding too slowly by pointing at the Earth Empire administration, which has yet to even acknowledge the threat.

Hallmark also made a commitment to the defence of the Federation and strengthening HomeWorld Security. New defence contracts were announced and a major building program for new civil defence bunkers in key marginal constituencies.

Short Reactor Disaster

Dateline 3197.119 Breech Quadrant 2
The Short Isthmus fusion reactor has been the scene of a major reactor containment leak incident. 116 workers are reported dead or missing, along with a further 20 emergency workers. The accident follows a long period of legal battles between the planetary safety inspectors and the power plant operating company over safety concerns. “It gives me no pleasure to be proved right in this way” a spokesperson for the Breech Safety Inspectorate said. The Breech Power Company’s legal team issued a statement denying culpability.



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