News of 3217 Turn 142

Space Pirates Defeated by MDF Provost Corps

The Grapevine Q0 : 3217.049

the_space_pirates_by_harnois75At the invitation of the Grapevine South East Island Colony and its neighbouring colonies, the MDF Provost deployed a squadron of interstellar destroyers and intercepted a number of criminal gangs of pirates who were planning to raid the colony and steal valuable forerunner technology recently uncovered there.

A spokeperson for the SEIC said “We are delighted with the pointy head … or .. oops sorry, I mean our Illustrious Neighbours intervention in our defence.  This could have gotten pretty nasty otherwise”.

The MDF Provost captured six illegal armed merchant vessels and around 300 heavily armed pirates, some of whom suffered fatal injuries in their arrest.

The criminals are all been handed over to the SEIC authorities for trial and punishment.  According to some reports, many of the prisoners wanted to be tried under Mald law becaue they are aware that the SEIC courts have a much harsher sentencing policy.  Sifu Addaya from the MDF Provost said “The MDF has no legal jurisdiction in The Grapevine space, and were acting in support of the civil power there in a time of crisis and at their explict request.  This is a strictly local matter.”

Refugee Numbers Grow

f7e1YWCNew Draconis Q7 : 3217.032

The temporary refugee camps have been growing as more displaced transhumans have arrived on New Draconis.  It is estimated that there are now nearly 200,000 displaced transhumans and others in temporary accomodation.

Locals in the town near the camps have been donating food and warm clothing direct to the migrants in the camps – in often touching personal acts of transhumanist solidarity.  There are increasing criticisms of government inaction on the crisis – the most strident critics blame President Forty personally for the entire mess.  A spokesperson for the President said “…it is not the fault of the government.  The President was merely making a general statement of values and principles regarding solidarity with the transhuman community accross Quadrant 7.  It is this generous and warmheartedness of the President that is being warped and mis-used by the Enemies of the Republic.  In particular some Foreign Powers are clearly deliberately seeking to destabilise our fledgling Republic.”  When pressed by reporters to be more specific about which foriegn powers might be acting in this way, the spokesperson merely said “… they know who they are … and so do we”.

Ningi Passes Registration Law

Ningi Q7 : 3217.080

The Ningi Colonial Legislature has passed, with an overwhelming majority, a new law to require transhumans to register themselves with local authorities.  The Cyborg Protection & Registration Act is claimed to be a positive developmnt aimed at ensuring the small transhuman community on Ningi are not victims of harrassment or intimidation.

Safety Alert in New Atlantis

Mystery Q0 : 3217.067

atlantis705Despite the considerable security in place around both the Forerunner homeworld of Mystery, and the New Atlantis site, word is leaking out of some serious concerns about the technology housed in the depths of the ancient submerged city.  Martian military forces have been enforcing a strict quarantine of the planet for many octants now, at the request of the International Forerunner Foundation.  Rumours about as to exactly what has been found in New Atlantis are rife – the most likely being some sort of forerunner AI, but includes ancient and deadly beings, a time machine, to even an enclave of surviving forerunners!

However, there are reports of some sort of gravitic event or tremor in the region which is causing considerable concern locally, with one rumour suggesting that something ghastly “…might break free’.

If this is a major risk, should not the rest of humanity be told?

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