News of 3217 Turn 143

Massive Civil War on T45

Dateline 3217.079  T45 Q3

air battle9eTensions have erupted into particularly vicious warfare on T45.  The main factions are the United Global Government – which until recently spoke for the entire planet and rebellious grouping on the southern continent, calling itself the Independent State of T45 (IST) and made up mainly of the formerly independent colonies of Bright Idea Colony and the T45 Miners Conglomerate.  The issues are confused, the division includes religious element, the south continent is mainly Clewgist and the other continents are majority christianist.  But it also relates to revenues and investment arising from the substantial red mercury deposits on the South Continent, which the IST are claiming are being distributed disproportionately to the large North Continent.  The dispute over revenues has exacerbated religious tensions, of this there is no doubt – but with major naval, air and orbital battles in progress a peaceful settlement seems a long way off.

In Brief: GFA Reported to be preparing to ship ‘voluntary migrants’ to the Draconians in Q7.

Reactor Leak

Dateline 3217.061 Dinks Q2

nuclear-hongkongFollowing reports of a major reactor leak in the outskirts of the main city First Landing, local military have been deployed and a huge cordon has been established keeping everyone out for their own safety.  It is report that there have been over 64 casualties, including a number of engineers and scientists from the nearby Aperture Corporation laboratories.  The Interior Minister told INN “This is completely regrettable and we have launched an immediate investigation.  Sadly, reactor leaks do happen from time to time, so there is nothing especially unusual to see here.”. 

In brief:  Mysterious ‘unofficial’ special forces team rescues heiress from space pirates.

In Brief:  New colony on Kick struggling due to emerging major health issues.

Killikrankie Government Change.

Dateline 3217.059 Killikrankie Q1

Long-standing local government ousted after 15 years in power.  New planetary leader, Gretel McDonald is pro-unity and the expansion of FWOQ.  Killikrankie has been a backbone of the FWOQ, in particular providing a disproportional number of volunteers for the armed forces of this fledgling state.  But its Federal representatives in the Senate have always asserted a strong ‘planets’ rights’ position, maximising the colony’s status as a ‘first 14213among equals’ in the Federation and resisting moves to greater integration or the addition of too many new worlds into the Federation.  The new administration has come about after a radical  volte face in which some of the key proponents of independence have started to support greater unity and outward-looking interstellar foreign policy for the Federation.  This brings Killikrankie into  line with the majority of the other Federation members and has been welcomed by FWOQ President Jackson.

In brief:  Carsh Station, Q7 suffers temporary lockdown due to ‘technical difficulties’

Molass Corruption Exposed

Dateline 3217.085 Molass Q1

paparazzi-5In a sudden complete change of heart, the Governor of Molass has resigned and turned herself over to the authorities and submitted her administration to a full Imperial Audit.  It appears that the system had been taking bribes from criminal gangs and pirates for decades, but as Lady Farquar-Henderson said in a statement read out by her lawyers “I have come to realise that my actions are not without consequences and I have been a thoroughly bad person.  I am ready to take responsibility for my actions and pay my debt to society to the full extent the law allows.  I am guilty of many crimes against the citizens of the Empire and I have not only let myself down, but let the Empire down. “

In the aftermath of Farquar-Henderson’s stunning confessions, over 256 officials in the Molass system have been arrested, and the IAO has put the system under Special Measures while a new governing team can be appointed.

In brief:  Etowam Local Senate  votes for new transhuman travel restrictions law.

Pirate Raid Defeated

Dateline 3217.080 Gunslinger Q8

softwre1What would have been a major pirate raid on the Centauri system of Gunslinger has been foiled by the Gunslinger Starguard.  Using a combination of exceptional orbital manuevers and a sustained misinformation operation, together with a determined starship marine assault – 6 pirate ships were captured, along with around 256 pirates, including the much sought (almost legendary) pirate ship the SS Porceau Noir.  The leader of the raid, Captain Virginia Starstriker complained as she was led away in restraints “… its not fair!  They were only supposed to be rubbish auxiliary marines … if we’d known they were elite special forces … well things would have been different.”.  Despite the criminal captain’s protestations, the local authorities deny the use of special forces or military from out of the system.  The local commander of the marines involved, Lt Colonel Britain of the Safeguard Corporation said “Ha!  Well they would say that wouldn’t they – not wanting to be beaten by a bunch of hardworking ordinary marines.  My girls and boys are special, oh yes – but what is special about them is their professionalism and dedication to their duty.  Our corporation prides itself on high morale and efficiency.”.

But, whatever went down at Gunslinger was a remarkable feat of arms by any standards and military pundits will be studying this operation carefully over the coming octants.

In Brief:  Veterans cry as major memorial of the ‘Martian Intervention War’ of 3127 unveiled on Sturlson Q0. 

In Brief:  Pan-Interstellar Starwatchers Society elects dynamic new President.  He said – “…I will be taking the Pan-Interstellar Starwatchers Society at every opportunity…”

In Brief: Supreme Councillar Banderas refuses to comment on rumours of wrongdoing in office.

Sol Summit Meeting

Discussion in the recent interstellar summit on Earth returned to the issue of creating a United Planets Organisation.  There was little enthusiasm from many delegates for what was seen as a ‘surrender of soveriegnty’, and the session deferred discussion to a future meeting.

The discussion then went on to the issue of creating recognised international laws ans a procedure for multinational extradition.  The Earth Ambassdor stated that there is already a well-established body of legislation that could easily be adopted – all polities would have to do is submit themselves to Solar Republic Law.  There was no general agreement to this proposal.

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