News of 3217 Turn 145 Special


Dateline 3217.205

wolf news conference

The new head of the Royal Navy Sir George Zambellas, speaking at the launch of a new Royal Navy vessel, revealed a very clear position of the Navy in Wolf external relations.

“Colleagues and guests. We are facing the most challenging security environment in many generations. If anti-alien engagements over the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that overwhelming the alien’s defences as quickly as possible and destroying high value targets is critical, either at a planetary level or their fleet command units. Attritional battles are not in our interests” 

He went on to say. “…we will, in the long run, place a greater emphasis on scouting as this is also a critical factor in not allowing the enemy to get a toe hold in human space. Thus we will be increasing the size of our scouting forces. Our fleets in addition to better scouting capability also need to be better equipped to operate remotely, to take the fight to the enemy.”

The Admiral re-afferimed the RN’s approach, that direct action remains at the centre of their doctrine, “…our forces must be able to operate anywhere, including outside human space. To go where the enemy is and to obliterate …”

In referring to the launch of the new warship the HMS Blaze of Glory  the admiral spoke of posessing ships that will allow the Wolfer Navy to “…To scatter their atoms to the four corners of the Galaxy and make it clear to everyone that Humanity is not to be messed with”

He went on to express the view that the Wolfer Navy “…could destroy them without putting any real effort in. Only then will we have guaranteed security”

This is being interpreted by observers that the Wolf position of exterminating the Chosen has not substantially altered since the Zubat Incident – as one un-named source said “We’re going out there to destroy them, right, not study them or bring them back”.

The new Prime Minister Caleb Young said, when questioned by INN about the Admiral’s remarks  “I couldn’t have said it better myself”

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