News of 3217 Turn 146

In Brief : Senator Banderas to head political mission with Armada.  You heard it here first!

Bloody Battles Continue on W3

Dateline W3 Q7 3217.241

bf2142gamescreenshot1The war in the Deep Hole Colony  between the Deep Colonial Corporation and the Deep Democratic Association continues to be a bloody and indecisive affair, as both sides have exhausted their supplies of advanced weaponry an equipment and are relying on low tech weapons.   No clear result has emerged in the mountain battles in the  Interstitial Mountains region.  There continue to be air battles to control the disputed airspace over the mountains.  Refugees fleeing the conflict are now becoming a major burden on the colonial towns outside the war zone.


In Brief: Padmasambnava (Q8) admits that it has a major health issue with Dino Flu.

Nebok Deadlock over Presidency

Dateline Nebok Q7 3217.234

Following the dramatic events of last year, when Esteeler forces forcibly removed the former Dictator Angmar Arcadius, the new democratic process on Nebok has been fraught with difficulty.  Having little experience of democratic processes, the Nebokian parties have been unable to reach agreement on the appointment of a new Presisanhedrindent.  This has been further complicated by internecine violence, with former Arcadius loyalists being accused of political murders and terrorists bombings, though their political wing, the Nebok First Party have distanced themselves from violence.  The New Democracy party has also been criticised for its programme of revenge killing of former Arcadians, or suspected ex-members of the secret police or their informer.  A small group of GFA Advisors remain on Nebok to help with the transition to democracy, but these too have been attacked, though fortunately there have been no fatalities as yet.  At the last election disputes over election irregularities and street violence means that the two main candidates Jen Transat (NFP) and Walter Provigo  (NDP) each claim victory and no agreement on either a coalition or a clear winner has yet been forthcoming.

In Brief: Civil war on T45 (Q3) continues unabated.  Civilian casualties mounting.

116AL Declares Martial Law

Dateline 116AL Q7 3217.222

anti-transhumanFollowing a continued campaign of violence by the Defend And Free Transhumans terrorist group, the Colonial Government has declared martial law, and mobilised the planetary militia.  All register Transhumans have been relocated to secure protection facilities to ensure their safety during a time of emergency.  In addition, and Sirius citizens with robot servants or associates have had their robots taken to a secure storage facility for the duration as a ‘sensible precaution’.  This action has provoked a formal protest from the SSR consulate on 116AL.  A spokesperson for the 116AL colonial Government said “These are difficult times and we must act decisively to protect our colony from enemies of the Empire.  We have tried to be conciliatory and our kindnesses have been interpreted by some as weakness.  The Government is very clear on its resolve to root out terrorists and the supporters of terrorists.”


In Brief: W2 (Q7) colony growth hampered by Dino Flu outbreak.

Empire Reaches Security Agreement with FWOQ

Dateline Summers World (Q1) 3217.236

The office of the Imperial Govovernor for Q1 has announced a  a new mutual trade and secur14213ity treaty with the Federated Worlds of the Outer Quadrants.  Under this new arrangement there will, apparently, be an anti-piracy inteligence-sharing protocol, the establishment of a coordination arrangement for anti-pirate patrols, and a consultation mechanism for interstellar crisis management.  A spokesperson for the Empire said “This is an historic occasion where the worlds of our two great polities can feel secure in the knowledge that out joint efforts are being wielded against a common threat.”.  President Jackson said, in the FWOQ Senate “Here in the Federation we have a tradition of sticking up for the minor powers and the independents – and our relationship with the Empire secures this position for many years to come.  I see our role as being in the forefront of activity for the greater good of humanity”.

In Brief: Governor of Franklin’s World (Q7)  demands extradition of Martian naval personnel on charges of ‘murder’ of a synthetic citizen.

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