News of 3217 Turn 147


Dateline 3217.265 KAMI Q1

26494635.295Rival colonial groupings on Kami have been arming themselves for several octants now, and observers were sure the dispute over the resource-rich Quinch Islands would erupt into armed conflict any day.  But thanks to the intervention of mediators from the Federated Worlds, the situation has been defused and a formal agreement signed between the parties in conflict.  So confident are the locals that the agreement will hold, that they are cutting short the contracts of the many off-word mercenaries they had hired, and sending them away.

As spokesperson for the Costa Nostra Colony said “… them guys from the Castor Colony … well we had them all wrong, y’know.  I mean, they’re just working joes like us.  I even got one of them to buy me a drink!  Har Har .. whoda thought it…”

Reports are coming in of a fledgling global government too, which will bode well for the future development of the colony.

In Brief:  GFA Navy report that ASS ON LINE HELP from Fleet Bernard J Ray has been ‘Lost in Hyperspace’ due to unspecified system failure during a routine transit.  Captain Kent and all hands listed as missing.


Dateline 3217.241 Okus Q7

Outer_Jungle_by_artoziLocal colonial farmers and scientists are mystified by an area of coast on the remote Agincourt Archepelago.  There is a region approximately 30 km across that has so far ‘resisted’ efforts to colonise or even investigate.  Survey teams either disappear completely, or return deranged beyond cure.  So far, the area has been quarantined and the colonists keep describing the area as ‘haunted by space ghosts’.

Superstitious nonsense aside, there is some indication from reliable sources that this is some new phenomenon and a physical effect unlike any previously encountered.

Scientists from the University of Shi’ar are reported to have gained access rights from the locals and are heading to Okus now to conduct a thorough investigation.


In Brief: Civil war on T45 (Q3) continues, over 16,000 civilian casualties to date.

 In Brief: W3 (Q7) says there is no cause for concern over minor virus outbreak.  Colony ‘open for business’ says chief.

In Brief:  Nebok elects NDP/COP coalition in relitively non-violent election.  GFA ‘delighted’.

In Brief: Wolfer HMS Vamplate (CVI) in accidental collision with supply shuttle and seriously damaged.  32 space crew killed.

In Brief:  We Love The Empire Day! Declared on Ramrod Q1

In Brief:  Health concerns causing panic on Z181 Q8

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