News of 3201 Turn 16

Governor Hook of Q3 beats the pirate menace

Local Dateline 3201.131, Ventra, Quadrant 3

The GFA colonies in Q3 are heading for a record year of anti-pirate activities. The new GFA Governor, Theodore P Hook is taking credit for encouraging new starguard tactics in the fight against piracy. Hook has long been a vocal critic of the GFA Navy’s unimaginative approach to tactics and lack of aggressive spirit. Under a local initiative, apparently initiated by Governor Hook the GFA starguard in Q3 have adopted a radical new predictive algorithum that has resulted in a 250% increase in capture or destruction of pirate vessels. Piracy is at an all time low both in GFA systems and in the quadrant as a whole as sources indicate that pirates are fleeing the quadrant ‘in droves’. Other polities’ starguard and local naval forces and the GFA Naval forces in Q3 are all considering adopting the system, codenamed ‘ULTRON I’ in all their ships very shortly.

Frontier Colony Registers Name Change

Local Dateline 3201.117 – Quadrant 7

The Colony previously known as Z15 in Quadrant 7 has successfully registered a formal name change with the Interstellar Mapping Commission. This follows many months of controversial wrangling among the residents, many of whom had got usedto the name, and were proud of its unique sound. Their argument was that a name change was disrespectful to the memory of the 7.2 million colonists killed in the Exterminator attack on the colony four years ago. However, In the end, the modernisers had their way – and henceforth the colony will be known as Scorch.

Knobnocker Star Guard on Proving Flight

Local Dateline 3201.161 Quadrant 8

Admiral Chamberlain, newly appointed Commander in Chief of the Knobnocker Space Defence Force was in high spirits as the recently formed defence force completed the shakedown trials of its pride and joy – two newly converted armed class 5000 ships. Admiral Chamberlain and the President of Knobnocker, Kurt Kobb, conducted a formal fly-past inspection of the new ships at Knobnocker Station in the Presidential Shuttle.
In the media briefingafterwards President Kobb said “At last Knobnocker is ready to take its rightful place amoung the great family of star-going nations.” The recent improvements in the planet’s economy has permitted the Government to undertake a major programme of public works and re-investment in the planetary economy. Work also started at the beginning of the year on Knobnocker’s first Strategic Defence Installation – a state of the art surface based energy weapon defence system for the planetary capital.

Earth Wins Universal Spaceball Championship

Stardate 3201.192 New Mars

There was widespread jubilation as billions of Earthers celebrated a fantastic win in the Universal Spaceball Championship final, held 15 days ago on New Mars. In a fantastically gripping final – which went to extra time – Earther spaceball hero Galliant Quickbrain scored the winning goal just 2.1 seconds before the final buzzer. This was the first time Earth has won the tournament since the famous victory on Wolf359 in 3066. The victory sent shockwaves through New Mars – the Martians have been Universe Champions for the past 35 years. There are unconfirmed reports reports of a noticable increase in the suicide rate on New Mars,

Second Battle of Tuskan

Dateline 3201.114, Tuskan Q7

A Combined human fleet protecting the investigation of the crippled ESS Agagmenon outside the M25 of Tuskan encountered two ESBs on silent running. These were enagaged and defeated.

ESS Odyssey Returns to Earth

Stardate 3201.180 Earth

The famous Odyssey expedition to the centre of the Galaxy has finally returned to Earth, some 60 years after starting this epic and historic journey. A memorial service was held, on return, attended by the Emperor, to pay tribute to the 35 crew who died on the mission. The Odysey has been transmitting incredible data from its journey the entire time – much was added to humanity’s knowledge of the structure of our galaxy over the last 60 years. The surviving 120 crew have been awarded the Imperial Star – the highest award to civilians in the Empire.

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