News of 3201 Turn 17

Draconians complain of ‘human rights’ abuses

Local Dateline 3201.155, Gryt, Quadrant 7

The legal representatives of a small poor colony on the edge of Quadrant 7, Draconis, have formally filed a complaint against the Earth Empire with the Sirian Socialist Republic. Their claim is that several years ago a huge Earth fleet turned up out of the blue, kidnapped their legitimate Head of State, and in doing so killed many citizens and caused extensive property damage. They also destroyed a number of merchant ships belonging to the colony. Although the alleged abuses occurred early in 3199, the claim has only just come to light because of the necessary time needed to complete the Sirian application and registration of claims process. The claim is for the replacement of the lost ships and financial compensation for stress, trauma and distress caused by the unwarranted invasion of their independence.

Big Shakeup Rumoured as Head of Venerian Intelligence Quits

Stardate 3201.230, New Venus, Quadrant 0

Various unconfirmed reports are being circulated that the infamous ‘V’ – head of the feared and respected Venerian Intelligence Services, has recently resigned over allegations of gross inefficiency. It is typically hard to get any accurate news on rifts within the upper echelons of the Venerian regime, but many sources are reporting that this has thrown the previously highly effective service into some disarray. ‘V’, rumoured to be Admiral Vladmir Mirxplas – who was involved in a number of unproved ‘black operations’ in the 3170s – will not be short of employment after this – a number of other agencies and commercial security operations are thought to be seeking his expertise.

The Empire Rolls Up Its Sleeves

Stardate 3201.200 , Sol, Quadrant 0

Imperial Economists continue to debate the growing impact of the Lee Zhang’s New Economic Plan. Lee Zhang committed his Administration to more effective utilisation of the resources of the Home Systems, with the concomittant risk of increasing the independence of these worlds, several months ago. He has since won a second term in office, before the full effects of the Plan have come to fruition. Lee Zhang has been quoted as saying that the Plan will see the “Empire rolling up its sleves” and placing its Q0 economy on a war footing. Though some economists see this as a gamble, other commentators point out that any apparent risks of secessionism have been headed off with the expansion of the Imperial Audit Office whose auditting teeth have recently been reinforced with several former IEN Capital Ships.

Frontier Colony Registers Name Change

Local Dateline 3201.117 – Quadrant 7

The Colony previously known as Z15 in Quadrant 7 has successfully registered a formal name change with the Interstellar Mapping Commission. This follows many months of controversial wrangling among the residents, many of whom had got usedto the name, and were proud of its unique sound. Their argument was that a name change was disrespectful to the memory of the 7.2 million colonists killed in the Exterminator attack on the colony four years ago. However, In the end, the modernisers had their way – and henceforth the colony will be known as Scorch.

Imperial Senate passes Armed Merchant Legislation

Stardate 3201.205. Earth, Sol System

The Imperial Senate today passed historic legislation for the arming of Corporate merchants. Although this legislation is regarded as temporary, no specific time-limit or other termination requirement has been set.  The Administration initially appeared to oppose the proposal presented to the Senate by Corporate lobby groups. But, following his re-election, the First Minister, on consultation with the First Citizen, and several senior Corporate Directors, placed his weight behind the legislation. This has ensured a relatively swift passage through the Senate.
According to the new legislation Corporations can apply for licenses to arm existing Merchants and build a new class of bespoke Armed Merchant. The Imperium will licence the arming of 10 vessels, and the construction of 10 of the new vessels during 3202. Licenses will be issued on the basis of competitive tender, and armed vessels will include Naval Weapons Officers and a complement of Marines. Armament will be limited to specific weapons covered in the licenses. The Administration hopes that most, if not all, other Polities will respect these licenses, and expects to respect similar licenses issued by other Polities.
In related news, it is reported that two civilian shipyards in cis-Lunar space have seen an influx of Naval support staff, and are being placed under the direction of the Imperial Naval Construction Department. These Shipyards appear to be preparing for the construction of new Naval vessels under a previously confidential protocol signed simultaneously with the passing of the new legislation. According to the independent analysists, Jim’s Fighting Ships this will bring IEN Shipyard capacity to the equivalent of ten (twenty slipways) from the start of 3202.

Knobnocker Star Guard on Proving Flight

Local Dateline 3201.161 Quadrant 8

Admiral Chamberlain, newly appointed Commander in Chief of the Knobnocker Space Defence Force was in high spirits as the recently formed defence force completed the shakedown trials of its pride and joy – two newly converted armed class 5000 ships. Admiral Chamberlain and the President of Knobnocker, Kurt Kobb, conducted a formal fly-past inspection of the new ships at Knobnocker Station in the Presidential Shuttle.
In the media briefingafterwards President Kobb said “At last Knobnocker is ready to take its rightful place amoung the great family of star-going nations.” The recent improvements in the planet’s economy has permitted the Government to undertake a major programme of public works and re-investment in the planetary economy. Work also started at the beginning of the year on Knobnocker’s first Strategic Defence Installation – a state of the art surface based energy weapon defence system for the planetary capital.

Centauri Board approves new legislation

Stardate 3201.200 Centaur

Following extensive lobbying from various parts of the Centauri corporate body, the Democratic Board of Centaur has just passed legislation permitting civilian shipyards to manufacture armed ships. This has been welcomed by the Chief Executive as an historic decision, “…permitting Centauri industry to expand furtherand retain it’s competitive lead in space industry.” It is believed that Centauri-based shipyards are negotiating major contracts from other Governments to build warships at the upgraded shipyards, starting at the beginning of 3202. The legislation also contained provision for Centauri-flagged merchants to carry some ship-to-ship weaponry – although only with official approval from the Centauri military. This high degree of government control was controversial, but necessary to ensure no revolt by the Progressive Faction during the crucial vote.

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