News of 3201 Turn 18

Binnian Colonists Request Membership of the Union

Stardate 3201.263, Binni, Quadrant 0

After the unpleasantness on Binni earlier this year, a joint communique from 3 of the four colonial administrations on the planet has officially asked to be considered for membership of the Martian Union. Mars has been very popular since its military and humanitarian assistance in defence of these colonies when they were under attack from the other continental grouping – the ‘Free Republic of Binni’. Not surprisingly, the FRB remains hostile to the move by the other colonists, but it seems to have lost the covert support it earlier enjoyed from the Wolf Commonwealth, and is increasingly in a weak and marginalised position. Reports are coming in that ‘President’ of the Binnian Republic is now in some political difficulty himself, and may very soon be deposed.

Venerian Intelligence Rift – ‘Unfounded’

Stardate 3201.262, New Venus

Earlier reports of a major upheaval in the Venerian intelligence community have now been officialy denouced by the regime as ‘unfounded’. Whilst the identity, existence, and function of ‘V’ remains at the very least denied officialally – ‘unofficial sources’ have confirmed that the alleged resignation of V did not in fact take place – and anyone who leaked such an indication that it might have done has been arrested. Neutral observers of these matters seem to agree, that some sort of crisis did occur, but that whatever the true nature of the crisis, it has been resolved now, and the ‘much respected’ ‘V’ remains very much in place.

Alien Intelligent Life – At Last?

Stardate 3201.261, Earth, Quadrant 0

There is much excitement at the University of BritCit, Earth, over a recent analysis of the records and transmissions from the ESS Odyssey collected from it’s epic 60 year mission to the centre of the Galaxy. A number of what seem to be coherent transmissions, previously dismissed as pulsar activity were recorded. The academic team cross referred this with astronomical records for the last 350 years, and have identified the source of these transmissions to a group of stars a mere 750 parsecs from human space. If these are indeed the product of a technological civilisation, then it is deduced that it is probably quite undeveloped – the transmissions are consistent with planetary radio communications of about the same levels of pre-space travel Earth (which explains why nobody noticed it before).

Union of Xyon Legislature passes armed merchant law

Stardate 3201.260, Agama, Quadrant 0

The Union has just approved minor administrative changes to permit the construction of armed merchant vessels. The Xyonist government is reported to have already ordered a number of new ships from the upgraded civilian shipyards. They are reported as being very interested in commissioning a new class of armed merchant in to the Union’s Navy. A Naval spokesperson said “We are particularly keen that our logistic train is capable of protecting itself – the new armed merchant class provides a cost effective alternative to the more specialised Logistic Ship”.

Space Dormice Widespread

Stardate 3201.250, Jabneh, Quadrant 0

Space biologists are very excited by the discovery of a new subspecies of dormice that thrive in microgravity, according to a recent research study from the University of Jabneh. All major orbital stations are known to have terrestrial species living on them – but for some reason rats and mice don’t thrive very well in these conditions. It seems that the tiny dormouse has found an ecological niche in orbit. Over the past few hundred years a subspecies of mutated dormice has evolved completely at home with microgravity and low pressure conditions – their behavior also has evolved – they seem to seek out the most comfortable part of any station or ship, and can sense pressure changes that might presage a sudden drop (like when a ship is routinely depressurised to kill off rodents). Rumours have long circulated among spacers that dormice can ‘breathe vacuum’, or even that they weave simple ‘pressure nests’ out of space suit fabric.

The full report is available form the University of Jabneh Publications, price 2,300 credits.

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