News for 3226 Turn 177

The Colonial Governor of 116Al has been removed, and the local government ‘restructured’ as a result of an Imperial Audit Office Full Audit, under the infamous Imperial Protocol 101.  This provison of imperial law gives sweeping powers to the IAO to ‘take such action as is deemed necessary’.  Supporting the audit were troops from 7th Colonial GF Division.  There are some reports of local militia attempting to resist, but these were short lived (literally).  The IAO have placed the planet in temporary lockdown whilse they implement ‘revised governmental structures’.

Reports are coming in of a major technological breakthrough by the Venerian Government.  Uncharacteristically, official government sources on New Venus are remaining tight-lipped about this saying only “We can neither confirm or deny stories of a major breakthrough in drive technology.  We can ony say that if such a breakthrough were to occur, it is natural to assume that Superior Venerian Science was behind it.”

After several octants of preparation, the research teams on Tuskan are about to enter the Forerunner structure.  Project Director Avicenna said “We are as well prepared as we can be.  Given the recent history of the Tuskan system, and the now familiar risks surrounding forerunner excavations, nothing is certain.  But given the size and estimated age of the structure, this might be the most significant find outside of Quadrant 0”.

Will peace come to war-torn W3?  This latest effort to bring the warring sides to a permanent solution might yet work?

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