News of 3213 Turn 114

Armstrong Calls for Human Unity

Dateline Earth Q0 3213.255

In a major interview with INN, the somewhat controversial Earth Foreign Minster Armstrong has made the strongest call yet for humanity to pull together in the face of an increasingly hostile universe.

In response to question on his views on the current state of the war against alien threats, he said

“It is necessary that the individual nation should finally come to realize that its own pride is of no importance in comparison with the existence of humanity; that the position of the national ego is conditioned solely by the interests of humanity as a whole; that pride and conceitedness, the feeling that one nation is superior, so far from being merely laughable, involves great dangers for the existence of humanity; that above all the unity of humanity‚Äôs spirit and will are worth far more than the freedom of the spirit and the will of any single polity and that the higher interests involved in the greater good must set the limits and lay down the duties of interests of each nation. By this we understand as important only a nation’s capacity to make sacrifices for humanity, for their fellow humans.”

On being pressed further on how this might work in the current political climate, Armstrong went on to suggest that humanity should consider an interim pan-humanity government of “Human Unity”, to bypass and render irrelevant the old ways of political in-fighting.

When asked how this would be led and organised, he would not be drawn, merely suggesting that “around human space there are already natural leaders from many polities to whom humanity could look to with confidence”. Many observers take this to mean that the Earth Empire would hold a dominant role in such a coalition ‘humanity government’. Some Earth-watchers even wondered if this is, in some subtle way, laying the ground for a return of Lee Zhang from the political wilderness.


War Conference

Dateline Gorilla Q0 3213.250

A major summit was held in conditions of unprecedented secrecy at the LONAW Conference Centre on Gorilla Q0. Representative of all major powers, and many minor ones assembled to discuss the prosecution of the war against the Roaches. It is not increasingly clear that the civilisation of the Roaches is the same one that constructed the Exterminator Super Battleships that caused such horrific devastation fourteen years ago. Scientific and intelligence analysis has, apparently located the aliens’ homeworlds, and already reconnaissance missions are approaching them.

Recent developments have made those in power increasingly worried about intelligence leaks, particularly evidence that the Roaches have taken human prisoners and can, on a rudimentary level at least, understand our communications.

Despite close security on the discussions, it has emerged from various sources that there is a plan to assemble a Great Armada of warships and deliver a retaliatory blow against the Roach homeworlds, even though they are reputedly some 5 years hyperspace travel time away. Discussion outside the conference includes some views that the whole war was a misunderstanding and that we would be no better than them if we just turn up and destroy their cvilisation.

According to recent polls, the prevailing view of the public is that the war might drag on forever unless we take steps to remove the enemy’s capability to continue it. They tried to exterminate the whole of humanity, and we owe it to those who were ruthlessly killed and to generations to come to ensure that this threat is removed permanently.

However, the representatives at the summit have been tight-lipped on its outcome and have refused to comment on rumours of a Great Armada. Let us all hope they have a plan and have not become bogged down in political wrangling.


Kings World Outbreak

Dateline Kings World Q8 3213.220

Concern has grown considerably in Quadrant 8, as Dino flu spread to the Earther Colony of Kings World.

The Imperial Colonial Government has deployed specialist medical teams to the affected cities in the colony, an at the same time dispatched Heavy Cruisers with further specialist medical teams to Hot Boiler and Jink to support their quarantine efforts there.

Shortage of key vaccines, and the particularly virulent nature of this outbreak have so far led to many thousands of deaths.

A spokes person for the Q8 Imperial Government said “We are naturally very concerned, and we have activated our contingency plans for dealing with the spread of a biological hazard such as this into Earther space. We have been in communication with the colonists on Jink and Hot Boiler, and look forward to their close cooperation.”


Z10 Buildup

Dateline Z10 Q7 3213.218

Following reports of skirmishing last octant, far from the situation calming down, the rhetoric around the incident has grown, with Sirian and New Republican diplomats being unable to reach a settlement. In the meanwhile, military forces, including the veteran Sirius 4th Shock Fleet and a number of Republican warships would appear to be squaring up to each other in high orbit over the colony world.

An SSR government spokesdroid said “The Sirius Socialist Republic is in the system of Z10 to protect the legitimate freedoms and interests of colonists on the planet. We cannot, and will not, stand idly by and allow them to be assimilated into some sort of fascist Draconian co-prosperity sphere”.

The new President of the Republic, President Forty, said in a well-received speech to the Republican Diet, “The New Republic was founded on principles of honour, justice, freedom and, above all a frontier ethos of standing up for yourself. There are those in the quadrant who would see that crushed under a bureaucratic weight of robotic form-filling and crushing those freedoms with unnecessary rules and regulations. We in the New Republic won’t be pushed around.”


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