News of 3213 Turn 115

More War on T301

Dateline 3213.251 T301 Quadrant 1

Following renewed heavy fighting on T301’s equatorial continent, the Independent Freedom Alliance has been appealing for assistance in the face of a string of Blue Hat Colony victories. Fighting restarted following an attempt by the IFA to recapture the disputed city of Audacity in the Sigil Hills region. Blue Hat armed flyers, tanks and mechanised infantry brigades inflicted heavy losses on the Alliance, and commenced a counter-offensive which has resulted in the loss of three more cities, The Pass, Homespun and, most recently Tremors which is in the IFA heartlands.

A spokesperson for the IFA said “We are facing an aggressive war aimed at nothing less than planetary conquest – unless we get some support the situation is looking very grave indeed”. The other two colonies on the planet, the New Arnhem Colony and the Colonial Cauldron Corporation have both remained neutral, mainly because they are militarily much weaker than the warring parties.

INN Sources in Quadrant 1 are reporting fleet movements from the Federation – a long standing defender of minority colonies in the quadrant. A press statement from President Jackson’s office simply said this was as a result of pre-planned fleet manoevers as part of its anti-piracy patrolling programme.

A spokesperson for the Venerian Quadrant Governor said “The war on T301 is regrettable, but the Blue Hat Colony is clearly acting in self defence.”


Standoff at 911RPU

Dateline 3213.276 911RPU Quadrant 6

Following reports of arms smuggling to dissident right wing groups among the colonists on 911RPU, a number of armed merchant vessels identified as members of the Imperial Sentinels were intercepted by elements of Esteeler Fleet Maurice L Britt in low orbit over the colony, apparently offloading unregistered cargos.

Fleet MLB had sent a Heavy Cruiser and a Destroyer from the fleet to the system after complaints from the system colonial government. The main body of the fleet remains on peacekeeping duties at the Sirian system of Amoss, where it has been stationed since the war there.

According to sources in space traffic control at 911RPU Station, the GFA military vessels had to close to weapon range before the alleged ‘Imperial Sentinels’ broke off and withdrew from the system.

A spokesperson for the Sentinels said “I know of no such operation, and neither would I be disposed to discuss such an operation, should it later turn out that such an operation had, in fact, existed”.

Admiral Boum Trommel, commanding Esteeler forces in the quadrant said. “ pardon my draconian…this is crazy, I mean I know the Earth Empire can be a bit high handed at times, but by The Ideal, they’re supposed to be on our side!”.

There has also been a growth in terrorist violence on 911RPU, mainly attributed to an underground separatist movement. Local Cops claim that they are just a bunch of hotheads, and not a real threat, but if they are getting a supply of modern weapons then could all be set to change.

Overpayments Cause Chaos

Dateline 3213.281 Over Quadrant 5

Juvenile gangs caused havoc in the capital of Over, Landseer City this week as due to a computer error their welfare payments had three extra zeros added to them.

Word got out quickly and there was chaos throughout the city as the shopping malls were besieged with young people attempting to spend the money before the authorities could realise the error and recover the payments.

A spokesperson for the Landseer Department of Home Affairs said “We thought this sort of thing was impossible – I mean we’ve been using the same secure payment system for generations. Investigations have revealed the error was caused by a trivial coding error during a routine cyber-defence upgrade. Software engines have been taken off-line and an audit of the system is underway.

Shopkeepers were mixed in their opinions – on the one hand many of them had their best trading week in years – on the other their shops were inundated by troublesome teenagers who would otherwise have been shown the door.

In some malls there was near-rioting, as the authorities started to reverse or block payments.

Mystery Majordomo

Dateline Mystery Quadrant 0 3213.305

The science team investigating the Forerunner world known as Mystery have been all aquiver with excitement at their latest find. Typically they have only given tantalising indications of what they have found, but our sources in the archeological community tell us that they have found something called a ‘Majordomo Unit’. Exactly what this might be is unclear – though from the hints we have had so far it seems that this is some sort of ancient forerunner electronic housekeeping or space traffic control system located on an asteroid about 1AU from the main world, in a following orbit. It was discovered when researchers accidentally detected what seemed to be a pulsed transmission from the asteroid to the planet.

Fearful of accidental damage or interference, the IFF coordinating committee has put the asteroid out of bounds to all non-archeologists (especially the press!) while some of experts, including the famous Professor Peabody are brought in to examine the site carefully.

We await developments with growing interest…

The New Republic Accused of Piracy

Dateline Franklin’s World Q7 3213.254

The Sirius Social Republic has been protesting in the most forceful terms about what they are calling an ‘unprovoked piratical attack’ on peaceful merchant ships in the Franklin World system.

According to Sirius Sources, the Republican Escort Carrier Liopleurodon entered the system, intercepted a Class 2000 merchant ship, the SS Lovely Fanny, and proceeded to board and capture it. The System starguard were overmatched and unable to intervene, the report said.

The New Republic official statement said “Following Sirius attacks on the peaceful neutral colony on Z10, the New Republic acted to obtain reparation for the damage from Sirius-owned assets. Those resources will be incorporated in the colony on Z10. Whilst Z10 is an independent colony, and will remain so until its inhabitants decide democratically otherwise, the New Republic announces that the colony is under our protection henceforth”.

SSR Governor Gem-al Fex-it said “This is utterly illegal, and completely unreasonable. Unless the Draconians hand back that ship we will have no alternative but to declare war. No…really.”

Unconfirmed sources suggest that a Sirius Assault Landing Ship with a ground force brigade embarked has recently left Gryt Station, destination unknown.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Joice Q6

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