News of 3216 Turn 136

Presidential hopeful – Independence for Dchoveny

Dchoveny (Q6)

Comedian Bogan Martell won the first round, capturing 30.24 percent of the popular vote to Timmy Carss’s 15.95 percent. Pre-election polls projected a Martell win . His rise since announcing his candidacy since the fall of the previous government following a no confidence vote is striking. Martell has repeatedly claimed that the referendum was faulty and that Dchoveny sovereignty had been ‘stolen’. He stated, ‘when I am elected to power, I will lead the country to its independence from Earth what ever it takes.’

Celebrity trashes hotel

Claymore (Q3)

Kenny Sun, drummer for The What, staged a wild party for his birthday at the Premium Inn. After furniture was ruined, and a girl jumped out of a cake, security was called. Sun then stipped naked, ran through the lobby and jumped into the inn’s pool. Sun has been banned from ever staying at a Premium Inn.


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